Fact VS Fiction: Recruitment Process Outsourcing – RPO

Fact VS Fiction Recruitment Process Outsourcing RPO

The word outsourcing associated with recruitment processes has created a lot of assumptions about what is, in reality, recruitment process outsourcing or RPO, as it is commonly referred to.

There are thousands of articles written about recruitment process outsourcing services, with some companies making claims that most people do not believe. Such scenarios have increased the misconceptions about recruitment process outsourcing services.

The result is that when we propose RPO services as a solution to any business growth challenges, some clients have mixed feelings about the proposed solutions. Confusion often leads to delays in correct decision-making, which, in turn, results in the loss of opportunities for businesses.

Here is a blog that addresses different kinds of concerns, questions, and expectations mentioned by organizations about recruitment process outsourcing services.

Misconceptions About RPO Services

A misconception is defined as a notion or information that is either not correct or not correctly understood. For example, there are many misconceptions about antibiotics. Similarly, there are many misconceptions about recruitment process outsourcing services – concepts that are wrongly understood or wrongly presented.

These are the misconceptions we commonly hear in the form of questions or concerns raised about recruitment process outsourcing services

Recruitment process outsourcing gives control of recruitment to a third party.

  1. Recruitment process outsourcing is another version of external staffing services.
  2. RPO services increase HR expenditure and recruitment budgets.

The Facts

We have worked on thousands of RPO projects. Recruitment process outsourcing services offer greater control to employers.

RPO recruiters need to source candidates who meet all the specifications of academic qualifications, technical skills, soft skills, and experience. They have to provide minute details of every recruitment task and spending to clients. These granular details provide insights into the time and costs related to hiring for each position.

Staffing services differ from RPO services. A staffing company provides temp staff on hire and charges on an hourly or monthly basis. General recruitment service providers serve as an external arm of internal recruiters and provide assistance with assigned tasks.

When you hand over the recruitment activities for any position to an RPO agency , you do not use any internal resources for managing the recruitment activities. You only have to pay a fee for each successful hire. This recruitment model is highly successful for hard-to-fill positions, offshore hiring, scalability, and large-volume recruitment.

Myths About RPO

Myth is defined as a widely held belief about something that is not substantiated by facts.

These are the common myths about RPO that we have come across.

  1. RPO services negatively affect employer branding.
  2. RPO services are not beneficial for SMEs or startups – only for big companies.
  3. RPO services have a one-size-fits-all approach

The Facts

How RPO services are designed and framed is between the employer and an RPO agency. Some RPO agencies only have the capacity to provide generic services, but there are many RPO companies that offer highly customized recruitment solutions. The flexibility and capacities of an RPO agency need to be checked before you sign a contract and expect outcomes.

A competent and resourceful RPO company will ensure optimized results for all aspects of recruitment, including

  • Strategic recruitment marketing and employer brand enhancement services
  • Best-match candidate identification per position planning and approach
  • Customized candidate outreach, sifting, and analysis
  • Customized recruitment management
  • Strong talent pipeline development for specified roles and divisions

Making RPO most outcome-enriched is possible when you find a top RPO company for your industry.

Small companies have more to gain through RPO, which might cost only 50% or 60% of all the costs involved in building, maintaining, and expanding internal recruitment resources. SMEs and startups can divert all that capital investment into avenues that generate revenues and profits.

Fiction About RPO Services

Fiction is a deliberately fabricated account of something which does not exist in reality. The use of the word “outsourcing” has led to fabricated accounts and imagination running wild for many people.

When companies mention these concerns about RPO, we call it pure fiction

  1. RPO shifts job opportunities to other countries
  2. RPO increases risks to companies
  3. With RPO services, it is a win-win for service providers and not employers.

The Facts

Recruitment process outsourcing services help you find talent from within your city, region, and country. An offshore RPO agency can be hired when you require staff for your offshore operations or overseas talent acquisition needs.

RPO is not about sourcing jobs to another place but about finding an expert recruitment agency to make your recruitment more outcome-oriented and an enabler of business growth.

If you choose a reliable and capable RPO company, you can quickly increase your competitive advantages and make talent acquisition oriented to revenue generation and better business performance.


Recruitment process outsourcing can become an enabler for business growth if you know how to leverage it correctly. There is a lot to explore through RPO, which can result in tremendous business benefits.

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