Overseas Manpower Consultancy In Mumbai

Overseas Manpower Consultancy in Mumbai

Alliance International has served as an overseas manpower consultancy in Mumbai for over 10 years. We assist companies In Mumbai with meeting their global talent acquisition goals and help organizations overseas to hire manpower resources from Mumbai. Professionals based in Mumbai get in touch with us to find employment opportunities outside India in countries like the USA, Canada, the UK, several EU countries, and regions in the Middle East and Africa.

Our international manpower consultancy in Mumbai has made thousands of successful workforce placements to different countries worldwide. Our overseas manpower consultancy in Mumbaihas been a forum for years to pull together job seekers and employers from across the globe. If you are searching for an “abroad manpower consultancy in Mumbai,” ours is the one which has been instrumental in positioning unskilled, semi-trained, skilled, and highly qualified workers to hundreds of companies In various sectors from aviation to oil and gas, and transportation and telecommunication.

Employers and job seekers across the world are satisfied with the recruiting services provided by our professionally trained teams. If your organization plans to hire an offshore or overseas manpower consultancy, please do not hesitate to contact us. The recruiters at manpower consultancy in Mumbai “for abroad placements” will guide you through the recruiting process, starting with a free initial consultation where an expert will consult you to have the first insight of your business and understand the criteria for a qualified workforce for your company.

Mumbai Overseas Manpower Consultancy

The Alliance International manpower consultancy in Mumbai has worked with employers from over twenty countries. We offer personalized recruitment services, framing custom manpower acquisition approaches based on the scenarios unique to a client. If you are looking for software developers with fluency in Japanese or medical professionals who can communicate in French or Spanish, you will definitely find your ideal candidates at our agency.

Job seekers and employers often seek an “abroad manpower consultancy in Mumbai” with specialized experience in their industry sector or functions. Our Mumbai overseas employment agencies has worldwide teams with specialized industry-focused groups. Our recruitment experience spans staffing services for a wide range of functions, including accounting and finance, credit and loan management, data and content management, engineering, fraud risk management, HR, IT and software development, logistics and store management, public relations, etc.

Our Mumbai overseas employment agencies has built a reliable database and contact networks that give our clients access to diverse and rich talent pools. Whether you are looking for chefs and bakery professionals or aeronautical engineers and pilots, you are sure to find the talent you require within a very short time frame, thanks to our resources and our technology assets. Using sophisticated search engines, automation, machine learning, and various algorithmic data management tools, we are able to identify all the specifications related to the vacancies you have posted in an efficient and speedy manner. Contact us and know more!

Professional Services For International Manpower Consultancy in Mumbai

Today, Alliance International overseas manpower consultancy in Mumbai has become a very well-known agency and one of the leading players offering expert staffing and headhunting services. You will find our recruiting teams up to any task, however, complex your manpower resource hiring practices. From multi-layered screening to a series of screening interviews and identification of hidden potential and competency levels, you will find our teams ready to understand and efficiently manage any kind of recruitment cycles.

  • Free First Initial Consulting Session

  • As the first step to our services, our team of manpower consultancy in Mumbai “for abroad” will offer you a first 30-minute consulting session free of charge. This will provide you the opportunity to discuss your business needs and requirements with professional advisors, without worrying about obligations to contract. The consultants at our manpower consultancy in Mumbai “for abroad” are always happy to listen to client needs, make a note of specific preferences and get back with a detailed response about the solutions they can provide.

  • Briefing

  • Our manpower consultancy in Mumbai for “abroad placements” will conduct a comprehensive assessment of various client scenarios that influence recruitment goals, the various roles associated with listed open positions, the level of technical knowledge required for the roles, the exposure and diverse skills required to efficiently manage functions, etc. Based on our assessment and analysis, we offer suggestions about the manpower resource sourcing plans that can be executed, the kind of hiring sessions and activities that need to be conducted, and the various kinds of assistance across recruitment phases.

  • Pricing

  • Our international manpower consultancy in Mumbai offers a range of solution models – dedicated resource allocation or recruitment process outsourcing or staffing project management, etc. – depending on what would suit the client. We focus on being both affordable and flexible while ensuring that quality, standards and excellence goals are never compromised.

  • Candidate Sourcing

  • The team assigned for your company has experience in taking care of every process related to candidate search and selection, from framing job descriptions to conducting data mining and online searches from internal and external talent pool resources. Our international manpower consultancy in Mumbai has highly trained teams, who can reduce time and costs related to candidate sourcing while connecting you with candidates who have excellent track records in functions related to your positions. The best way to acquire overseas talent is to work with the teams at our “abroad manpower consultancy” in Mumbai.

  • Final Selection and Background Checks

  • Our agency in Mumbai for “overseas manpower consultancy” does not limit its services to sourcing candidate names and initial interview results. We have worked closely with our clients as an extended arm of their own talent acquisition teams, assisting with scheduling a series of interviews, organizing virtual assessments, checking documents, performing background checks, etc.

Choose our International Manpower Consultancy in Mumbai?

To get the ideal matched manpower, find the best agency for overseas manpower consultancy in Mumbai, and we are certainly among the best in terms of dedicated services, outstanding candidate engagement, through screening and best-fit candidate identification, and in optimizing your recruitment processes. Our Mumbai overseas agencies has earned the confidence of thousands of clients through professional services. The next time you need an “abroad” manpower consultancy in Mumbai, get in touch with us first, and discover the various ways in which we can enrich your recruitment outcomes:

  • As a manpower consultancy in Mumbai for abroad, we have a very successful track record of countless placements efficiently performed with good feedback and client satisfaction rates.
  • Our teams have broad expertise in finding not only highly trained professionals but also semi-skilled and unskilled labor that meets the demands of companies in various industries like construction, transportation, warehousing, etc.
  • With our competitive rates and free initial consultation service, our agency has gained the trust of thousands of satisfied clients who got the “perfect-matched”manpower for their businesses.
  • We are very flexible in terms of extending our offerings according to individual customer needs.
  • Our recruiters frame an effective approach to provide client companies with the required and needed dedication that ensures the suitability of each candidate to the specific objectives, values, and aspirations of the organization.
  • Over the years, we have carried out a number of initiatives to simplify various headhunting and staffing processes so that we can minimize candidate search, screening and selection timeframes while ensuring best-fit profile and personality matches are carried out.

Partner with our overseas manpower consultancy in Mumbai, and get the capacities to overcome any kind of human resource recruitment challenges and to build powerful teams.


Q. What is an overseas manpower consultancy?

A. An overseas manpower consultancy firm offers overseas employment opportunities to job seekers and international recruitment solutions to companies (employers).

Q. What does overseas manpower consultancy do?

A. An overseas manpower consultancy firm in Mumbai will help companies worldwide source talent from the city. The firm will also help Mumbai-based companies with international operations find and hire talent from the city and from international locations. Whether you are a hospital in the UK, a European university, or a North American or UAE-based company, find brilliant talent from Mumbai through the services of an overseas manpower consultancy firm in Mumbai.

Q. Which is the best overseas manpower consultancy firm in Mumbai?

A. Alliance International is the best manpower consultancy firm in Mumbai, helping companies in Mumbai and worldwide find the best-suited manpower resources for their organization. Its industry-specific recruiters leverage their extensive knowledge and talent resources and recruitment expertise to ensure that each employer client gets the right-fit manpower solutions that increase their business outcomes.

Q. How do I find the best overseas manpower consultants in Mumbai?

A. Contact Alliance International and find the best overseas manpower consultants in Mumbai ready to serve your company with outstanding recruitment solutions – permanent, temporary, long-term contractual, project-based, virtual, and cross-border. Benefit from recruitment process outsourcing solutions that lead to over 60% cost and time savings. Get recruitment services customized to your organizational needs!

Q. What is Alliance international?

A. Alliance International is a global recruitment solutions company with 12+ years of experience serving the manpower needs of organizations across 50+ industry segments worldwide. Our international recruiter base and a strong presence in Mumbai enable us to meet the enterprise-wide talent needs of organizations, irrespective of the complexity of work requirements, difficult job locations, hard-to-find skill sets, and other factors. Hire quickly and find the right-fit manpower for any team, division, or project without hassles when you partner with us.

Q. What are the 3 skills of an overseas manpower consultant?

A. Industry Knowledge: An overseas manpower consultant needs to have a sound knowledge of the industry and global recruitment practices.

Legal and Technical Skills: Overseas manpower consultants should know the rules, norms, and other statutory and industry requirements related to overseas placements.

Collaboration Skills: Collaboration skills help consultants to manage the diverse demands of different hiring managers and employers.

Q. How do you talk to an overseas manpower consultancy?

A. To get in touch with our overseas manpower consultants in Mumbai, send us an email or contact us online or via chat, WhatsApp, or phone. Let us know about the number of people you need to hire, the position-based specs, and other details of your manpower needs.

Q. What are the T & C to start the work on our overseas manpower consultancy profile?

A. We offer very flexible and competitive recruitment solutions. The terms and conditions depend on the kind of solutions you need and the locations and industry for which you are hiring. Please contact us to get the full details.

Q. How much does overseas manpower consultancy charge?

A. The charges depend on the type of job profile, the industry and practice areas, job locations, and other factors. Please contact us with your specific requirements to get a free quote.

Q. How to apply on your website?

A. If you are looking for job opportunities, please sign in as a job seeker and post your resume or CV.

If you are looking for recruitment services, please contact us. A recruitment consultant for your industry will reach out to you.

Q. Do you take any charges from the candidate?

A. We do not take any charges from candidates for any placement service.

Q. What happens if the employee leaves?

A. If anyone hired through our agency leaves within 90 days of accepting a job offer, we offer free replacement services.