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We are delighted to present ourselves as an international manpower provider, a company that helps businesses meet their staffing and recruitment needs at locations worldwide. Our agency has been widely rated by thousands of organizations for the quality of various recruitment services provided by our team. Despite intense competition in the recruitment world, our manpower provider company has been able to source best-fit candidates for positions across industry verticals and horizontals.

Our team will source trained human capital as per your requirement and support you in having higher efficiency, quicker production, and a better solution for manpower. Over the years, we have become one of the best manpower provider agencies delivering on diverse recruitment goals and objectives through our massive database and professional network contacts. You might be an educational institution, a manufacturing company, a warehousing service provider, or a distributor of healthcare products; you will find expert manpower resources through our services. Get in touch with us and make your recruitment activities smarter!

Recruit with Efficiency-Hire our Manpower Provider Company

We provide all categories of workforce required for more than 50 industry segments, including aeronautics, construction, digital marketing and sales, eCommerce, engineering, healthcare and medical services, hospitality, manufacturing, management and technology consultancy, software, IT and ITes, etc. If you are seeking to work with a manpower provider company that can meet all your workforce requirements while improving recruitment cost management and outcomes, Alliance International is your best choice.

Over the years, we have managed to create solid partnerships with our clients by having a comprehensive understanding of their market and needs, thereby sharing their vision and helping them grow and achieve their vision. This cooperation and collaboration between our team and the clients have made us one of the well-known manpower provider agencies that provide sufficient and productive manpower with the capacity to provide a continuum of relevant services. Call us before you start your next staffing campaign!

Get Excellent Manpower Providing Services

As one of the best manpower agencies providing, our team offers several thorough services to provide your organization with suitable manpower who will improve the business and take it to another level.

  • Well-equipped with recruitment technology applications and tools

    Our team has competency in framing innovative techniques to minimize candidate search and profile matching processes as well as for conducting virtual recruitment initiatives.

  • Support with recruitment campaigns

    A team of specialized recruitment agents help you to attract a range of eligible applicant groups and eventually help in providing you the best manpower for your business.

  • Thorough background checks

    These checks involving an investigation into candidates’ work history and references allow our recruiters to assess how well a candidate’s track record, performance levels, skills, and training fits with our client’s needs, demands, business requirements and organization cultures.

  • Customized selection criteria

    Unlike many manpower providing agencies following conventional manpower providing approaches, our agency believes in framing personalized recruitment approaches and models. The specific operations scenarios, workplace policies, and position-based industry exposure and skills vary from one position to another, be it IT, administrative, or for a mechanical engineering division. We understand that very well, and frame our selection process accordingly.

Why Choose Alliance International for Manpower Providing Services?

Our agency provides the results the clients want through the services of our expert hiring teams, who have worked for a wide range of different industries gaining massive knowledge and expertise in several fields. This ensures the team’s understanding of the required variety in skills and qualifications of the suitable manpower for any business. Improve your recruitment experiences and get assured good outcomes through our services.

  • A large global presence in several regions, which has helped us fulfill the global recruitment needs of our clients across Asia, the North Americas, and Europe.
  • Thousands of satisfied clients who found our services responsive to their business needs, requirements, and demands.
  • Years of experience of successful hiring services for different positions within different industries, locally and globally.
  • Professional, highly-skilled staffing teams who have the knowledge and the database to find the perfect candidates, who will meet the job responsibilities and cultural criteria for any position.
  • Noticeable devotion and dedication given to each client, collaborating with them through mutually-agreed methods, and customizing the recruiting approach according to their business nature and specific needs.

It is always a good idea to make your recruitment metrics stronger and remarkable! It translates to great potential for harnessing intellectual assets.