How To Find & Hire The Best Node JS Development Team?

How To Find & Hire The Best Node JS Development Team

Increase Benefits From Offshore And Remote Hiring Decisions

Redefining the way websites are created, Node.js is facing the task of building real-time applications and apps supporting the Internet of Things. With more than a billion downloads of Node.js, its developing skills now ranks among the top most-demanded developer skills. But the big question is, how to build a correct approach to hire the best Node.js developer? This article is everything you need to know about it.


Well-known as one of the best ways to execute JavaScript code outside a web browser, Node.js is now greatly demanded in the programming world since most companies use this runtime to backup their JavaScript code.

Node.js is an open-source, cross-platform, backend runtime environment for developing server-side and networking applications. Its applications are written in JavaScript and can be run within the Node.js runtime on OS X, Microsoft Windows, and Linux.
There are numerous giant platforms that have switched to Node.js, which include Netflix, Trello, LinkedIn, eBay, General Electric, GoDaddy, Microsoft, PayPal, Uber, Wikipins, Yahoo!, Yammer, and many more. With the popularity of Node.js developers, companies are ready to pay them monthly an average of $7K to $11K, depending on the hiring model.

Node.js has achieved immense popularity due to the advantages it offers.

These include:

  • blocking I/O model, which makes it lightweight and efficient, faster execution of codes than ever before;
  • filling the gap between frontend and backend development;
  • suitability for data-intensive real-time applications running across distributed devices;
  • Node Package Manager, which offers various tools and modules to enhance productivity;
  • best micro services, which are a popular solution among enterprise applications;
  • providing speed as well as efficiency at minimal development costs.

Why Hire Remote Node.JS Development Teams

Diverse Skills Availability

Choosing to hire a remote Node.js developer team allows businesses to find professionals with diverse project experience and skills from different geographical locations. Hiring superior talent becomes easier.

The diversity of skills and experience ensures that the project has multiple perspectives involved, which can fit into any phase of the project, and that too with an already available store of resources and rich inputs from specialists.

Besides, hiring dedicated developers means enhancing a company’s success through better risk management, staffing flexibility, and much more at a lower cost.

Hiring Efficiency

By hiring dedicated developers through an effective outsourcing partner, you can save your crucial time to focus on the core business activities. Its short talent acquisition time lets you hire with utmost efficiency since you get sufficient time to meet other deadlines without compromising on your schedule to fit into short timeframes.

Moreover, partnering with remote services providers means no investment of time and money to train developers because you already get a team of professional experts across domains.


It was found that choosing to hire Node.js developers through a dedicated resource model leads to increased employee retention, more work motivation, and a high level of commitment as compared to the in-house developers. Their active participation and disciplined work culture deliver top-quality business solutions for your organization.

Possessing a wide range of systems and tools for executing remote work competently, the remote hiring model also allows you to achieve the desired scalability with flexibility and ease.


Remote Node.js development team ensures maximum flexible working hours with around-the-clock support. The time difference is a major benefit for most organizations that recruit professionals from different geographic locations, ensuring maximum productive hours of the day for your client.

Developers in remote hiring not only remain up-to-date but exhibit flexibility in dealing with a client’s direct demands.

Project Cost Management and Optimization

According to a report, hiring dedicated developers brings down the cost by approximately 20%.

With remote teams, your company is able to save a lot of funds, reducing the costs to invest in conferences, workshops, courses, traveling office space, hardware, and so on for training developers.

By hiring remote Node.js developers, your company does not have to worry about payroll, employment-related tax and compliance, and retaining costs. You are only paying for the number of manhours worked.

Savings also include labor costs which are different in different countries, so the overall recruitment budget also comes down. This leads to an increase in the overall productivity by realigning all the focus on the core aspects of the project without letting you worry about crossing budgetary restrictions.

How To Hire The Best Node.JS Developer Teams

1) Assess Current and Potential Node.Js Talent Needs

To hire a Node.js developer, you should first assess your current and potential needs. This process begins with having your policies in place, planning the right budget, followed by decisions to recruit a fully remote or part-time team, the number of remote developers needed, the amount of work, and the desired duration.

Getting all the right details and requirements formalized and noted down will help you give a clear picture of the manpower resources and will prevent the hiring managers from approaching remote hiring in a chaotic manner.

Moreover, after deciding on these prerequisites, look for the right skills in your Node.js developers, such as: working with Git and GitHub, detailed understanding of Rest API Architecture, asynchronous programming, semantic versioning, TDD, and so on.

2) Consult With A Reliable Recruitment Agency

Once you know what the composition of your remote Node.js developer team should be, it is always a better option to consult with a reliable recruitment agency rather than hunting for the right talent on your own.

This step will ensure that all your time, money, and efforts are directed in the correct direction. Reputed recruitment agencies understand your demands, find a perfect match with comparatively less investment and use their wide access to talent networks to pick only the high-quality developers.

3) Choose The Right Vendor or Remote Team Service Provider

It’s crucial to know that you are trusting the right partner for hiring an efficient Node.js developer team.
Check the previous track record of the company and its portfolios’. Don’t pay heed to dubious offers or trust online reviews blindly. Having the right talent acquisition model in place will minimize your efforts.

If you have partnered with a recruitment agency to hire dedicated developers, they will find you teams that suit your business.

4) Get Paid Sample Work Done Before Vendor or Team Selection

No matter how proficient the candidate looks on his resume, make a point to get paid sample work done before selection. Particularly for the developers, check their Node.js skills and additional skills such as understanding NoSQL, MySQL, or MariaDB and flat databases through paid sample work as well as interviews.

You can also look to collaborate with Node.js developers to get a paid sample work done.

5) Assess Partner Firm’s Capacities to Scale Up At Short Notice

It’s no new advice to conduct multiple probes before partnering with a firm, yet one key point is assessing their capacities to scale up at short notice.

The partner firm should be able to easily augment your team according to the demands of your project. It should not back out at the moment of need but replenish every requirement as per the agreed terms and conditions.

When you hire Node js developer experts, you also get access to their knowledge and valuable advice for better business solutions.

6) Fix Rates With Flexibility

If you are thinking of hiring dedicated developers for your project, keep yourself updated with the latest trend for skills and prices across global markets.

If you choose to prioritize quality, then it is wiser to keep budget estimates in a range rather than a fixed price. The fixed rates for service must be decided with flexibility from both parties and should be mutually agreed upon. A level of flexibility will ensure that you do not miss on hiring great talents for your project.

7) Get These Right – NDAs, Copyrights, And Legal Matters, Etc.

Companies with unclear records and chaotic work environments make a bad reputation in the market, which affects their business performance and even their employee quality.

To recruit only the top-notch Node.js developers, get your budget, NDAs, copyrights, and legal matters right to attract only positive attention. Building up trust with the client, employee, collaborators, and other partnering firms is a key step in making the business successful.

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