Oil and Gas Manpower Consultants in Mumbai

With over 10 years of experience as a leading manpower company in Mumbai, Alliance International is a global manpower services agency operating in Mumbai, offering contingent, contract to permanent and permanent placement staffing options. We provide top quality and affordable manpower recruitment solutions to leading corporations, startups and not-for-profit organizations throughout the world, to enhance their productivity, effectiveness and overall business success. Our teams comprise of the best manpower consultants in Mumbai and can help you attract and secure the top talent of any area of expertise you require to be in your teams.

With the rising need for extremely talented professionals and the intensive recruitment taking place across many organizations, choosing the right candidate can be a challenge not just in hiring an employee but finding the ideal person that will be a perfect fit for the job with the in-depth knowledge of your industry. As an overseas manpower recruitment agency in Mumbai, our teams can offer you the expertise that you need to be on top of the ever changing talent needs. With the help of our expert manpower consultants and recruitment specialists, we can deliver the talent matching to your specifics, faster than traditional hiring methodologies.

Best Overseas Manpower Consultancy in Mumbai

Having direct links to the top talent provides a strong competitive advantage in today’s world of work. As a global manpower services agency in Mumbai, our in-depth knowledge of the staffing trends and our fully vetted pool of highly skilled candidates, ensure that we can help you achieve this powerful competitive edge. What sets Alliance International apart from other manpower companies in Mumbai and throughout Sri Lanka is our extensive staffing solutions that facilitate customized talent searches tailored to your recruitment requirements and specifics. At Alliance International, we consider your success as our success.

With over 10 years of experience in the industry, having served innumerable leading organizations in Asia, Middle East, United Kingdom and throughout the United States, we have developed a vast network of highly qualified and experienced candidates engaged across various industries. Contact us and submit a staffing request today. Our recruitment consultants will reach out to you with a free of charge consultation to discuss your staffing requirements. At Alliance International – the best overseas manpower consultancy in Mumbai, our teams will work closely with you at all times until we find the right talent for your organization.

Best Manpower Consultants in Mumbai

Regardless of the industry you are operating in, we have manpower consultants specializing in a number of industries and sectors. Our specializations include accounting and finance, information technology, legal, engineering, human resources, sales and marketing, business development, manufacturing, supply chain management and oil and gas manpower consultants in Mumbai.

  • Discovering Your Needs – Our manpower consultants, recruitment specialists and other team members work alongside your hiring managers, learning your business objectives and company culture to get a thorough understanding of the open positions and the characteristics of the ideal candidate for the position, which will help us when conducting talent searches.
  • Recruitment Planning – Based on the requirements and specifics provided by your hiring manager and our analysis of the open position, we will develop a unique recruitment plan which will act as a guiding tool until the completion of the hiring process. From candidate sourcing to interviewing and screening, everything will be planned in the development of the recruitment plan.
  • Candidate Sourcing – Our manpower consultants tap into our vast network of contacts and strategic alliances with professionals operating in various industries, to attract the best talent of any area of expertise you require. We also make use of social media networking platforms, direct targeted mail strategies and our proprietary database to identify potential candidates.
  • Interview, Screen and Match – We will interview the sourced candidates face to face, physically or through virtual interviewing technologies and assess their skills, qualifications and experience against your specifics. The interviewing will be followed by a thorough screening process and present the top candidates to you, where you can select who will be filling the open positions.

Why Choose Alliance Manpower Recruitment?

Alliance International has an outstanding reputation for delivering highly talented candidates for positions at all levels in the corporate hierarchy. From startups to leading corporations, companies continually turn to us when it comes to manpower recruitment requirements, as they trust that we will always identify and deliver the best candidates that fit their organizations.

  • Highly Experienced Manpower Consultants – We have been in the manpower recruitment industry for 10 years starting from 2010. Our manpower consultants have experience working with many leading organizations throughout the world in various industries and sectors, catering to their staffing requirements. Without a doubt, our teams are one of the best in the industry.
  • Fair and Honest Pricing – We offer fair pricing with no hidden costs for all manpower recruitment services. Our teams always stand by our guarantee and you get to decide what is fair. At Alliance International, we are dedicated and committed to offering you the service that you deserve for the price you pay as well as for your confidence in our manpower recruitment services.
  • Unmatched Professionalism & Integrity – Our success is based solely on our ability to exceed client satisfaction at all times. Every activity is done with completeness, precision and the perfect understanding of the nature of the open position as well as the culture of your organization. We have the expertise to identify the skills, experience and the traits of the ideal candidate.

We are a global manpower agency in Mumbai, with the competence to manage any company’s global recruitment needs. Get in touch with us and find out how we can make a difference to your recruitment activities.