visual art scholarship program

Alliance International – Visual Art Scholarship Program


Visual art is an interesting subject and can result in a meaningful career for students with a creative bent of mind. If you wish to make a living as a visual artist but are unable to complete the educational qualifications because of financial obstacles, apply to our Visual Art Scholarship Program. Our scholarship program is the best because it is open to students from the UK, USA, Canada and Australia and rewards students only based on random selection.


The Visual Art Scholarship Program by Alliance International offers financial aid and promotion to aspiring students in this field. It is essential for applicants to major in any field of visual arts including graphic design, fashion, ceramics, interior design, sketching, photography, video production, and more. If you possess demonstrated talent and want to hold a potential career in this field, our scholarship will serve your entire requirements.


  • Applicants only have to demonstrate a dedication to pursuing a career and education in the arts.
  • It is a one-time reward that is directly offered to the winner.
  • It serves as a golden chance to interact with industry experts and gain real-time experience in the subject.
  • Winners will get a chance to attend professional development and career workshops for absolutely free.