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Manpower Supply Company in Mumbai

Alliance International is a leading manpower supply agency in Mumbai providing a wide range of recruitment solutions to companies across sectors. With years of experience serving businesses into engineering, construction, marketing, manufacturing, retail, transportation, hospitality, etc. our agency has become the trustworthy services provider of thousands of companies.

Our manpower supply company in Mumbai has provided our client businesses a varied list of services that correspond to their budget, demands, and needs. We help them cut down on staffing time, and recruitment campaign and costs. If you are seeking the services of an offshore manpower supply company in Mumbai, get end-to-end manpower resource solutions from consultancy to staffing through our agency. With our teams in numerous cities across four continents, you will be able to form offshore teams quickly and efficiently.

We are among the few manpower suppliers in Mumbai, who are able to serve as a recruitment partner for complete manpower needs. If you are looking to launch an office in Mumbai or whether your Mumbai-based company is planning to start operations in a new geographical location anywhere in India or in the US, Canada, Europe or in the Middle East and South Asia, rest assured of getting 100% reliable recruitment services through our agency. Our services help you start operations on time or meet expansion needs. With our recruiting facilities and experts in Mumbai, we can get you the best human capital for your organization. Do not hesitate to contact our team and ask for a free consultation.

Offshore Manpower Supply Company in Mumbai

As an experienced offshore manpower supply company in Mumbai, we understand the various challenges employers face when looking to hire offshore teams. From linguistic aspects to legal matters, local hiring practices and access to the right talent pools, there are many activities that in-house hiring teams might find too difficult to handle. These are the areas where assumptions and lack of information can lead to bad hiring practices. With our manpower suppliers in Mumbai at your side, you never need to worry about any of these aspects. We connect with our own network of teams, get access to rich talent pools, and help you form teams of best-fit candidates.

Without having to waste time in job advertisements, extensive campaigns, and hundreds of interviews, you get to meet the right candidates within a short time of placing an offshore manpower staffing request. In reality, you will not only be spending quite less, but also save a lot of time, energy and resources with regards to your offshore manpower recruitment initiatives. Our offshore manpower supply company in Mumbai is able to find you a suitable workforce based on your business specific requirements of qualifications, experience, and required skills. Our manpower agency in mumbai are responsible for providing you motivated and highly-skilled crews who are longing for an opportunity to prove their abilities. Our services as an offshore manpower supply company in Mumbai include virtual recruitment support, negotiations, background checks and support with succession planning.

One of the competent manpower suppliers in Mumbai

Our manpower supply agency in Mumbai offers not only help with sourcing of candidates for various staffing needs but also assists with hiring for managerial and leadership positions. Apart from searching, screening, engaging with and shortlisting candidates for interviews at the employer side, we also offer services such as the following.

  • Background/Reference Check

    This is an essential step to ensure that our clients get reliable candidates. These checks comprise two phases. First, our team checks with previous employers to verify information on various aspects related to performance, personality traits, intelligence and problem-solving skills, etc. Second, we perform background checks related to academic records and achievements. A thorough documentation process allows us to make these processes systematic and updated.

  • Assessments and Tests

    A lot of companies are very focused on assessments and tests to ensure that their future employees have the required skills the organization values. The assessments could be about subject matter expertise, judgement abilities, or checking the emotional intelligence of candidates. Our manpower supply agency in Mumbai has teams that support all activities related to such tests from arranging slots and schedules to documenting scores and doing comparative analysis.

  • Project-based Hiring

    We are among the few manpower outsourcing companies in Mumbai with experience in fulfilling project-based hiring needs of companies across a very wide range of sectors. You might be into oil and gas or consumer goods, get the best solutions to meet your project-based talent acquisition needs through the services of our expert recruiter teams. We have helped fulfill project-based hiring needs in engineering, software development, IT projects management, manufacturing, digital technology product development, finance, retail expansion, etc. Our experience as manpower suppliers in Mumbai also cover all medical recruitment needs such as recruitment of general practitioners, specialists, surgeons, radiologists, nursing teams, etc.

  • Documentation Assistance

    After the client’s consent on the chosen manpower list, our manpower supplier Mumbai team will take care of the necessary documentation checks with regards to visa and work permits. We can also support you with other documentation needs as required by your HR policies.

The services of our manpower suppliers in Mumbai are flexible, allowing you to stay back and relax while our teams take care of every time-consuming or tricky work.

Why choose us our manpower supply company in Mumbai?

Contact our manpower suppliers in Mumbai for a free initial consultation or any enquiries. If you are looking for the best manpower outsourcing companies in Mumbai, Alliance International is your best choice from all perspectives – cost, time, right-fit talent acquisition, documentation support, recruitment process management, among others. Increase your benefits partnering with us to fulfill manpower resource needs.

  • A track record covering more than 10,000 recruitment projects
  • High client’ satisfaction rates leading to more than 86% repeat business
  • Experience in identifying highly talented manpower that is willing to fulfill client needs and blend in with the business background.
  • Competitive and transparent pricing models and packages
  • A huge network of talent pool for businesses across sectors
  • Over ten years of experience serving as a successful manpower supply company in Mumbai