Tips to Choose Pharmaceutical Recruitment Agencies for Executive Search

Pharmaceutical Recruitment Agencies

Getting qualified people for pharmaceutical production and research has become increasingly difficult for companies worldwide.

The great wave of resignations has hit this sector in a big way. It is not just employee attrition that is worrying companies but also the fact that with every exit, specialized expertise is also lost. The specialized knowledge and skills the people bring and gain working with the company are neither transferable nor easily replaceable.

If your pharmaceutical company is also affected by talent gaps, high attrition, and a huge lack of manpower resources to meet rising production demands, here is a blog that offers solutions.

Find a competent pharmaceutical recruitment agency partner!

The blog offers fact-based information and insights to answer these questions:

  • How can partnering with pharmaceutical recruitment agencies help?
  • What are the benefits of partnering with pharmaceutical recruitment companies?
  • What outcomes will these benefits lead to?

Let’s get the solutions to overcoming pharmaceutical manpower hiring challenges.

What Services Can Pharmaceutical Recruitment Agencies Provide?

Pharmaceutical Manpower Consultancy

Pharmaceutical consulting companies have capacities far beyond that of general staffing agencies. They are approached by certified professionals, graduates, post-graduates, doctoral, and postdoctoral professionals for career opportunities. The industry knowledge, talent knowledge, and talent access of the companies become stronger and more expansive year over year.

The services offered can range from human capital management consultancy and recruitment process outsourcing to CV sourcing.

Consider these facts before selecting an agency:

  • Not every recruitment agency can cover organization-wide manpower needs.
  • Discover which pharmaceutical recruitment agencies have large talent pools for which practice areas – life science research, biomedical engineering research, drug production, quality control, etc.
  • Conduct a thorough internal assessment and narrow down on practice area and expertise levels of hard-to-fill positions before you choose an agency.

Pharmaceutical IT Recruitment

Is your pharmaceutical company lagging behind in terms of production intelligence, batch-wise real-time monitoring systems, cybersecurity of Cloud databases, or pricing intelligence for material procurement? Do you spend a lot of time and money hiring managers for SAP, SaaS, cybersecurity, information security, or data analytics?

Finding the right talent can be left to efficient partners – pharmaceutical recruitment agencies with IT recruitment specialization. They cut down costs and delays in hiring for pharma IT roles.

Take into account these points when choosing pharmaceutical IT recruitment agencies:

  • What pharmaceutical tech positions can the agency cover?
  • Can the agency support your IT outsourcing needs?
  • Does the agency have international talent pools and hiring expertise?

Pharmacist and Retail Placements

Does your pharmaceutical company have retail outlets or distribution centers? Are these centers often short-staffed due to the non-availability of talented pharmacists and pharmacist technicians?

A tie-up with pharmaceutical consulting companies with expertise and wide connections for pharmacist hiring or talent sourcing gives far better results than hiring in-house teams with limited outreach.

Get details on the following points when choosing an agency to hire pharmacists:

  • Can the pharmaceutical recruitment agencies provide on-demand pharmacist hiring services (temp or permanent, full-time or part-time)
  • Does the agency have pharmacist talent pools for the geographies you cover?
  • How fast can they source talent for senior pharmacist roles?

Pharmaceutical Executive Search

Pharmaceutical consulting companies specializing in executive search and recruitment are hired to fill top management and C-Suite executive positions. A lot of strategies and proven networks are required to attract and recruit candidates for these positions. Well-known agencies can make a bigger impact and have higher chances of getting responses than attempts made by an in-house team with limited experience.

Get details on the following points when choosing an agency to hire pharmacists:

  • Do pharmaceutical recruitment agencies you have selected have experience in C-Suite or top leadership recruitment?
  • What is their experience and outreach?
  • Do the agencies have expertise in global pharmaceutical executive search?

Benefits of Partnering With Pharmaceutical Recruitment Companies

1. Find the Best Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturing Talent

Are you recruiting frequently for pharmaceutical R&D positions? Are you spending a lot of money to hire scientists, R&D chemists, research associates, biomedical engineers, drug quality control experts, and compliance experts?

It is worth investing in partnerships with pharmaceutical consulting companies. You only have to spend a specific fee per hire. That is it.

Key Benefit: You can cut down on 70% of HR costs involved in talent acquisition for R&D roles.

2. Make Your Employer Brand Known to Pharma Talent Across Target Locations

You might be based in the USA, Canada, Europe, or the Middle East. Is your pharmaceutical company employer brand well-known in all the regions from where you can find great-quality talent?

Without a powerful recruiter nationwide or global recruiter network, it would be difficult to attract brilliant talent when talent mobility is so high. With the help of pharmaceutical recruitment companies, positioning your employer brand becomes easier and more impactful.

Key Benefit: Strategically advertise through reputed recruiters in the targeted cities from where superior talent is easily available.

3. Leverage Global Talent Pools (Life Sciences, Biomedical, Engineering, Clinical Trials, Etc.)

Drugs and medicines are going global. When you are operating in a global market, you definitely need a diverse, global workforce to make your medicines and other medical products gain market share in different countries. It is a necessity for departments such as life science research, drug formulations, regulatory compliance, and clinical trials.

Key Benefit: Partnering with global pharmaceutical recruitment companies provides solutions to your international talent discovery and hiring problems while cutting down 50% of the costs.

4. Overcome Drug Production Talent Gaps

A majority of companies in the pharma sector face huge talent shortages and talent retention problems in their production centers. In some countries, millions of people left their jobs in the wake of the pandemic. Unfortunately, 2023 industry reports indicate more resignations and talent shortages.

What are your plans to cope with all the difficulties and get production streamlined for different projects?

The most effective solution – partnering with pharmaceutical recruitment firms that can source talent from global talent pools covering Asia, Europe, and North America.

Key Benefit: Source talent from anywhere in the world and fill positions within 15-40 days using hiring models that improve long-term talent retention.

5. Improve Recruitment Metrics for Hard-to-fill Pharmaceutical Positions

If you get an analytical report created for all the hard-to-fill positions, you will be in for a big shock. It could be to hire formulation development heads, chief of regulatory and compliance departments, senior product managers, or senior R&D officers.

High attrition, frequent backfilling, high costs of urgent hiring, productivity loss…the list of concerns can give any top-executive sleepless nights.

Expert and experienced pharmaceutical recruiters can take away most of these worries without any hassles.

Key Benefit: Leverage innovative hiring methods and strategic hiring models to fulfill your talent needs on time and get high-performing professionals for specified timeframes.

6. Leverage Cost-effective Hiring Models

Staffing costs are a huge concern for most pharmaceutical companies. Rising operating costs create an impact on drug and product costs affecting the company’s competitive advantages.

You can bring in global pharmaceutical recruiters with extensive experience in recruitment process outsourcing using the latest hiring practices and models.

Key Benefit: You will find a huge difference in staffing efficiency levels

7. Get Access to the Best Tech-enabled Pharmaceutical Recruitment Processes

Having an outstanding recruitment infrastructure gives your company enormous advantages. If you invest in acquiring and maintaining such an infrastructure, it can hike your operational costs by 40%.

On the contrary, when you partner with an excellent pharmaceutical recruitment agency having an exceptional infrastructure in place, you can achieve the best results without any investment.

Outcomes That Pharmaceutical Recruitment Agencies Can Achieve For Your Company

It is one thing to get access to numerous benefits, and it is another to have a mechanism to track progress and success.

When considering hiring a pharmaceutical recruitment agency or placement services provider, you need to find out how to measure the outcomes you are achieving. That is the only way to ensure you are getting all the benefits promised to your company.

If you have a great pharmaceutical recruitment partner, the key outcomes you will achieve include the following:

  • Great Quality Candidates Per Hire
  • Greater ROI From Recruitment Spend
  • 40%-60% Less Time To Hire Per Position
  • Up to 60% HR and Talent Acquisition Cost Savings
  • Increase in Talent Retention
  • Diverse, Expert, High-Performing Staff
  • Higher Human Capital Base
  • Ability To Meet Tough Production Schedules
  • Strategic Promotion of Employer Brand On Nationwide/Global Levels

Going Forward

We have provided facts based on the experiences of hundreds of companies worldwide. You can write your success stories by finding pharmaceutical consulting companies that can serve as your ideal partners. You can transform your manpower metrics and make bigger achievements that increase your global market share.

Partnering with pharmaceutical recruitment agencies like Alliance International has enabled clients to make significant improvements in their hiring metrics. With a global pharmaceutical manpower agency like Alliance International at your service, you do not have to face the negative impact of global talent mobility, tight regional job markets, and transformations continually introduced by disruptive technologies.

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Alliance International

Alliance International is among the few global pharmaceutical recruitment companies with the capacity to offer the best-fit talent for enterprise-wide roles. An ISO-9001-certified business, our global manpower consultancy in India has helped numerous pharmaceutical companies find senior talent from 30+ countries. We have won several awards and recognitions for excellent service delivery.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1. What Roles Do You Recruit for in the Pharmaceutical Sector?

Ans. We offer the best staffing services for roles across the industry, covering 100+ roles in pharmaceutical R&D, drug discovery, drug production, biopharma manufacturing, pharmaceutical market research, pharmaceutical regulatory affairs, and pharmaceutical IT, among many other domains.

Q 2. Do You Have Experience in Hiring for Pharmaceutical Marketing Jobs?

Ans. Yes, we have enabled successful placements for pharmaceutical marketing and sales positions in companies of all sizes – regional, nationwide, and international. Find and hire pharma marketing managers, pharma sales managers, and pharma business development managers and executives.

Q 3. Do You Have Experience in Hiring for Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs Jobs?

Ans. Yes, we have placement experience for pharma regulatory affairs jobs – junior, senior, and director levels. Our large nationwide talent pools span 30+ global locations to help you find talent for onshore and overseas hiring.

Q 4. Do You Offer Placement Services for Pharmaceutical Product Managers?

Ans. Yes, we have extensive experience in hiring for pharma production and product management roles in the USA, Canada, the UK, India, Singapore, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Sub-Saharan Africa, and 20+ countries worldwide.

Q 5. Which is the Best Global Pharmaceutical Recruitment Agency?

Ans. Alliance International is among the best global manpower consultancy in India serving the international pharmaceutical industry and markets. The company offers high-quality talent sourcing, headhunting, and executive search services across the pharmaceutical industry segments. We help companies find superior candidates that are best fit for any position based on skills, academic qualifications, certifications, technical knowledge, experience, and expertise levels (junior and senior).