How to Hire Web Designers from India? How Much Will It Cost?

How To Hire Web Designers From India And How Much Will It Cost

Hiring a web designer can be a difficult task as there is such a widely diverse talent availability in the web designing business sector. The kind of website you want to build decides the level of talent you need. You might want to hire web designers for a highly interactive and dynamic website or for a simple e-store. This blog provides all the information needed to hire the best web designers in India.

With everything moving to the Internet, it is indeed necessary to develop a website for your business, start-up, or for the services you provide. A recruiting agency is the best for hiring web designers. You would not have to look for designers everywhere without any clue.

You might need a team of permanent, temporary, and dedicated resources, or you might need 50 resources for creating your website from scratch. The web design team comprises not only web designers but also front-end and back-end programmers, UX experts, brand and graphic design specialists, SEO team, and many others.

Going about the hiring process could become a huge challenge unless you have experienced recruiters to help you. With an IT recruiter, you can discuss everything about the web design projects – programming and coding, aesthetics, web security, testing and hosting, and many other things.

If you are planning to develop or expand your company website, find out all that is required to know about web design team recruitment. You will need to hire dedicated developers, permanent staff for website maintenance and other professionals in addition to web designers for creating a website from scratch. Let us first understand more about web designers.

Types of Web Designers

Depending on the work and functions to be carried out, there exist many kinds of web designers.

UI Designers

A User Interface Designer or, simply, a UI Designer is a web designer who looks after the aesthetics and overall elements of a website. They get to choose where the functions such as search bar, navigation buttons, menu, bars, icons are to be placed. They also get to decide how the interface would work to suit the target audience’s convenience and web browsing experience. You could hire dedicated developers to serve as your UI programmers.

UX Designers

UX designers are those web designers who look after the User Experience (UX) Design of a website. It means UX Designers look into the aspects of how a person perceives the product in the website to be in terms of user-friendliness and satisfaction levels. In order to make the product attractive and navigation of its details easy, these designers are hired.

Interaction Designers

These designers look after the interaction design of interactive products and services on a website. They work with the five dimensions – words, visual representation, space, time, and behavior. Creating interactive digital products is one of the major roles of such designers.

Graphics Designers

Mainly, graphics designers create visual content of a website like site plans, icon designs, logos, banners, brochures, and so on. They have a huge role to play in advertising and to make the website look attractive. They must not be confused with animators and motion graphic designers as they create still works of art.

Animation Designers

From the very term, it is evident that animation designers are responsible for the creation of animated work such as 2D and 3D visual art forms. Typically they work on creating humans, animals, and other life-forms in a setting. Altogether, the pictures are put into the same frame with different positions to create an illusion of movement.

Art and Illustration Designers

They are more inclined towards the artistic dimension of digital art. They use their artistic knowledge to portray and illustrate visual elements in an aesthetic manner. All their artwork is original and unique.

Motion Graphics And Web Presentation Designers

These designers create videos, GIFs, short films, films, digital footage for websites. It can be with or without audio. With their work, they make the website more informative.

Multimedia Design

Multimedia design is the coming together of various elements such as text, video, audio, animation, images to portray information in a very dynamic and eye-catching manner.

Where Do You Search For Web Designers

After discussing and deciding the different kinds of web designers needed for your project, you can move to the actual searching phase. There are many ways in which one can search for web designers.

Online Freelancer Websites

Such websites provide a platform for freelance web designers to get hired, but one should keep in mind there is an absence of a strict vigilance body. In other words, there are no measures or ways to check the actual and fake profiles and malpractices.

Web Designer Placement Portals

They are platforms for providing employment opportunities to web designers. These portals usually check documents and the personal identification of web designers. However, there are still risks associated with blindly going by data related to profiles and portfolios. You could do reference checks and ask for recommendations from known companies with whom the web design firms or freelancers have worked.

Ads on Social Media

They help one look for web designers in an informal manner and quickly. The biggest con of hiring web designers via ads on social media is that there are quite a lot of chances to fall prey to fraud.

Recruitment Agency

Recruitment agencies are, by far, the most reliable means of hiring web designing professionals. The agencies look into the requirements of the company or individual and source them, background-checked web designers. This process is fool-proof and is customized to the needs of the client.

How to Hire Web Designers

Hiring a web designer is not an overnight decision. The following are some important points to keep in mind while hiring dedicated designers.

1. List Web Designer Profile Descriptions

Make a list of the profiles of web designers, along with their profile descriptions. The list should provide a gist or summary of their working profile. Having such a list makes it easy to compare profiles and their strengths and weaknesses.

  • Hard Skills – In the list, there should be mentions of the hard skills of a web designer so that the ones hiring them get the reflection of their employability, experience, and qualifications, etc.
  • Experience – There should be a dedicated section in the profile description about the working experiences of the web designers. It should highlight their past projects, collaborations, internships, freelance experience, etc.
  • Soft Skills – For hiring dedicated web designers, one should even look into the soft skills of the designers. It includes leadership qualities, time management skills, work ethics, moral and character development, decision-making capabilities, and many more. A designer might be the best at his design work but may not be a pleasant co-worker in the team. In that case, it becomes difficult to work with him or her.
  • Software Knowledge – Web designers should be well-versed in using various kinds of web designing software. They should be updated with the latest technology. Short-term certificate courses help in the widening of such software knowledge, and possession of training certificates acts as an add-on to make hiring favorable.

2. Projects For Long-Term Web Designer Hiring Needs

For long-term projects, one should consider hiring web designers on the basis of the following ways-

  • Dedicated Resource Models – Having a dedicated resources model helps in hiring talent based on your exact requirements and later scale up and down as per project needs.
  • Remote Staffinghire web designer as remote staff is another method of hiring designers. Finding the right talent from one location becomes challenging. Having remote teams helps you hire web designers from different locations without overspending on recruitment and design development charges.
  • Project Outsourcing – Sometimes, getting work done within a budget by managing all the talent acquisition and other factors becomes impossible. Outsourcing the entire project to a web design company might prove to be cost- and time-efficient. You could also control everything about your website by indicating your specific requirements.

3. Projects For Short-Term Web Designer Hiring Needs

If you are a web design company looking for temporary talent frequently, you could shortlist vendors who could offer you web design support as and when required. Other options are also there.

  • Freelancer – Hiring web designers who are self-employed is a good option for short-term projects. They are hired for specific tasks and not for all types of needs. The specialization of such web designers is taken into consideration for working on a project that matches their field.
  • Contractual Remote Team Hiring – An agency could help you create remote teams on a needs basis.
  • Project-Based Hiring – A web development company may have simultaneously many ongoing projects. Hence, there may be a need to hire web designers on different projects. Rather than having one designer for all the projects, project-based web designer recruitment could be done.

4. Partnering With A Recruitment Agency For Best Hiring Models and Teams

A recruitment agency is helpful in hiring web designing professionals without having the client look for designers. Such agencies usually have numerous designers in their index. As per the needs of the client and their projects, the agency will propose an appropriate hiring model. In this manner, the client or company does not have to sacrifice their time on looking for designers.

5. Consultation with Recruitment Agency for Assessments, Interviews, And Sample Work Coordination

As discussed earlier, hiring a web designer is not an overnight process, and there needs to be a layered process of selection. It includes interviews, assessments, verifying sample work, and coordination of all the processes. This is a rigorous and time-taking process for the client to undertake. Therefore, consultation with a trustworthy recruitment agency makes a huge difference in terms of time, outcomes, and satisfaction levels.

6. Choose the Perfect-Match for Your Requirements

When it comes to deciding between quality talent and cost, try to lean on quality. The ability of qualified, experienced web designers to create excellent websites that offer great branding, CX, and user experience cannot be met by those who offer services at less cost without a quality guarantee.

7. Frame the Right Contracts and Agreements

Once you have found the perfect match, move on to frame the right contract and agreement with the web designer. Carefully mention all the aims, objectives. Work position projects to be executed, payment terms, tenure of work, terms, and conditions, and miscellaneous points.

Web Designer Hiring Costs

As of 2021, the cost for the development of a website may vary from 15,000 INR to 100,000 INR in India. The lowest price will provide 3 Pages, 1 Banner, Free Logo, Dynamic Website, Free Domain (.in only), and Hosting Free for 1st year, Contact Form-1.
A web designer may charge on an hourly basis or may wish to get paid a flat fee per page depending on what kind of website you want built. In the US, a web designer’s payment varies from 36 USD per hour to 76 USD per hour. Simple maintenance charges of a website vary from 500 USD to 2000 USD annually.

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