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Recruitment Franchise Solutions

Are you planning to launch a recruitment start-up or a staffing agency? If you have the potential to become a great recruiter, become an Alliance International recruitment franchise – a sure-fire way to start a successful recruitment business!

Alliance International is a global provider of recruitment services

Established in 2010 by Sunny Chawla and Pallavi Chawla, the company offers a wide range of manpower services in India, South Asia, the Middle East, the USA, Canada, the UK, and many EU and several African countries. The agency operates through a worldwide network of teams focused on different industry verticals. We have successfully placed about 20,000 mid-senior level professionals and served 1,500+ clients worldwide.

Over the years, we have also expanded our strengths in setting up recruitment franchises. The franchises set by us have grown consistently in terms of quality in service delivery, the scope of solutions, and revenue.

To become the best recruitment franchise or rank among the best staffing franchises, all you need is a strong interest and the ability to quickly develop strengths as a great recruiter. With the support of our recruitment consultants, you could speedily spread your wings and achieve heights.

Best Recruitment Franchise Solutions

Types of Recruitment Agency Franchise Support Provided

1. Domestic Recruitment Agency Franchise

Based on the area of your operations, you will be offering services to local and regional clients. For example, if you are based in Chennai, you will serve as Alliance International’s recruitment franchise in Chennai and serve organizations based in the city or across Tamil Nadu. Similarly, if you want to establish your agency in Mumbai, we will help you to become a competent recruitment franchise in Mumbai.

2. International Recruitment Agency Franchise

If you have the resources and experience to become a global provider of recruitment services, Alliance International will extend all its support to help you function successfully as an international recruitment agency franchise.

For example, you might be our recruitment franchise in Chennai or a recruitment franchise in Mumbai or Hyderabad or Calcutta, etc., but you could develop the resources and capacity to become an international recruitment agency franchise unit. We will offer comprehensive support throughout your journey.

3. Low-Cost Recruitment Franchise

This is the same as a domestic recruitment franchise unit. The difference is in the mode of operations that is less resource-heavy and focused mostly on online recruitment activities. A low-cost recruitment franchise could be set up with a robust technical and technology investment and would focus on activities that do not need a lot of capital.

Solutions And Support Provided

1. Training

  • Training to set up an agency
  • Technical training.
  • Training for back-office activities such as payroll processing, legal and compliance functions

2. Operations Support

  • Centralized invoicing and collections
  • Reporting formats, database management, requirement management, incentives, etc.
  • Advisory support and solutions on all aspects of running the business, including business development, delivery, finance, manpower issues, etc.
  • Ongoing business development guidance and support
  • Cost optimization

3. Infrastructure Management Assistance

  • Advisory Support – Technical and Technology Infrastructure
  • Consultative Guidance – Office Layout and Resource Management

4. Recruitment Services Management

  • Sharing of recruitment software and the online database of our company
  • Continuous guidance on sourcing for typical requirements – sourcing methods, target companies, etc.
  • Business promotion and branding support
  • Dedicated Access to job portals.

Benefits That Make Your Business One Of The Best Staffing Franchises

  • National advertising and marketing program to consistently continually reinforce brand image
  • Our operations, infrastructure, and various support allows you seamless operations management, enabling you to focus on generating more sales
  • Excellent return on investment
  • Regular income through renewals and related services
  • Access to real-time chat support advantages without much investment
  • Easily increase client base leveraging our brand name, reputation, and market outreach
  • Consistently find opportunities to generate more revenues through our knowledge and strengths in the SME sector
  • Ability to Gain 2X more revenues – as you need not have to invest much in recruitment and sales technology (our recruitment franchise system includes them)
  • Quality leads forwarded to you through our expert marketing and business promotion activities
  • Minimized training costs
  • Run low-cost recruitment franchise operations that generate greater business value, revenues, and reputation

Get-Set-Go Model – Quick ROI


    Connect with us to become one of the best staffing franchises

    If you have a sound knowledge of recruitment and would like to set up a successful staffing agency, the shortest route to success is becoming a recruitment agency franchise of Alliance International. If you have the ability to build deep insights into optimizing recruitment processes by leveraging our knowledge, your agency will quickly become one of the best recruitment franchises in no time.

    We already have a recruitment franchise in Chennai, a recruitment franchise in Mumbai, and at various locations in India that have shown consistent growth year over year.

    Get in touch with us and become a part of our domestic or international recruitment agency franchises.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q. How much business can we expect every month?

    A. You can expect a minimum of 8-10 positions for various roles. In case you show us the good capability of handling more work, Alliance International will be happy to share more work with you. The more results you provide, the more it keeps us motivated to consistently increase your portfolio of work.

    Q. Will you be giving us domestic or international clients to serve?

    A. We have different franchise packages for domestic and international clientele.

    Q. Which industries do you cater to?

    A. We cater to all industries; working with any particular industry preference is not a constraint.

    Q. Will you offer training?

    A. Yes, of course. We offer a 2-day intensive practical training workshop. This training program will consist of theory and practical training sessions. The training will focus on the Business Development, Operations, Recruitment, and Administrative part of the Franchise Business.

    Q. What is your service fee?

    A. Our service fees start from 8.33% of the Gross Annual CTC Of the Candidate and go up to 16.33% of the Gross Annual CTC Of the Candidate, depending on the profile and contract with the client. This is payable to us after 30 days of the joining date of the candidate.

    Q. Do we work at less than 8.33%?

    A. Preferably not. However, if a franchise wants to work at a lower rate, then we are open. It is sometimes beneficial for you to work at lower rates because you do not have too many overhead costs.

    Q. Will I get enough work?

    A. Keeping you idle is a loss for us. We will ensure you have enough work.