Fueling Progress: How Oil and Gas Recruitment Agencies Drive Innovation

Oil and Gas Recruitment Agencies

Organizations in the oil and gas industry are seeing more job losses than most sectors. Finding manpower is becoming challenging for so many roles; staffing costs are increasing like never before.

By 2027, oil and gas companies in many countries might not be able to find a third or half the workforce if manpower challenges continue in the same manner as in 2023.

How to find the right solutions to rising manpower problems in the oil and gas industry?

Find out in this blog. We offer you valuable information and insights shared by top oil and gas recruitment agencies.

The first step is to get clarity about the future challenges.

Knowing all the highly probable consequences of problems emerging today can provide oil and gas companies with a better perspective to overcome them in the future.

Key Predictions For Recruitment in Oil and Gas Sector

  • The talent shortage experienced in 2022-23 is only going to worsen, considering the percentage of the aging workforce in the industry.
  • Technical manpower required in the industry, such as electrical engineers, mining engineers, chemical engineers and geoscientists, are finding better opportunities in other sectors.
  • The emerging digitalization in the sector needs new types of technical skill sets, for which there are immensely better opportunities in other sectors.
  • The future availability of the specialized engineering workforce is predicted to meet only 50%-60% of workforce needs, as the number of graduates choosing to work in the sector is decreasing while the demand is set to be huge with the retirement of the aging workforce.
  • Currently, very few recruitment practices are oriented toward attracting a younger workforce to join the oil and gas sector.
  • As most oil and gas company workplaces are male-dominated, unless there are strong measures to make it inclusive for women, the manpower challenges can only worsen.
  • Including a diverse workforce model is necessary to attract young professionals with STEM degrees (science, technology, engineering, or mathematics) required in the oil and gas sector.
  • Many studies indicate a necessity of upskilling around 50% of the current workforce to make them eligible for working on advanced tech-led operating models.

How can all these immense challenges be handled?

The Need For Innovation in Oil and Gas Recruitment

There is a huge need to change the entire approach to finding and hiring manpower. It should go beyond “filling positions as the need arises” to become a strategic priority in future business planning.

There is also a glaring need to reconsider how talent needs to be managed – pre-acquisition (talent attraction and hiring approach) and post-acquisition (onboarding, compensation and benefits and employee management).

Here are a few points to illustrate the need for innovation.

  • To attract professionals with expertise in technologies such as AI, big data and analytics, IoT, and more, recruitment processes should also become tech-optimized.
  • The millennial and next Gen workforce are usually not found through time-consuming networking events, simplistic campus visits, and job advertisements. They look for career prospects online. To connect with them, you need to have a digitally mature talent search process.
  • You might not even be able to fill 50% of future workforce needs through local search. You need to search in locations where the availability of people with STEM degrees is high. This calls for innovative recruitment campaigns and employer brand promotions.
  • The competition for talent in the oil and gas sector can only get fiercer. Why your company? What can it offer to interest Gen Z professionals? People born between 1995-2010 (Gen Z) do not depend on certain jobs or industries for a living but are ready to explore any avenue of growth.

Bringing innovation in manpower planning, search, and recruitment has become a crucial need. But it will require huge technology investments and tech-savvy, industry-expert HR and recruitment consultants. You need them not in one location but in many locations. How viable will that be?

This is where oil and gas staffing agencies can play a huge role.

How Oil and Gas Recruitment Agencies Drive Innovation?

1. Introduce SMART Workforce Planning

Your company might be an upstream organization planning new production platforms and drilling, a downstream manufacturer, or a midstream distributor of natural gas and oil. Find workforce planning solutions from top oil and gas recruiting companies that are supported by people analytics.

Having a strong people analytics platform in your company helps you understand what kind of skill sets you will require in 2023 and the coming five years. Using segmentation techniques, you can classify your future workforce needs into categories based on how position-based requirements will be across the organization.

The insights from analytics will help frame SMART (Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Realistic, Time-bound) workforce plans for future prospects.

2. Build Talent Search Strategies Based on Verified Market Intelligence

Once you have a SMART workforce plan, you can create a database to sort, filter, identify, and analyze future recruitment needs based on engineering skills, management skills, technology knowledge, seniority, high-risk jobs, future projects, or any parameter.

Now it is possible to plan talent sourcing in a cost-efficient manner. Partnering with the best oil and gas recruiting companies, such as Alliance International, helps you achieve bigger success in cost-efficient, talent-quality focused manpower search and selection through geo-specific targeted search and applicant pool creation.

3. Talent Sourcing Through Social Media and Social Talent Communities

70%-80% of your future workforce will not be highly motivated to wait in queues and go for old-fashioned interviews. They are least likely to apply for jobs where employers have very conservative ideas.

With the help of top oil and gas recruitment agencies, you can easily transition from old-fashioned and traditional to “future-ready employer brand.”

For instance, Alliance International goes where the crowd is, where the talent is easily found. Our recruitment consultants have talked to over a million candidates. The insights we get about candidate motivations and what interests them to look twice at a job post or consider applying can be leveraged to find the talent you need quickly.

With social media talent sourcing expertise and participation in social talent community activities, attracting and building a young workforce becomes a smooth process.

4. Online Employer Brand Promotion

There is a high probability that 50% or more people in your employment would be millennials and 20%-30% would be Gen Z (those born between 1995 and 2010). These are people with a high sense of what they want in terms of work-life balance, flexible HR policies, remote work options, healthcare packages, mental health and wellbeing, etc.

Consultancy from top oil and gas recruiting companies will help you understand the compensation and benefits structure that gets the best results for different types of jobs. They will help you design employer branding materials that will attract talent quickly.

5. Making Recruitment Gen Z Oriented

You need to brainstorm, critically analyze, and invest in predictive analytics to identify demographic data about the ideal future workforce for different divisions in your upstream, midstream, or downstream company.

Whether it is about drone-based scanning and modeling for sites, creating predictive financial models, developing 5D engineering models, or automating engineering processes of pressure vessel manufacturing, new and emerging technical roles will need a much younger workforce of graduates and postgraduates – the Gen Z workforce.

Partnering with global oil and gas staffing agencies, such as Alliance International, will help you attract and hire highly-talented young professionals from strategic destinations in 35+ countries.

6. Virtual Candidate Experience Management

One of the biggest challenges in the recruitment process is retaining candidate attention. You might get people to apply using the best talent attraction techniques. But how to retain their interest and keep them involved in the hiring process is equally important. Employers who get that wrong get applicants but lose candidates.

Competent oil and gas staffing agencies assist in making the hiring successful through virtual candidate experience management. Recruiters and headhunters initiate a process through which they interact with candidates, find out what their views are of a great workplace, what kind of work conditions can lead them to quit and what can make them loyal.

These interactions keep the candidates engaged and help employers improve employee engagement and retention planning.

Summing Up

There are no ideal fixed-recipe solutions to any manpower problems. The oil and gas sector companies will have to find solutions through prescriptive and predictive people analytics. Oil and gas recruitment agencies can help them implement the best strategies to find, attract, and retain talent through innovative approaches.

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Q 1. Which is the best oil and gas recruitment agency in India?

Ans. If you are looking for a top oil and gas recruitment agency in India, prepare a checklist of requirements first. The types of jobs for which you need talent from India, the best-qualified candidate identification criteria, and the kind of services you will require to make hiring successful. An agency that offers efficient and comprehensive services for the kind of manpower you need will suit you the best.

Alliance International has an India-wide presence and sources talent from 20+ cities in India, where there is a huge availability of engineering and technical talent and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) degree holders.

Q 2. Which is the top global oil and gas staffing agency?

Ans. Alliance International is the best oil and gas recruitment agency in India, offering excellent support to companies in India, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, the USA, Canada, Australia and many countries in Europe and Africa. With a vast talent pool network comprising 35+ countries, we serve as the best global manpower consultancy for the oil and gas and energy sector.

Q 3. What are the benefits of an oil and gas recruitment agency partnership?


  • Find oil and gas recruiters who have carefully curated talent pools for different types of projects in the upstream, midstream, and downstream sectors.
  • Find recruiters with detailed insights about candidates (skills, experience, interests, achievements, and upskilling), offering employers higher quality candidate sourcing.
  • Working with recruiters who have been mapping talent and gaining deep industry insights enables you to find and attract the right talent successfully.

You can make staffing for your company in the oil and gas recruitment agency 2x faster and at 30%-50% less cost when you partner with an oil and gas staffing agency like Alliance International.

Q 4. How to improve oil and gas recruitment outcomes?

Ans. Here are a few tips to improve oil and gas staffing outcomes:

  • Partner with a global oil and gas recruitment company
  • Create geo-specific talent attraction models
  • Adopt digitally mature hiring processes
  • Invest in building a great employer brand
  • Keep your workforce models inclusive

Q 5. How to quickly find professionals with STEM degrees?

Ans. Partner with a global manpower consultancy in India that has a rich and vast talent resource network of people with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) degrees. You will be able to attract talent from 30+ countries without hassles and in the most compliant manner.