Why And How To Hire The Best Laravel Developers in India?

Why And How To Hire The Best Laravel Developers In India

Increase Benefits From Laravel Development Projects


With more than 60,000 stars on GitHub, 56,000 developers from across the globe, and used for more than 1.1 million websites, the Laravel PHP framework is on an incredible rise due to its brilliant yet easy features and exceptional tools which help web developers to develop web applications out of the traditional scope. Read this article to know about Laravel developers and how to hire Laravel developers in India.


No matter in which sector you are, from banking, healthcare, digital marketing, media and entertainment to tourism and more, Laravel web development has become a need for companies across sectors. More and more industries are choosing Laravel to build solid web and mobile applications for increasing their product and service awareness, attracting and retaining customers, and enhancing market outreach.

But what actually is Laravel?

It is an open-source PHP web framework that provides developers with tools and resources, enabling them to build and maintain PHP applications. Created with an intention to help developers make complex coding simple, quick, and efficient, Laravel provides a complete ecosystem with built-in features, packages, and extensions, making it a top choice for web developers.

Although PHP frameworks like Symfony, Yii, CodeIgniter, CakePHP, Zend, Phalcon, and many more are available in the market, Laravel stands out among all to be listed as a top MVC-based PHP framework due to numerous benefits it offers. These benefits include scalability, cost-effectiveness, flexibility, routing, authentication, caching, Cloud solutions, CMS development, migration and upgradation services, and so forth. These features have transformed the web development experience completely.

Key Strengths of Laravel Development?

MVC Support

MVC is an abbreviation of ‘Model View Controller,’ referring to the architecture developers adopt when designing apps. Laravel is an MVC-based PHP framework, meaning that there is a strict separation between the application or business logic and the rest of the user interface or presentation layers. MVC offers a structure to the developer’s code and improves performance, security, and efficiency.

Blade Template Engine

Laravel uses the Blade template engine, a simple but very powerful templating engine that does not restrict developers from creating their own simple and plain PHP codes. Blade Template engine offers numerous benefits such as adding zero overhead to your web app, generating convenient shortcuts for general PHP functions, easy template inheritance, and displaying data, all of which add flexibility and fluidity to the web development process.

Eloquent ORM and Multiple File System

Eloquent ORM in Laravel lets web developers write database queries using PHP syntax, which does not require knowledge of SQL for updating or modifying purposes. Its simple ActiveRecord implementation makes their interaction with databases convenient and time-saving.

Laravel also provides multiple file systems through its Flysystem integration, which offers simple-to-use drivers for working with local filesystems, Amazon S3, and Rackspace Cloud Storage. Moreover, switching between these storage options is also easy since the API remains constant for each system.

Object-Oriented Approach

Laravel PHP framework comes with pre-installed object-oriented libraries, which are packed with brilliant and user-friendly features. One such library is the Authentication library. Divided among modules, the Laravel framework also allows the developers to build responsive, modular, and even ready-to-use applications.

Artisan Console

Similar to a ‘copy-paste’ option, the Artisan tool in the Laravel framework helps you automate several boring and repetitive programming tasks, enabling developers to save time and energy. Just by clicking twice, developers can build applications by eliminating the extra efforts required to type all the text from top to bottom.

Is Laravel Development Better For Your Project?

1) Fast Time to Market

Choosing the Laravel PHP framework means saying goodbye to spending long hours writing each line of code. Since this framework works on a modular basis, there are already a lot of pre-built functions and structures working on the latest PHP principles, which ease the process of web development, making it responsive, quick and intuitive as compared to other frameworks.

In the age of digital transformation, the Laravel framework is proving competent enough for its speedy delivery and cost-effective methods.

2) Cross-Platform Integration with Mail and Messaging Systems

Laravel offers a clean, simple API over the popular SwiftMailer library. It lets applications kickstart sending mail through a local or cloud-based service by providing drivers for SMTP, Mailgun, Mandrill, SparkPost, Amazon SES, and PHP’s “mail” function and “sendmail.”

Moreover, Laravel also provides support for sending notifications across a variety of delivery channels which include SMS (via Nexmo) and Slack. Secondly, the message queue system (Delayed Delivery) configuration used by Laravel provides a unified API across different categories of queue backends, reducing the traffic, bringing down the cost, and speeding up the requests for your web app.

3) Create Applications Ready for the Changes of the Future

Laravel community is all set to make future-ready applications, answering every technological need. Owing to its extensive pre-installed authorization libraries, which have the ability to create and support a variety of advanced features for your site, Laravel possesses the potential to build a professional eCommerce or B2B site.

It offers features such as password reset and encryption and tons of third-party packages to incorporate a range of features and functionalities for your website. One such option is Socialite, which enables users to sign in to your site using their social media profiles provided that you wish to integrate that option.

4) More Efficient Testing

One of the key reasons for choosing the Laravel framework is to provide multiple unit testing. Unit testing involves testing each module or component of your web application to ensure that there are no bugs or exceptions for your end-users.

Laravel offers automation testing support to develop high-performing web applications. Moreover, by offering easy ways for simulating the basic behavior of users, such as making requests to the application and examining the output by clicking links, filling out forms, Laravel also optimizes web code.

5) Unbeatable Security

Laravel PHP framework makes your web app super-secure against any malware activities and most severe security threats, which include SQL injection, cross-site request forgery, and cross-site scripting by using hashed and salted password mechanisms.
This process involves saving passwords as an unintelligible series of numbers rather than as plain texts (hashing) and adding random characters to it(salting) before going through the hashing.

6) Tools for Seamless Integration Across your Business

Businesses choose to move their data across different platforms because of various needs and reasons. Due to this requirement, Laravel offers integration with popular cache backends like Memcached and Redis out-of-the-box, which improve the performance of the application and accelerate revenue.

It comes with a migration system that enables developers to expand the database structure without having to restart when there is a change in the code.

Why Hire Laravel Developers From India

1) 50% to 60% Less Operations Costs

The decision to hire Laravel developers from India is a pocket-friendly one since you will save on operational costs significantly. Indian Laravel developers render services at around 50%-60% lesser rates as compared to developers in many countries.

2) Higher Productivity

When it comes to productivity, hiring Laravel developers from India will benefit you the most. The Indian developer teams could ensure only top-quality web applications delivery based on any productivity measures you put in place, such as 24-hour services management, scaling up 2-10 resources in a day, or managing high-volume requirements for a short-term or long-term basis.

3) Minimized Investment in Training

Quit worrying about the additional charges or investments! When you hire a Laravel developer dedicatedly from India, there is no spending on training, seminars, and workshops. You could find the right types of experts with the in-depth knowledge, latest skills, and experience that you require to make your project a great success.

4) Get One-Stop Services Center For Diverse Skills And Expertise Levels

When you choose to hire dedicated developers, India is the best option for finding a one-stop service center for all your Laravel and other web development requirements.

Indian app developers believe in investing in their skills and talents by upskilled themselves with technological advancements and the latest trends, guaranteeing comprehensive solutions for your business requirements.

5) Easy to Scale Up At Short Notice

An Indian Laravel developer service provider would be able to help you scale up with ease and efficiency. It is one of the reasons that India-based firms are in great demand worldwide. Also, you could easily find Laravel developer service teams in India with wide experience in high-volume project requirements at a fast pace.

6) Open-Minded, Performance-Oriented Teams Ready To Go The Extra Mile

Indian Laravel coders go the extra mile for client satisfaction, working on their shortcomings and inadequate skills for a specified project open-mindedly. They are performance-oriented teams who have successfully made a positive impression worldwide for their clean code quality, commitment, effortless communication, punctuality, and ready-to-go attitude.

7) More Transparency

Integrity and transparency in the Indian Laravel developers are some of the most valuable qualities. They respect their client’s demands and ensure full transparency in every step of the project by following strict NDAs. Moreover, the team can also report the progress of your project via Skype, email, and call to keep you fully updated.

How To Hire Laravel Developers In India

1) Partner With An IT Recruitment Agency

One of the most convenient ways to hire Laravel developers is to partner with an IT recruitment agency. Searching online will open vistas of options for you but choose wisely.

Go for firms like Alliance Recruitment Agency which has a great reputation in the market and is considered a trustworthy partner by thousands of clients.

2) Frame Requirements For Different Development Needs

Different companies prefer different approaches to developing their web application solutions. Looking for diverse skills becomes the most important criterion in this case. But prior to that, frame your requirements and communicate them with the candidate/firm/agency to get the best-suited Laravel developer. Have a solid recruitment process packed with good job descriptions, and do not miss out on any ‘must-have’ for your project.

3) Get Expert Support For Finding Reliable, Transparent, High-Performance Developers

Finding an ideal Laravel developer can be challenging, so do not hesitate to seek an IT recruitment agency’s assistance in the process. Having extensive market outreach, developer hiring skills, and experience, a competent recruitment agency’s support will ensure the recruitment of only reliable, transparent, and high-performance developers.

4) Find Dedicated Resources That Augment Your Advantages For Ongoing Projects

Choosing to hire dedicated developers from a dedicated resource will save you a lot of extra effort, expenses, and time. This is one of the latest trends because of the efficiency as well as productivity it offers. Go for the dedicated model to increase the efficiency of your ongoing and long-term projects.

5) Find Best-Qualified, Reliable Freelancer Laravel Developers With Ease

Hiring freelance Laravel developers can also bring great insight into your project. It’s not necessary that a talented candidate must have a designation attached to him; rather, his past experiences and records must be proof enough to make a mark.
However, be wary that you find only the best-qualified, reliable freelancer. Posting the announcement on social media, advertising, and looking for them through references are some of the ways to hire Laravel developers with ease.

6) Get Remote Teams Who Undertake Project Outsourcing With Excellence

The best way to save both time and money is to look for remote teams that undertake project outsourcing.
Find a team of diversely excellent Laravel developers with abundant experience in working with the latest technologies, frameworks, and extensions while keeping themselves updated to deliver only top-notch custom solutions. Additionally, hiring a remote team means ensuring minimal costs because of different living and labor standards.

7) Get Greater Visibility Into Workforce Availability And Performance

When you partner with an agency like ours, you will be able to outsource your Laravel development projects or hire remote developers with excellent project monitoring and management mechanisms. We help you with project management practices that allow greater visibility into Laravel developer availability, work hours, productivity, and performance metrics.

Hire Laravel Developers Through Alliance International

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