How to Hire WordPress Developers (And If That’s Right for You)

How To Hire Wordpress Developers

No business can succeed without an online presence; having a good website is indispensable. Although there are many development frameworks, WordPress is rightly the platform of choice for many who need static websites. From offering a great user experience to being highly SEO friendly, WordPress has a lot on offer for its users. Although building a WordPress website requires no coding skills, you get increased benefits by hiring a WordPress Developer. A recruitment agency helps you find dedicated WordPress developers from strategic locations worldwide, helping you find and hire talent using flexible hiring models and within budget.

Do you think having an online presence will boost your business? If your answer is yes, then get a good website built for your business right away.

Whether you are a small business owner or an institute, you need a website to match pace with competitors and customers who are already ahead in the digital game. A website will not just increase your business credibility. It will also showcase your brand to your prospective buyers. What else? It can set you apart from a lot of your competitors.

If you have a large business but not a great website, how does any potential client visiting your website perceive you? Just like you would feel when you go to visit a reputed boutique and find its premises and location to be unimpressive, mediocre, and tasteless.

The question is, how would you want your website to be?

The market offers a variety of web development frameworks, from React’s outstanding frontend capabilities to Ruby’s unique backend potential. You can create simple static websites or complex SaaS apps using any of the many web development frameworks available out there.

You could hire dedicated WordPress developers to create user-friendly, marketing- and SEO-friendly websites, or you could hire PHP web developers to create large websites with enhanced features, security, and data migration capacities.

Some of the most popular frameworks and CMS systems include WordPress, React JS, Angular JS, Vue JS, Django, Node JS, and many more. While JavaScript has taken over frontend web development and shows no signs of slowing down, Python has been gaining more control in recent years, outstripping PHP with the efficiency of Flask and Django. No matter what you choose, it should align with your needs.

Should You Use WordPress For All Types Of Websites?

Static Basic Websites

Every business is working hard to establish a strong online presence. And for most, WordPress is still the most preferred platform to create websites. WordPress is well-known for its blog functionality.

The best part is, you don’t require any technical knowledge to get started. WordPress provides an intuitive interface to make it easy to build a quality static website on your own.

You could hire dedicated WordPress developers to create an exceptional website that gives you greater brand recognition and marketing strengths.

Great User Experience

What’s there that you can’t build with WordPress? WordPress can be used to build any type of website, from small blogs to large ecommerce sites. That is why WordPress is the preferred platform for millions of businesses around the world, including large-name brands. WordPress is easy to use, with many customization options available in the form of themes, page builders, and plugins.

SEO Friendly

While both WordPress and PHP site development platforms are excellent from an SEO perspective, WordPress draws ahead in the game. While PHP is a programming language, WordPress is a CMS platform that is written in PHP. Hence, WordPress doesn’t require you to write a single line of code in order to create a website. Other benefits of using WordPress (viewed from an SEO standpoint) are—

  • Mobile-friendly versions.
  • SEO-friendly themes
  • SEO Plugins
  • Superior Content Management – Key To Successful SEO

High Customization And Powerful Web Application Use

Yes, you can use WordPress as it allows you to customize your website in numerous ways. You could create custom themes, plugins and make your home page, web pages, and landing pages just as you like it.

React allows you to create rich, high-quality user interfaces with its declarative components, which enables it to build highly customized, complex, interactive websites. The framework’s core features a virtual DOM program along with server-side rendering. This makes it possible for even complex apps to run very fast. React includes JSX, a syntax extension that allows the developer to create his own components.

Fun, Intuitive, Complex Websites

Consider Netflix, Yahoo Mail, Flipboard, Instagram, Uber, and Reddit. Aren’t these some of the most fun, intuitive as well as complex websites? These websites use the power of React JS. It can create sophisticated websites with a great deal of intuitiveness. Now, let’s talk about PayPal, Forbes, and Upwork. They, too, portray the same characteristics. But these are developed using AngularJS.

For websites that need enhanced intuitiveness and are complex, development frameworks such as React and Angular are better options.

Higher Security and Scalability

WordPress is best suited for static websites with the main focus on building an online presence, marketing, branding, and lead generation. If you have a complex website that saves a lot of confidential data, then privacy and security concerns are larger. WordPress might not become the best choice as it is one of the most popular and simplified website building platforms and, therefore, reportedly most targeted by spammers and hackers.

If WordPress Is Your Ideal Choice, Hire Professional Developers To Optimize Benefits

So now, you have a clearer understanding of when to use WordPress and when to choose other frameworks. For most websites that do not need complex, interactive features and interactive visual elements, complex apps, etc. WordPress is the best choice in terms of costs, maintenance, and development ease.

1) Consultation For Strategic Benefits

WordPress is a simple platform, but it can be difficult to master.

Consultation may be needed if you are a business owner looking to set up a competent WordPress website. WordPress Developers, apart from building your website, can work towards improving the performance of your site, increasing conversions by changing its design, creating funnels for marketing, and improving Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

A developer with experience in email marketing will be a great benefit for your business as they will build your website with an email nurture sequence to help you keep in touch with your customers.

Note that your website’s performance plays an important role in the user experience. Your WordPress developer also helps you optimize your site for speed and security for improved performance.

2) Enhanced UX Design

You could have a functional website and good content, but without a good user experience, you would be losing more customers than gaining.

Any website’s success depends on how interesting, interactive, and easy it is for users as they browse through your website.

Hiring professional WordPress website UX designers enables you to get a website built with a great UX design. Note that you could be making your site less effective in converting visitors into leads and customers by not getting a good, relevant UX design.

3) Higher Customization in Design

A WordPress developer has the experience to create a website that’s tailored to your needs. A professional WordPress expert creates custom themes and plugins to provide your website with the exact functionality, features, and experience that gives you the outcomes you desire.

When you hire dedicated WordPress developers, you are not constrained by limitations in terms of possibilities. They can tweak, add and remove elements to build you your dream website.

4) Content Migrations

WordPress experts can perform file and database backups as well as transfer data to new servers. This ensures that no sensitive information is lost. A WordPress developer can provide WordPress migration services that are based on your needs.

They can help you move your website from one host to another or transfer it from any CMS platform to WordPress. There is virtually no downtime for your end-users. Some service providers use SSH to facilitate safe and speedy migrations. This ensures that all content, themes, and setting options are transferred without hassle.

5) Website Maintenance and Security

Your business data is valuable and should not be in the wrong hands. It is best to hire PHP web developers to enhance the security of your website. The maintenance and security of your website needs additional work, and in the case of WordPress, it does not cost much. The updates and maintenance could be managed in hours for small websites.

6) Meeting Ongoing Needs For Improving Design and Functionality

Probably you already have a WordPress website, but it isn’t performing the way you expect it to. Should you switch to some other CMS platform?

Before doing that, consult with WordPress development experts and find out what is going wrong, how much it will cost to make the required modifications, and what the outcomes would be. You could hire PHP developers to improve the website’s functionality.

If your website is continually expanding with several new pages getting added every week, it would be good to hire dedicated WordPress developers to manage all work in an efficient, secure manner.

Hire Developers Through A Reliable Agency – Alliance International

1) Expert Advice – What Framework Best Suits Your Business Goals.

If you are a small business owner planning to develop a simple WordPress website, you probably might not need an agency to hire 1-2 professionals.

If you are, however, a company that needs its website to have a lot of specific features, it is best to consult with an agency that specializes in WordPress developer hiring. It ends up giving you more advantages – long and short term.

Based on your website project requirements and your budget, the agency would help you choose the right development framework, offering evidence-based suggestions on whether you would benefit from WordPress or some other framework, from where you can hire PHP developers or Laravel developers, how to make a cost-effective website that meets all your requirements, etc.

This consultant helps you hire the best-qualified professionals from strategic locations where your development costs could be optimized.

2) Support With Hiring Freelance WordPress Developers

It’s cost-effective to get website development jobs done by a freelancer, but with a million freelancers out there, available through hundreds of freelancer websites and professional networks, how do you ensure hiring a reliable, efficient, best-suited, cost-efficient freelancer?

A recruitment agency like ours helps you find the most suitable freelancer with a proven track record of successful deliverables and is known for his or her reliability within minutes.

3) Support With Hiring Dedicated WordPress Developers

With our huge network and database of skilled candidates, we help companies find the best-dedicated WordPress developer teams that fit all your requirements criteria perfectly right.

When you partner with an agency that has helped about 10,000 businesses find the right IT professionals, you can rest assured about the huge talent availability we have and our ability to help you hire PHP developers or hire dedicated WordPress developers within hours or days.

4) Support With Project-Based Hiring

Many web development services companies implement project-based hiring models to hire on the go based on diverse short-term and long-term project needs. The benefit of this recruitment approach is that you can hire dedicated web developers with the understanding that the business relationship won’t extend beyond the duration of the project unless you allow it to.

An agency like ours already has active connections with thousands of professionals in different regions who offer project-based web development services through freelancers or their in-house resources.

5) Find Background-Checked Developer Teams

We hire developers by thoroughly checking their backgrounds. Just because a candidate has impressive website development skills doesn’t mean they are fit to be hired to work as part of a formal organization like the office. They might have criminal records or have mental issues, which could later cause trouble. By doing thorough checks, we ensure that the developers you hire can improve company-customer relations and not disturb them.

Alliance International

Alliance International is a global company offering IT recruitment and IT outsourcing support services. Over 11+ years, we have worked with about 20,000 organizations from diverse industries and fulfilled their various IT recruitment needs.

We have a wide network of recruitment consultants for different locations and domains, helping us make brilliant hiring decisions in terms of costs, experience, skills, track records, desired performance abilities, resource strengths, etc.

Our agency also attracts hundreds of freelancers every month, and our background checks enable us to identify reliable, skilled candidates from the rest.

If you are planning to hire dedicated web developers, send us a message, we are here to assist you in making the best hiring decisions.