How to Hire the Best Node.Js Developers in India?

How to Hire the Best Node Js Developers in India

Node.js reports 1 billion downloads globally and has become widely popular owing to its ability to build flexible, dynamic apps that run smoothly on any platform. The demand for Node.js developers has risen tremendously since its release in 2009. As Node.js development costs increase, it is essential to find skilled developers who offer services at charges that could go well with your project costs and revenue calculations. If you are looking for Node.js developers in India, this blog gives you valuable insights.

Node.js is an open-source and cross-platform JavaScript runtime environment that has become a popular tool for web application development. Its users count not only big companies like Amazon, eBay, Reddit, and LinkedIn but also millions of others that need dynamic page content.

As Node.js has come out to be one of the most popular web development technologies offering security, scalability, and performance, among numerous other benefits, the demand for Node.js developers has also simultaneously risen to new heights.

You will find Node.js developer job seekers on online platforms. There is no dearth of companies offering Node.js development services. You could hire dedicated developers from these companies or outsource a key part of your Node.js development project to these companies.

Whether you need to hire freelance developers, dedicated resources, or vendors for outsourcing certain types of Node.js projects, one of the most preferred destinations for hiring Node.js developer talent is India. The Node.js developer talent availability and diversity in this country is almost incomparable.

If you are planning to hire the best nodejs developers in India, then the first thing you need to check is the relevant skills and knowledge required for your projects.

Before Hiring, Check What Are The Key Skills And Knowledge You Seek In Node.js Developers

Node.Js Tools

There are many popular developer tools for Node.js, such as Express.js,, Meteor, Keystone, Babel, etc. You could build entire websites just using Node.js and Express.js, as the combination allows powerful features to integrate databases, enable simplified multiple routing, etc. Keystone comes out to be a better choice for developing database-driven websites, applications, and APIs in Node.js. Different tools offer different kinds of powerful features.

Before you hire dedicated developers for your Node.js projects, you need to find out proficiency in which tools would be more relevant for your projects. Once you narrow down on the primary requirements with regards to experience and knowledge of Node.js tools, you could select assessments to verify the competency levels of potential candidates.

Asynchronous Programming

Asynchronous programming enables faster execution of programs, but it is tricky to program. Using asynchronous I/O, the waiting time for requests is dramatically reduced, as multiple functions can be executed simultaneously. But if your project requires Node.js developers with asynchronous programming, that is not going to be an easy find.

As asynchronous programming is comparatively a new method, there are even expert Node.js developers who need to develop high levels of competency. That is why you need to be very clear with your particular project needs and find out if the developers have a correct understanding to perform appropriate actions in asynchronous programming to be more efficient and productive.

Node.js Frameworks

The Node.js developers you hire need to have a working knowledge of the best Node.js frameworks out there. The knowledge should not be limited to the basic ones but also the more complex ones on MVC frameworks such as StrongLoop, Sinatra, and Rails.

Authentication And Authorization

Most Node.js web or mobile apps interact with different servers, databases, systems, etc. To avoid data breaches, Node.js developers should have knowledge of the fundamentals and advanced modules of user authentication and authorization.

Front End Development and Server-side CSS

For most Node.js developers, working with backend tech is what is essential. However, many projects and companies need Node.js developers to work with client-side technologies such as HTML, CSS. It is, therefore, good to have experience with the front-end and service-side CSS.

Recruiting and Sourcing Models For Hiring Node.JS Developers In India

1. Hiring Freelance Node.JS Developers From India

Hiring freelancers is a good idea for one-off or short-term Node.js project work. Companies prefer hiring freelancers to reduce the development costs of low-priced projects.

You can seek Node.js freelancer talent on freelancer websites or contact a recruitment agency that could connect you with the talent you seek. If you are hiring through freelancer talent portals, you should check the credibility, services, and customer reviews before you hire Node.js developers.

2. Hiring Dedicated Resources of Node.JS Developers From India

For long-term projects and to manage scalability, one of the best hiring models is the dedicated Node.js developer resource hiring model.

You could directly hire dedicated developers from vendor firms in India. If you already have contacts or trusted sources, you could ask them to find a reliable, competent vendor offering Node.js developer resources. A recruitment agency also helps you find the most competent and best-suited Node.js developers for your projects.

3. Hiring Remote Teams

If you are planning to build remote teams of Node.js developers from India, you should first check what kind of hiring would be more effective – temporary remote staffing or contractual, long-term hiring. It is wiser to partner with a recruitment agency that can help you select the best hiring methods to suit your business requirements and find the right talent within a minimum time.

4. Partnering With Node.JS Developer Service Providers

Many application development companies partner with Node.js developer service providers to meet rising project needs. You could take on more projects and source some types of projects to vendor firms using hiring models such as staff augmentation, managed services, etc.

Steps For Hiring Node.JS Developers

Step 1: Make a Note of All Your Requirements

Before searching for a Node.js developer, you need to document everything related to project types, knowledge and skills in Node.js development, experience in the project types, soft skills, etc.

Be clear about the number of resources you would need for different roles, the timeframe for closing positions, and the kind of contracts you are interested in offering. Calculate your project-based profit margins and draw estimates about the budget.

Step 2: Pick the Right Hiring Model Type

Once step 1 is completed, you will have a fairly good idea about the job descriptions, term of tenure, and other details related to hiring. Choose a hiring model that gets you access to the right Node.js developer talent anytime you need the services.

Consulting with a recruitment agency allows you to improve your Node.js developer workforce planning and to choose the right hiring model that aligns with talent management needs while sticking to the budget.

Step 3: Assess and Hire Developers

It is a good idea to use technical assessments that suit your project-based skills and competency level needs. Whether you need to check front-end development knowledge or asynchronous programming knowledge, select assessments that help you identify the right talent before you start to hire Node.js developers.

The developers who get the best scores based on technical assessments and interviews can be shortlisted for background checks and culture-fit screening. Before you hire Node.Js developers, you could also assign them sample work to check performance levels.

Step 4: Sign Contracts

A recruitment agency with extensive experience in helping hire dedicated developers will be able to assist in framing the right contracts and agreements. They will even manage that end of the hiring process for you. Go through any required revisions in your NDAs (non-Disclosure Agreements) before you finalize the deal. Also, include the terms about copyrights and other legal matters.

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