How to choose the best Recruitment agency in Mumbai

Best Recruitment Agency In Mumbai

Nowadays, the market is employee driven. For the potential candidate, switching the company is an effortless process. On the other hand, the company makes a lot of effort to fill the void with promising talent. The employer has to invest time, money and workforce to find the talent. Although, it doesn’t guarantee the return on investment. Therefore, the Recruitment agency is in the game with expertise to find the skilled and reliable candidates for the company, saving time, money, and workforce.

Mumbai, the city of dreams that never sleeps, is the business centre of India. A center for start-ups, filled with corporate, starting from software to hardware, health to hotel, media to machines, manufacturing to marketing, Mumbai is hub for every field one would be looking for. With thousands of opportunities, it’s easy for skilled employees to find the right job in Mumbai, but it’s tough for employers to fill the vacancy with a skilled one. To cope up with such a situation, employers are moving towards recruitment agencies in Mumbai. Recruitment agencies, being expert in hiring, with a high network and high reach, plays an important role in the growth of the company. But the appointed Recruitment consultants in Mumbai understand the needs of the company, are reliable and best at work. We have compiled the check points you may like to consider before hiring the recruitment firm in Mumbai.

Choosing the best Recruitment Agency in Mumbai

1. Check out the Reputation of the Agency

As Mumbai is full of career options and ample job opportunities, there are a huge number of candidates. With an increase in the number of talents, the agencies who help you to recruit are also increasing day by day. Hence, choosing the right one is one of the most critical tasks. If you hire some underdeveloped and less skilled group of recruiters, you will not get what you expect.

So once you list out the recruitment consultants in Mumbai, the very first thing you should do is check the reputation of the agency in the market. To do so, check whether the agency belongs to your market or not, whether the agency has expertise in what you are looking for, whether the clients handled are satisfied with services provided or not. These three verticals may give you a basic idea about a recruitment firm’s reputation.

To be sure about the information you have found, research some factual data including the age of the agency in the market, attitude towards clients, the experience of candidates, testimonials, and social media profiles. Try to find their track record with actual statistics. This research will help you to scrutinize the list and give you a bunch of reputed players in the market.

Now for the final screening, you need to explore some more verticals which may include finding the reach of the agency’s network, a database of candidates and clients, how often the agency updates the candidate record, and strategies used by the agency to introduce fresh talents. Such information may help you decide its reputation along with its reliability.

2. Justification about the Staffing Needs of the Organization

You should be clear about your expectations from the recruitment agency. Before hiring, you should discuss the company’s needs and hiring challenges with the team. In such a process you should involve the one who is experienced and know the requirements of the firm. Once you are clear about your needs you can approach the recruitment firm accordingly.

According to your challenges, make sure that the recruitment agency is having expertise in what you are looking for. The milestone recruiter for IT professionals may not have a network of marketing candidates. Hence, you should join hands with one who is skilled in your market of interest.

While hiring the agency you should share your expectations and challenges with the agency which may include the numbers of employee you need, positions you need to fill, whether you want permanent employee/staff or temporary, time limits for filling the void, whether you need the fresher or experienced ones, challenges you have faced for certain positions, stability and reliability of the provided candidates.

After justifying your needs you can select the manpower consultancy in Mumbai who can handle such challenges and fulfill your expectations.

3. Personalized on the History and Current Data

To measure the abilities of recruitment agencies, you need to look at their history and current data. History includes reviews from previous clients, provided candidates, track records, and testimonials. So digging the past may help your present needs. Such info may guide you the best for hiring them.

You should look for the current statistics too. The current reputation of the firm in the market, numbers of clients the firm is dealing with, turnover, candidate pool, a database of skilled talent, strategies to deal with freshers. Such current information is much more valuable than the social media image of the company.

4. Look at the Affordability

Everyone needs the best but it is not always affordable. Budget can be one of the most important criteria you can put in while making the list of recruitment agencies around you. Your budget may help you to decide which agencies fall under your category.

Before rushing to the recruitment agency, you should first check how much it costs you to hire the best candidate on your own. If the budget you have utilized is comparable to the price recruitment agency charges, you should choose the agency. Choosing the recruitment agency is not only limited to getting talents but also saves time and effort.

Many Recruitment agencies provide the best talent within the time, but it charges high compared to market rate. On the other hand, you may also find some, who are providing the same services within the budget. Hence, your task is to find that one agency that fits your budget and is ready to meet your challenges.

As per a survey, a Recruitment agency in Mumbai charges 15 to 25% of the annual salary of the candidate. It may go higher for hard to fill positions, higher posts and specific talents. The charges may vary with some other factors including number of candidates you need, the industry you belong to, type of hire (pavement or temporary, part time or full time).

So before hiring the agency, first check your budget, be clear about what you want in that budget and utilize it by choosing the one who ticks all the criteria.

5. The Hiring Techniques Involved in their Approach

Every agency has its strategies to deal with the challenges of clients and talents. Some agencies perform verification of data provided by candidates to ensure their authenticity. Agencies screen the candidates before including them in the database network as initial screening may help clients to get the best talent. Before hiring the agency you should check such techniques involved in their approach.

Some roles may require special skills which are not limited to the curriculum vitae (CV). Hence it’s important to inquire that the agency has any specific techniques to analyze the candidate’s skills beyond the CV.

How agency approaches talent is also crucial. Recruitment consultants in Mumbai perform campus interviews based on client’s demands, with advanced technologies consultants use mobile platforms to attract talent. One should also check how often an agency posts on social media asking for talent to join, and how often the agency organizes competitions to get out the best. Such data may help you to screen the best one.

Moreover, you should inquire about their interview process, time to fill the post, cost of hard to fill post, and strategies for approaching new talent.

Benefits of Choosing Recruitment Agency in Mumbai

In a candidate driven market where time is money and competitors are everywhere, focusing on the task at which you are not an expert, probably hiring, is a waste of effort and time. Instead hiring professionals for such tasks may guarantee you lots of benefits.

Recruitment Agencies have expertise in hiring talent. With a huge network of pre-screened candidates and the one working elsewhere in the field, they can provide the best as per your need. They are like matchmakers, as they are aware of the requirements of agency and talent of candidates. Such skills may help you to get the one you are looking for.

Recruitment agencies use to interview the candidates before they enroll them in the network. By this, they prepare the skilled database and present to the company only those who are suitable for the post. Due to their network reach, a huge database of pre-screened candidates, the position may get filled in less turnover of time. Some of the recruitment agencies may have international networks too, which may benefit you for your specialized needs.

Posting a single vacancy advertisement may cost you a lot, searching and screening may add some additional charges to it. While you tie up with an agency, your advertisement reaches the potential ones with nominal cost. Along with this, the agency also helps to negotiate the salary and makes the best deal within your budget.

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