What is Recruitment Process Outsourcing? Benefits of Alliance RPO!

What is Recruitment Process Outsourcing Benefits of Alliance RPO
  • Have you wondered why your company is investing so much in hiring than ever before?
  • Are 40%-70% of your hiring costs spent on backfilling for the same positions you filled a few weeks or months ago?
  • Are the backfilled positions increasing the compensation rates every time? (You would then be spending 3x for the same position in 1-2 years)
  • Are your hiring managers giving the right weightage to the scores and performance of tests and assessments, or hiring on their personal notions, instincts, and whims?
  • Have you tracked and measured the cost of hire for each position per year, including time spent by HR teams, interviews, backfilling, higher compensation, assessment subscription, and other costs?
  • Counting all the people hired over a year and the actual costs of hiring, what does your profit per hire look like?

In a large number of companies, most of the top-level decision-makers are persuaded to buy the belief that their company’s talent acquisition situations, rising costs, and hiring practices are a reflection of what is going on in the industry. Their company is not different but might be doing better than competitors when it comes to hiring. The existing talent search and hiring problems thus continue or are replaced by new ones.

Companies in many sectors are resorting more and more to temporary and contractual labor or staffing methods, taking for granted that it is the best way to deal with rising attrition and rising costs of permanent positions.

Unfortunately, they have no ongoing and granular insights into the actual costs of all these recruitment approaches and outcomes. There is no visibility into spend per hire based on utilization of HR resources, infrastructure costs, rising compensation for senior or experienced roles, and the numerous hidden costs.

So what are the solutions?

How do you identify ways to increase visibility, control, and information availability in hiring across enterprise-wide positions?

Is your organization ready to consider relooking into the root causes of your talent acquisition problems and rising costs?

Will Recruitment Process Outsourcing Help?

Outsourcing some hiring activities to a third-party company is recruitment process outsourcing. They come in different models and forms:

Full RPO:

An organization outsources all its hiring activities to recruitment process outsourcing companies. The employer may hire one or several recruitment process outsourcing providers, depending on practice areas, seniority, geographies, etc.

Function-Based RPO:

An organization outsources the hiring activities of only those functions for which it faces talent acquisition issues, such as limited talent availability, longer time to hire, lack of quality applicants, etc.

Modular RPO:

An organization outsources certain hiring processes for all or certain divisions or teams, such as manpower sourcing, selection, initial interviews, tests, selection for further rounds of interviews, offer management, etc.

On-Demand RPO:

An organization seeks assistance from recruitment outsourcing companies when they face sudden peaks in manpower requirements or a large-scale manpower need for temporary or contractual roles or other challenges.

Project-Based RPO:

An organization seeks recruitment process outsourcing services for new roles in new projects, project expansion, or to manage the entire project-based hiring through different models – remote, cross-border, in-house and onsite, etc.

How can recruitment process outsourcing services help solve the various deep-rooted, quasi-hidden problems associated with manpower sourcing and hiring time, costs, frequency, and quality?

The answers depend on the following factors:

  1. The capabilities and resources of the recruitment process outsourcing companies
  2. The quality of recruiters assigned by your RPO recruiting companies
  3. The abilities of your RPO partner to identify, assess, and overcome the typical deep-rooted wrong hiring practices of your company
  4. Your management’s and hiring managers’ willingness to accept the transformation and implement changes.

With outstanding recruitment outsourcing companies as partners, organizations have made transformational changes in their manpower planning and hiring practices. RPO has helped companies find better manpower with increased visibility into hiring costs, cycles, and outcomes. RPO has also enabled huge cost savings.

No wonder most global industry reports about the future of RPO indicate around an 18.5% growth rate by 2027, its market size reaching USD 18540 million by that year.

Hiring An Outstanding RPO Partner like Alliance International: Your Benefits And Opportunities

Here are some ways in which your company can leverage recruitment process outsourcing services. Through the right practices, make a significant positive impact on operation costs, business performance, revenues, and profitability

Improving Manpower Planning and Hiring Methods

Our recruitment process outsourcing providers or recruitment consultants assigned to your company will first study and analyze the actual hiring practices and methods. We will map it with the various hiring outcomes, pain points, and cost-consuming activities. Our RPO team will then recommend the kind of changes you can introduce right from step one- workforce planning and recruitment approaches.

For example, in many client companies, we found that employers were unnecessarily indulging in outside hiring without proper criteria to assess internal talent availability for new positions or vacancies.

The practices were creating a culture of high attrition as most employees past their 2-year tenure do not find any motivation but to quit and seek jobs elsewhere. The employer was not even aware of the continual hike in training, weak overall division-based performance, and low morale.

Making Hiring Activities More Transparent, Standardized, Cost-Efficient

In many companies hiring has become a mechanical, random execution of processes that are done in desperation when there are urgent hiring needs and too casually when the urgency is missing. Applicants are asked to fill out forms, and screening involves keyword-based searches or a super quick glance at PDF resumes.

RPO recruiting companies like ours take time to study and evaluate hiring procedures across the positions we are assigned. Through consultancy services, we help you implement a hiring process that is best suited to your target talent pools. Through practices that combine human insight and expertise with tech-enabled standardization of processes, you will find a much faster, more impressive, and goal-oriented hiring process management that also minimizes time and costs.

Right Balance Between Active and Passive Hiring

More often than not, companies depending on purely passive talent-pool-mining-based passive candidate search and applicant generation will be paying more in terms of compensation and benefits across the positions. Companies relying only on active search are often struggling with finding applicants who meet at least 70% of the requirements. The right balance between active and passive candidate search can help you find the right people for your company.

Our RPO services are more focused on “who are you hiring,” “what is their abilities and potential,” and “how is their past performance” than on searches that are only based on skills, experience, academic credentials, and past employers.

Identifying And Tracking The Right Metrics To Get Granular Intelligence About Cost and Time of Hire

With RPO experts who have extensive experience in implementing systems, procedures, and structures that allow ongoing visibility in costs per phase of hiring activity, your company gets 10x more visibility into costs and time related to each and every custom-designed criteria, such as position type, seniority, skill sets, and academic background, etc.

Improving Screening and Assessment Methods And Identifying Best-Match Candidates

Get rid of screening and assessments that are not resulting in any good outcomes. Our RPO team leverages their niche industry knowledge, target talent pool knowledge, and market talent mapping insights to put in place best-match candidate identification that provides you with a much higher quality and performing workforce.

Transforming Interview Management And Hiring Outcomes

Companies often have nothing in place to measure how effective their interview process is in terms of retaining the interest of best-match candidates, removing bias and wrong notions, and making it meaningful in terms of assessing the key position-based requirements.

The wide experience of our recruitment process outsourcing providers translated to huge improvements in interview formats and evaluations, and candidate experience. There would be less ghosting by best-fit applicants and more relevant insights from interviews.

Retention of Best Talent

Our recruitment process outsourcing services are always customized to focus on delivering optimized solutions, and the key criteria are hiring the right talent and on time. For retention, we offer various consultancy services that boost employers’ ability to identify what is affecting their retention from the hiring and initial employment phase.

Improving Compliance Across Regional and International Hiring Activities

Ensure 100% compliance and fair practices for both local, cross-border, and international hiring of in-house or remote employees. We have recruiter networks spanning 25+ countries, including India, the USA, Canada, the UK, Western Europe, the Middle East, Asia-Pacific, several African countries, and Australia.

Improving Talent Attraction

Tapping outdated talent pools does not increase talent attraction from the right audience. Whether it is for IT recruitment, engineering recruitment, medical hiring, energy sector hiring, real estate hiring, or hiring for any other industry, emerging and high-quality talent needs to be sourced innovatively. This can be done when your recruiters know the dominant trends affect talent movement and visibility.

The Outcomes Of RPO Services That Reflect The Points Mentioned Above

  1. Up to 80% Reduction in HR Infrastructure And Investments
  2. Up to 70% Reduction in Time To Hire Across Permanent and Temporary Positions
  3. Up to 60% Reduction in Hiring Costs
  4. Increased Retention of Quality Manpower
  5. Getting Ongoing Actionable Insights For Continually Improving Talent Acquisition Outcomes

Alliance International

Alliance International is a global RPO services provider covering 50+ industry segments of companies across sizes in 25+ countries. We are among the global recruitment outsourcing companies that have maintained outstanding records through the customized, well-structured, optimized recruitment solutions we deliver to our clients.

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