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Hire Virtual Assistant

As a business grows, managing administrative responsibilities becomes tedious. Hiring a reliable virtual assistant from us can empower you to manage your daily work without providing office space, Internet connection, work desk or computer, etc. Just a call to your virtual assistant in a remote location can get your work done. Our virtual assistant will make good relationships with your business associates, clients, partners, suppliers, vendors and other stakeholders. They will work to save time, cut operational costs and manage your business successfully.

Avail quality based Virtual Assistant Services India

We are a leading virtual assistant provider, highly engaged in providing best virtual assistant services to Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Small, medium and large sized businesses associations across the world. The offered virtual assistant services include customer support, scheduling, manage your email, Internet research, marketing, sales, real estate, and social media. As a business owner, it is significant for you to perform several tasks for smooth business transactions. Our quality service and reasonable rates have attracted a number of organizations to hire our Virtual Assistant Services from us. Hiring virtual support assistants from us is easy. Simply send your individual and business necessities and we will shortlist candidates who match your portfolio better.

Online Virtual Assistant: What we can do

Our virtual assistant companies can help you reduce cost, enhance productivity, and focus on core tasks. Our virtual assistant helps you focus on critical functions by managing other important tasks of your business. If you are looking for a virtual staff with a time-zone benefit, then you are at the right place.

When you hire an online virtual assistant, you get employees with impressive work experience in providing administrative tasks like:

  • Accounting & Bookkeeping
  • Administrative services
  • Event Planning
  • Social Media Support
  • E-mail and Chat Support
  • Travel / Airline & Hotel Reservations
  • Data Management Outsourcing
  • Correspondence Management
  • Desktop Publishing Services
  • Appointment Scheduling

Dedicated Virtual Assistant: Our Process

We completely understand that your work requirements can change over time and you can always change your assistant accordingly. The assistants work closely with one another and can influence the skills of the whole team to complete your task. You will only be billed for the time spent on your specific work output.

Our work process includes:

  • Sign up for any virtual assistant plan

    Once you are ready to work with your dedicated Virtual Assistant. Please choose any virtual assistant plan from the list of Plans and Pricing and make payment. Once payment is done, you will receive emails from our team and they will share your details with our operations team. The operations team will discuss the next step with you then.

  • Set up your account

    Our operations team will make your official account with the Tasks management portal where you can manage tasks, files, hours, discussions, feedback, comments, etc.

  • Discuss your project with Operations Manager

    All the virtual Assistants work under an operations manager. After sign-up, our operations manager will give you send you an email with his introduction and discuss your necessities in details. You may exchange few emails before assigning you a dedicated virtual assistant.

  • Introduction with your dedicated virtual assistant

    After the discussion, our operations manager will look for the appropriate assistant who matches to your requirement and sends you the details. Your assistant will have an educational background or work experience according to your specific requirements. You will then receive an introductory email from the assistant and you can start your work discussion from here.

  • Get Started

    Now you have all the details of your dedicated Virtual Assistant and other team members. You can assign tasks to your VA via phone, chat, email, task management portal, or in any other mode, you feel more comfortable.