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Having the right people with the right talent is vital for driving your business in the direction of success. As an employer, you might only be considered on the final outcome – hiring a great team, but this can only be achieved if you follow the right recruitment strategies and methodologies. That is where we, Alliance International come into play. Our recruiters and headhunters in Pune have the expertise to deliver fully vetted candidates against your specifics, reducing both the time and resources spent on the entire hiring process. Our forward thinking talent acquisition and management methods can reach the best talent in the market.

All you have to do is to share your business objectives and staffing requirements with our teams and we will initiate the process from that. From determining the ideal candidate for the open position to candidate sourcing and securing your new hire at the right remuneration package, you can count on us to hire the right people for your teams. Although we are a recruitment agency operating in Pune, we have recruitment consultants specializing in various industries and geographical locations, so they have an in-depth knowledge of your market. Don’t take chances with your staffing requirements, contact our expert recruiters in Pune today.

Alliance Pune Recruitment Services

At Alliance International, we follow a comprehensive candidate sourcing, interviewing, screening and recommending process which mainly focuses on modern and innovative recruitment strategies. Our teams also follow standard forms of hiring methodologies only if the position under consideration requires. Our recruitment consultants work closely with your hiring managers to attract the most suitable candidates in the market. We always make sure that we only recommend the most skilled and qualified candidates, who match your requirements and specifics. As a leading recruitment agency, we can guarantee this with the utmost confidence.

Unlike with other recruitment agencies, our recruitment consultants work as a team to find and deliver the ideal candidates, as opposed to competing against one another for commissions. We have over 10 years of experience in the professional staffing industry, with strong relationships with vast networks of various industry professionals. Our teams always try to cut down the cost spent on the entire recruitment process but never compromising on the quality of our services. Alliance International teams are dedicated to attracting the right candidates for our client organizations and establishing successful long term relationships.

Highly Skilled and Experienced Headhunters in Pune

At Alliance International, we employ the best recruitment specialists in the professional staffing industry. We heavily invest in training and development to ensure our teams have the expertise to understand and analyze your staffing requirements and to identify and deliver the ideal candidate for the position. We always make sure that our teams are updated on the current trends of our industry.

  • Understanding of Your Organization and Position

    It is not only the technical requirements on paper that we are concerned about. We also need to have a thorough understanding of your open position as well as your organization. Therefore our teams spend a good portion of their time understanding and analyzing the factors that determine the ideal candidate for your position.

  • Custom-made Recruitment Plan

    No two recruitment processes are ever the same. Therefore our recruitment consultants work on a custom-made recruitment plan for every staffing project they undertake based on your requirements and specifics. We will plan the candidate sourcing, interviewing, screening and recommendation to be followed later in the process.

  • Access to the Best Candidates

    Our strong relationships with vast networks of professionals operating in various industries enable us to access the best candidates in any area of expertise. Our recruitment consultants also follow modern candidate sourcing methods such as social networking platforms, which has the ability to deliver better results than conventional approaches.

  • Interviewing, Screening and Recommendation

    We carry out extensive interviewing and screening processes for the sourced pool of candidates, against your technical, creative and personality requirements. Once the interviewing and screening processes are over, we provide a shortlisted version of recommended candidates, where you could select the people joining your organization.

Why Choose Alliance International Recruitment?

At Alliance International, we are experts in professional staffing services, with skilled and effective recruitment consultants who work to the highest ethical standards. Our teams are dedicated to getting the best people for your teams. With our expertise, we have the flexibility and the capability to attract the best professionals and specialists that match your skills, qualifications and experience.

  • Effective Staffing Services

    Our recruitment consultants have the expertise to identify the talent that fits your position as well as the overall culture of your company. We source our candidates from multiple channels and evaluate their skill set to assess whether they meet your specifics. Our pre-employment screening and reference checks can ensure that we get the best talent for you.

  • Professional Technical Recruiters

    Our headhunters and recruitment specialists have undergone advanced and extensive training to ensure they can articulate the exact requirements and specifics of your positions. Our recruitment consultants have years of experience working with many companies of various scales, delivering them the right candidates that can get the job done.

  • Searches Tailored to Your Specific Needs

    Our handpicked recruitment consultants can find the best candidates – we recommend only the finest and brightest professionals and technical specialists operating within the various ends of your industry. Our teams are dedicated to connecting you to the top talent that can fill up openings in your organizations.