Ask an expert: How To Build The Right Hiring Process

How To Build The Right Hiring Process

The hiring process is long and tricky, and it can take a lot of effort if not navigated properly. This very step of hiring right can be made efficient by following only a few steps that benefit the company in the long run and also helps them get candidates that are best for them. If you are interested to make good recruitment, read the subsequent sections to know what experts suggest to make a good and right hire.


Manpower services help the companies connect with prospective employers and also act as a guide in helping to write a refined resume, endorse candidates to employers, and give a career path the suitable advice it requires immediately.

Sometimes the company outsources the management of manpower recruitment functions to a third-party expert. This is because they would like to lessen the cost, improve the quality, efficiency, and service of prospective employees.

The benefit of using a recruitment agency is that they can conduct interviews on behalf of the employer which saves a lot of time and money. The recruitment consultant will first do the screening of the candidate, to begin with on the phone, and then narrow down the applicants for the next interview round.

Factors to Build the Right Hiring Process

Hiring new talent forms an inevitable and critical part of being a good leader. It is more complicating than just going through resumes and conducting interviews. Various mistakes occur during recruiting that can deter a qualified candidate from approaching you for employment. These mistakes could be a poorly crafted job description or a lack of communication about the application.

The right hiring and manpower services will have the way to enhance you to better serve your business needs.

Some of the factors that help to build the right hiring process are:

1. Posting of the Informative Job Posting

Writing a detailed job description with a list of responsibilities and requirements will only alienate qualified employees. It was found by researchers that those who focussed on descriptions of what the company can do for the candidate got higher applicants than the company who focussed only on describing what the company expected from the candidate. This shows that potential employees get attracted to what would help them in improving in their career once they join the firm.

Write adequate details about the job description, this can include all the required skills, location description, and other required skills. A detailed description of the job will help the candidates understand the progress of the job.

2. Implementation of Firms Branding

According to surveys conducted more than 75% of professionals are passive candidates who are only open to new opportunities and are not seriously looking out for jobs. So building a strong employer brand will help to attract these passive aspirants to your company rather than approaching other manpower agencies. It is found that you will get more candidates to apply for a job if the brand is managed actively by the employer by responding to reviews, sharing updates of the company’s culture and work environment. By focussing on building a strong employer brand, you will not have to do much active recruiting because you will automatically become a sought-after organization that is flooded with applicants.

3. Employment Motivation

Employment motivation is a must in any organization. This helps the candidates stay loyal to the company and the company can retain talent. The modern workforce is dedicated to working in an environment where they are respected and are given opportunities to grow. This requires motivation and a strong will to grow forwards.

Employee motivation through managers, team leaders, and other higher executive-level managers can help the employee drive more towards working hard and efficiently. A good and motivated employee will directly act as a personal advertiser that will give good reviews to new and potential employees. This helps the companies in two ways; attaining new employees and also retaining the current workforce.

4. Testing Several Characteristics of the Talents

Having the right skills will seem like the most important factor to find out if the candidate is a good fit but the truth is that skills can be acquired but a personality cannot. During the selection process, check on how the candidate’s personality aligns with the daily tasks given. The kind of person you hire will depend on the culture of the organization and also the kind of job. A great person with all the necessary skills will be a good fit for one organization but a poor fit for another, simply because of their personality type. For example, empathy will work well for a nurse or a social worker but not for a computer programmer or tax consultant.

In the end, understand the employee requirement in an appropriate manner. This can help the industries make a better understanding about the employee skills and talent and employees can use the skills of the talent efficiently. Be it personality or working according to the culture all needs to be accurately managed by the companies.

5. Transparent And Clear About Requirements

A good hiring process can be completed efficiently only when the company is clear about its requirements to hire. Be it hiring through recruitment agencies or any other resources, it is necessary to have a clear understanding of the employment description. Companies can discuss with the managers under which the new employees will be hired and discuss what needs to be done to receive the best candidate.

A manager or other person having a similar profile will have a clear understanding of the required skills and talents, be it something new or old having the perfect candidate can help a lot. The requirements need not be stringent, rather they should be transparent to make clear decisions based on employment.

6. Schedule Interview Based On Latest Techniques

It is found that failures shown by new employees could be a result of a flawed interview process. Studies have found that sometimes interviews were focussed on other issues, or too pressed for time, or they lacked the confidence of conducting an interview. This is because the job interview procedures focussed on making sure that the new hires were technically competent while they overlooked other factors like emotional intelligence, temperament, motivation, and coachability that are equally important for an employee’s success. It is important that the prospective employee interviews you too. Let them ask questions as this is will give you a peek into what is important to them. It will also let them determine if they want to keep pursuing a job at your company or to finalize if this is not the right fit for them. Being realistic helps give a preview of the work environment.

Benefits of Consulting a Recruitment Agency

A recruitment agency will help you get past the application process and put you into the perfect role. Many of them feel that manpower recruitment is only done for those who are in senior positions but this is not true. Manpower services will help you find full-time, part-time, or any new tempting opportunities, no matter at what stage of your career you are in.

Some of the benefits of consulting a recruitment agency are:

  • Enhancing knowledge – Using a recruitment agency will give you the chance to tap into specialist knowledge which your in-house recruiters might not possess. An in-house recruiter will have to cover a wide range of roles that the company needs. But recruitment agencies are already specialized in their field of recruiting for a certain industry, role, or level. This means that they have a piece of enhanced knowledge and a deeper understanding of their target job segments. Hence, they can provide you with valuable insight and useful advice that will help you find and hire the best candidates.
  • Connect with Latest Hiring Process – Social media is a fantastic recruiting tool. Recruitment agencies use this tool to share job offers on various platforms thus encouraging a two-way conversation. Even if people are not interested in the job opening they will most likely know someone who would fit the role. Also, the agency is aware of how to share photos and videos of the company, their workplace, and day-to-day office life that will give a potential applicant a glimpse into the company’s culture and thus get him attracted. A recruitment agency will go for a sponsored job postings that normally stands out when compared to free job listings resulting in a high-quality applicant.
  • Making use of recruitment networks – A recruitment agency will be having a wide experience of working in the industry. They would be aware of all the latest trends and hiring processes with their vast networks. An in-house recruiter will need to find ways to attract candidates and go through tons of profiles and applications which is wasting a lot of time and money. The agency will do all that and give you only a top few candidates as per your requirement. Their talent network will help them to find a candidate faster than you can.
  • Access to the talented pool – To get quality candidates you need to use a recruitment agency as they have a large talent pool with them. This pool is already a pre-screened and pre-referenced list of candidates. This means you will have to deal with only those candidates who are carefully assessed. Besides this, a recruitment agency is an expert in candidate selection. They are professionally trained to assess candidates. You can benefit from their vast experience as they can easily differentiate real experts from good interviews.

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Many of them simply accept that hiring is not a perfect science and use it as an excuse to continue to follow the same outdated interview process. But today, no businesses can afford to take chances on a bad hire.

A proper interview process should be designed that will provide a clear assessment of the aspirant’s skill, aptitude, and potential to fit the company’s culture. There are various manpower agencies out there providing the best of manpower recruitment.

These manpower services provide the best of the hiring process embracing technology and building a positive company brand thus helping you get the best of best employees.