Hiring a CXO in India? Here is How to Go About it?

Hiring a CXO in India

The role of Chief Experience Officers has brought about a change in the world of business. Keeping in mind customer satisfaction and growth, companies in India have realized that reforms must be brought about from the C-level human cadre. Companies go about CXO hiring in many ways. Find out the best approach to identifying and hiring the right CXO candidate for your company.

CXOs are indeed the delegate of the company that bears with the values of the firm to transform how the end product or service is presented to the consumers. Today, every leading company in India, as well as the world, is keen on CXO hiring because a great customer experience is the best marketing and customer retention strategy.

We have provided answers to some of the key questions asked by companies about CXO hiring and CXO executive search.

What Are CXO Roles All About?

Chief Experience Officer (CXO)

Customers or clients are the fuel that drives a company towards development and expansion. Therefore, if you are considering hiring a CXO for the first time in your establishment, then it will only prove to be efficient.

As per Techopedia, “A chief experience officer (CXO) is an individual primarily responsible for maintaining good interactions between a brand and its customer base. This is a role that has been created within many large companies in order to more effectively manage the ways that customers experience a company and its products or services”.

According to Forbes, “Companies look to a CXO to be the connector of those data points between the brand, the company, and its customers across multiple platforms and channels, with the goal of optimizing and increasing customer satisfaction and value.”

How Does A Chief Experience Officer Make A Difference in Business Performance and Growth?

Hiring a Chief Experience Officer will only enhance your business. Here are some key reasons to consider CXO hiring.

Higher and Better Customer Engagement

Customer engagement is the manner in which a relationship is built with the client with various kinds of interaction through online as well as offline channels. Without the appropriate strategies, it is difficult to have productive customer interaction. Engaging the customer is advantageous for a company because it is through their opinions that employees will make necessary changes in delivering the product and services.

For this, hiring a Chief Experience Officer is the best thing to do. The steps taken by the CXO make your company relatable and meaningful to the target audience and encourage them to offer feedback after availing of the services.

Increased Customer Referrals

It is important to maintain the company service standards so that you can have customer referrals. Mouth-to-mouth referrals can never go wrong that too when the customer does it. When you provide great customer service, customer referrals are bound to take place. Strategies like customer loyalty programs and offering incentives are developed by the Chief Experience Officer.

CXOs ensure that customers are looking forward to referring your company to their friends and other contacts. This is why they work on interesting ways of working on making referrals fun and wholesome. However, the service delivery has to be up to the mark, which is looked after by the CXO in collaboration with other departments of the company.

Enhanced Customer Retention

CXOs are aware of the fact that retention of the existing customers is more convenient than acquiring new customers and hiring CXO results in enhanced customer retention. Preserving the service standard and customer engagement is looked after by the CXO. Regular inquiries from the side of the company to the existing customer reflect on the fact that the company cares about the customers.

Without a CXO, the company may not realize what steps may not be welcomed by the existing customers, which ultimately results in customer attrition. Make a huge difference by hiring a CXO for the retention of existing customers in an above-mentioned way.

Increase in Repeat Business or Customer Orders

A CXO looks into the matter that the first-time customer comes back not only for the second time but also regularly. It involves aiming to be part of the customers’ staple.

With a CXO, your company could witness a lot of customers come back for more. Be it through appropriate promotions or by delivering the right services, and your company will not only win the hearts of the people but also see that they cannot be aloof without your help.

What Is CXO Executive Search? How Can It Help With CXO Hiring?

CXO executive search refers to the procedures undertaken by companies, with the assistance of proficient recruitment agencies, to look for the best-qualified CXO. There are various activities that are part of CXO executive search. Here are some of the key processes.

1. CXO Talent Profile Creation

Recruitment agencies start the procedure of CXO executive search by CXO talent profile creation first. Creating an ideal talent profile attracts apt candidates. A talent profile does not only consist of the educational qualifications but also the roles, responsibilities, and expectations of the CXO position for the concerned company. With the help of CXO executive search, the profile is created in no time.

An agency typically looks into the background and future goals of the company, and by focusing on the problems, an informative and straightforward talent profile is created by the professionals.

2. CXO Search in Target Geographies

Your company might be offering services to a global client base through a global network of offices and production centers. Or you might have operations in multiple cities in the same country for different products or service lines. Hiring from just one location might only limit access to CXO talent.

Therefore, the target geographies are aimed at, and then the talent search is carried out. Local, national, and global talents are sourced by the recruitment agency, and the database is widened accordingly. The search should be conducted in those areas where there are high possibilities of getting the best CXO candidates.

A well-connected recruitment agency is capable of carrying out a highly relevant and successful CXO executive search because they have connections spread over to various parts of the country and/or the world.

3. Passive Candidate Search / Headhunting

Passive candidate search is dedicatedly searching for employed individuals and reaching out to them with new job opportunities. This is one of the key CXO executive search processes to attract exactly the kind of candidates that best suit your organization. It benefits both the company as well as the candidate as they get to improve professionally. Recruitment agencies make such an offer to competent CXO professionals with excellent track records and achievements.

4. Screening Potential CXO Candidates For Best Match Candidate Identification

The potential CXO candidates are to be screened in such a way that there is a clear understanding of whether they are on the same page with that of the company.

Strategies, rather steps, involved in screening potential CXO candidates could be conducting interviews, conducting group discussions, contacting the references provided by the candidates, reviewing the resume, conducting presentations, conducting various assessments, etc.

The company could also engage in devising an index system to assign scores as per the parameters set prior to the stage of screening. This helps in knowing which candidate is better than the other.

5. Strategic Candidate Engagement To Consider Job Offer

Candidate engagement refers to all interaction between a recruiter and a candidate for letting the latter know about the job offer in a way that candidates are motivated to consider the offer. One wrong question or word results in the best-match candidate losing interest in the proposal or getting a wrong impression.

Competent CXO executive search consultants are already familiar with all possible nuances of discrimination based on age, gender, place of origin, ethnicity, academic background, social background, etc. They are also skilled at finding out what motivates a CXO candidate to consider a job switch and how to make the best of that information.

6. Scheduling Interviews

Scheduling interviews is never as easy as choosing some dates on the calendar. Potential CXO candidates already have full calendars, and so does the management team of the employer.

Finding the right time frame that would suit both parties takes quite a number of efforts and not just an email. Also, many times, appointments are canceled owing to unforeseen circumstances, and a new date needs to be fixed. This process has to be managed with all candidates. Hiring an efficient CXO recruiter with the right kind of approach and interview scheduling methods makes a big difference.

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