The 6 Best Recruitment Trends for 2021

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How much success are you getting from your recruitment activities? How much have you spent on networking, conferences, man hours, subscriptions, campus visits, interview expenditure, and travel costs? Are you able to boast of a great ROI?

If not, it is time to pause for a while and look back into how you have been conducting recruitment. If your recruitment methods are driving away brilliant candidates towards competitors following the right recruitment trends and practices, it is wiser to update your knowledge of current recruitment trends.

Find out from our top recruitment consultants about the latest recruitment trends influencing talent acquisition success.

Top Recruitment Consultants Indicate Six Key Recruitment Trends in 2021

1. Remote Hiring

Remote hiring is not an absolutely new trend. The IT sector worldwide uses remote hiring to fill talent gaps for specialized roles. But most companies never thought of transitioning into remote workplaces until the pandemic happened.

People also got used to the benefits of remote working to manage responsibilities such as care of children and the elderly or to save themselves the daily exposure to pollution and heavy traffic for 2-3 hours.

Over a few months, organizations realized that they did not have to limit their talent acquisition to local communities or demand people to relocate to join the company.

Benefits: A major roadblock to acquiring the best-qualified talent disappeared. Now, remote hiring has become part of workforce and operations models. The new trend is about identifying talent gaps occurring due to local talent unavailability and creating remote work vacancies to find the best talent from anywhere in the country or global locations.

Are you leveraging this upgraded version of remote workforce models to fill your talent gaps? For guidance to get it right, take help from a recruitment company offering remote workforce assistance.

2. Virtual, Interactive Technical Assessments

Till 2020, for all key technical roles, HR teams took paper-based technical tests to evaluate knowledge, skills, and expertise. Many companies had their own versions of computer-based tests, which were also conducted on company premises.

But 2020 witnessed the huge popularity of professional digital technical assessment tools. Companies realized that a small investment in subscribing to the right digital technical assessments ensured a bias-free, realistic picture of candidate abilities and functional fit.

Benefits: These assessments can be taken from anywhere on any device and facilitate talent acquisition from various geographies with ease. If you want to cast a wider net to meet your technical manpower needs for mid-level and senior positions, these assessments provide a huge value.

To get optimum benefits, you will need to partner with a recruitment company that has wide experience in technical assessment management for the domains for which you need manpower.

3. Advanced Virtual Hiring Practices

Virtual hiring practices have been there for quite some time, but it was limited to video telecalling or Skype-based interviews. The current human resource acquisition models are far more complex to be satisfied by such interviews, especially for companies in the IT, ITeS, financial services, healthcare, hospitality, engineering and manufacturing, AEC, and online business sectors.

There is no doubt that advanced virtual recruitment technologies are getting wider acceptance from a majority of job seekers, especially millennials.

Benefits: Companies offering virtual recruitment support are getting a better employer brand reputation and are able to easily attract highly-qualified talent. Other benefits include huge savings in time to hire and cost per hire.

To correctly leverage virtual recruitment technologies, consult with a recruitment agency with a great virtual recruitment infrastructure. Their recruitment consultants have expertise in optimizing hiring efficiency using these tools.

4. Inclusion of Psychometric Tests in The Hiring Process

Psychometric tests have been gaining importance, and many large organizations, especially Fortune 500 companies, have adopted these tests for many positions enterprise-wide. But the use of psychometric tests is going to increase in the hiring practices of mid-sized businesses also in 2021.

Benefits: Recruitment consultants worldwide from across industry sectors are reporting that the demand for psychometric tests has hiked to accommodate culture-fit factors into hiring practices. Hiring people who can fit into a company’s culture significantly decreases employee attrition.


5. Outsourcing Recruitment and HR Consultancy

Recruitment for many companies has become the elephant in the room that is eating into budgets, project manager productivity, and precious top executive time. Compared to all the explicit and hidden costs, time, and efforts spent on in-house recruitment, the benefits are few.

Talent gaps are increasing, and so are staffing costs and inefficiencies. Companies are losing great candidates due to traditional setups and approaches and finding it highly difficult to hire manpower on time. Outsourcing recruitment for specific functions and roles is giving far better results and reducing costs.

Outsourcing recruitment is set to become an integral part of talent acquisition in 2021 for companies of all sizes worldwide.

Benefits: When your company outsources recruitment, it needs fewer in-house HR resources and 50%-70% less investment in HR infrastructure, equipment, and resource acquisitions.

A manpower agency can offer upgraded, tech-enabled services that make search, selection, and hiring fast, simplified, and result-oriented. Also, companies pay recruitment consultants only a small fee per candidate.

6. Social Media For Recruitment

Social media professional networks have been there for decades, but innovative HR offices are taking social media in an ingenious manner to attract job seekers.

Social media is where people are found every day. It is easier to reach thousands of people through the right social media recruitment marketing techniques. It is also easy for companies to track potential hires and dig deeper into their personalities.

Benefits: Vacancies are posted in an impressive manner that enhances the employer brand and makes it easy for job seekers to apply online. Companies are making such posts shareable and downloadable on any device, increasing their ability to build strong talent pools and pipelines of their own.

A global recruitment consultant has extensive social media outreach and provides bigger benefits using their wide connections.

Benefits of Partnering With A Global Recruitment Agency

1. Connecting with Skilled Talent In Days

With the help of a recruitment agency, you can become an employer known to thousands of qualified, good-fit professionals. Your profile and vacancies are shown in a clear, impressive manner that wins attention. The clarity of requirements and job description targets the right audience.

2. Finding Right-Fit Talent Only

It is one thing to find applicants. A majority of HR professionals agree that 90% of applicants are misfits. It is quite a Herculean task to find the best-fit candidates-professionals who meet functional-fit and culture-fit requirements. This is what a recruitment company can deliver. You benefit every time you hire a professional who can provide higher value to your business.

3. Huge Savings

For those of you who think that hiring a recruitment consultant will cost you hefty amounts and increase your HR budget, you have been misguided for sure.

If you have a proven model that involves outsourcing recruitment for specific practice areas and roles, you will find 40%-60% savings in time to hire and cost per hire.

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Q 1. What trend is noticed in recruitment nowadays?

Ans. The latest trends in recruitment are a reflection of changing business landscape and job seeker expectations. One of the key trends is that a majority of recruitment in 2021 is projected to be done through external recruiters through virtual hiring processes.

Q 2. What trends do you see for recruiting, staffing, and hiring?

Ans. Some trends that have set in and are likely to continue include HR outsourcing, mobile-optimized hiring process, and professional digital assessments for testing candidates’ skills and expertise levels.

Q 3. What are the different types of recruitment approaches?

Ans. The most used recruitment approaches are job advertising, referrals, campus visits and networking, and recruitment outsourcing. The most effective and rewarding of these approaches is recruitment outsourcing to a capable global recruitment company.

Q 4. What are the principles of recruitment?

Ans. Time, cost, and quality per hire are the three pillars of effective recruiting. The efficiency of all recruitment activity will be measured using these principles.

Q 5. What are the trends in offshore recruitment?

Ans. A major trend in offshore recruitment is the use of advanced collaboration methods and techniques using high-tech tools. These practices foster trust in your employer brand and improve talent retention when you go for offshore recruitment.