How To Hire AngularJS Developers? A Comprehensive Guide

Hire AngularJS Developer

AngularJS is a structural framework for developing dynamic web apps. It has come out as an ideal partner with any server technology and is widely used in many web application projects. Although Google announced earlier in 2023 that AngularJS will receive no more additional updates, AngularJS is still in wide use today.

How to identify, find, and hire the right AngularJS developers to maintain and enhance apps and websites built using AngularJS?

This is what the blog is about, giving you all the required information to make successful hiring decisions.

Why Hire AngularJS developers

  • AngularJS is the force behind millions of websites and web applications.
  • Millions of dynamic web-based applications have been built using AngularJS, because of its high performance and robust features.
  • AngularJS catered to the needs of organizations and enterprises of every industry. Some oft-quoted examples of websites using AngularJS include Paypal, Udemy, Snapchat, Amazon, Netflix, and Gmail.
  • Companies are still looking to enhance and scale up their AngularJS applications.
  • There are a number of alternatives developers can take into consideration, including AngularJS successor Angular, Vue.js, and React, all options that remain valid today. But companies will still need AngularJS developers to be part of the transitions that they will have to make.


How To Hire AngularJS Developers

Step 1: Define Your Project And Business Requirements

a) Basic or Junior Developers Needed

A junior developer often has not more than two years of expertise. They provide assistance to established application developers. Junior developers ought to be familiar with programs that are built and Angular code.

b) Senior and Expert Angular Developers Needed

When you need to hire AngularJS developers for developing complex applications independently, you need senior and expert developers with 4-7 years of experience in app development projects.

c) Developers Needed As Team or Project Leads

Senior AngularJS professionals serving as project leads should have overall 5+ years experience in the kind of web and mobile apps you need developed as well as 2+ years experience serving in a senior role.

Step 2: Decide Hiring Models

a) Hire Dedicated Developers

You could hire dedicated developers as remote teams that can manage the entire app development on their own, with your team only checking the results, performance, and deliverables.

b) Hire AngularJS Developers Teams

It is critical to examine different typical salaries for the services supplied when hiring AngularJS developers. We may pay anything at all from $10 to $150 per hour depending on the geographies from which we are hiring and the level of expertise required. The fees vary depending on the developers’ experience, project management skills, and the sort of solutions for which they are contracted.

c) Outsource Angular Development Project

Hiring dedicated developers in India does help you decrease development costs by up to 50% or 60%. It is not just about the fees charged by Indian web and app developers, but vendors in the country have strategies and infrastructure to support high productivity levels and fast turnaround time, allowing you to further decrease development costs.

One of the best ways of getting the right AngularJS developers for your project is to partner with a global manpower consultancy like Alliance International. Why? Have a look at the benefits:

Why Partner With A Recruitment Agency To Hire AngularJS Developers?

a) Get Talent As Per Recruitment Models Chosen

There are also several options to manage your talent needs when you partner with an agency. The recruitment consultants will study everything, such as the number of programmers you require, the cost, the duration of projects, and the need to recruit full-time or part-time programmers.

When you partner with a recruitment agency, the entire process becomes quite easy to handle. An expert IT recruiter with experience in hiring web developers enables you to choose the right hiring models for different talent requirements in a clear, smooth manner.

b) Frame The Right Recruitment Approach and Processes

You might be open to hiring Angular software professionals, either locally or remotely, but the probability of getting great talent within the budgets you have estimated requires the right approach.

An excellent manpower consultancy company will identify the right hiring models for different types of project needs: contracting, outstaffing, freelancer hiring, etc. To make the best hiring decision, the agency’s consultants will analyze your project’s goals and estimate the time frame for different talent needs.

Taking the assistance of specialized recruiters to hire AngularJS developers, you will be able to harness the talent you need for chosen timeframes through the expert approaches

c) Find Angular Developers Best Suited For Requirements

A developer with extensive experience in travel web apps or vendor management apps might not have the same level of competencies in developing fintech apps or facilities management apps.

Through a global recruitment agency like Alliance International, you will be able to find AngularJS developers who are the right fit for your projects. Our extensive network of talent pools helps you mine information with speed and accuracy, helping you find AngularJS developers with the right set of skills and abilities you prefer.

d) Reduce Overall Recruitment Costs

Depending on how you estimate the cost of employing new developers, the value might vary dramatically.

Without the right access to talent, companies usually pay more to acquire the required developer resources. With a recruitment agency to help you out, such troubles could be prevented.

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Q 1. What is AngularJS?

Ans. AngularJS is a JavaScript framework for creating dynamic web apps.

Q 2. How to find AngularJS developers?


1. Be clear about your requirement – .are you planning to upgrade your AngularJS web apps or build new apps to support AngularJS websites?

2. Get the details right – the number of developers, the time frame for which you need their services, the type of functions, tasks, and goals per role, etc.

3. Send an AngularJS staffing request to our agency.

Q 3. For what projects will I need AngularJS developers?

Ans. AngularJS has been used widely for developing dynamic single-page applications, including enterprise web applications, video-streaming applications, and e-commerce applications.

Q 4. How to hire dedicated developers?

Ans. The key factors ensuring the success of hiring dedicated developers are talent quality, security and reliability, and higher productivity. Finding developers with experience in AngularJS, Angular, and React is quite challenging. Connect with a global manpower consultancy like Alliance International and find vendors and freelance developers with good track records in reliability and project performance standards.

Q 5. How to hire dedicated AngularJS developers in India?

Ans. Contact Alliance International and find the fastest and easiest options for quickly hiring AngularJS and Angular developers in India.