How to Hire an HTML5 Developer from India?

How To Hire An Html5 Developer

Take the right steps to find the right talent!

HTML5 offers numerous opportunities in website and web application development. It is one of the most preferred tools for optimizing web UX, SEO, and content marketing. Being a tool that enables cross-platform web development in a cost-effective manner, the demand for web developers with HTML5 experience has increased dramatically. There are millions of projects that demand HTML5; finding HTML5 developers with suitable experience and skill sets has become a huge challenge. But many companies do not find it difficult as they benefit from partnering with IT recruiters. Find useful insights from top recruiters in this blog.

HTML is a markup language that has become a name integral to website development. HTML5 is the latest version that offers many more benefits than its previous versions, as it is easier to handle and enables the creation of more engaging and interactive content for the users.

It is even said that HTML5 will soon be the most preferred tool for creating mobile-friendly websites. You would not find it difficult to hire HTML5 developers – you will find freelancers ready to serve you on most freelancer websites.

Hiring freelance HTML5 developers is a cost-effective and fast process. But the downside is that for long-term projects that need full-time developers or fixed man-hours per week, hiring freelancers is often not the best option.

You would need to find a developer team with the ability and resources to commit to long-term projects, ensuring consistent quality assurance and timely deliverables. This is when finding the right team of HTML developers becomes a challenge. Hiring on the go is never easy when you need to scale up your projects.

There are, however, a number of ways in which you can improve your web developer hiring methods and outcomes. We have outlined the steps here.

Steps Before Starting to Hire HTML5 Developers

With the growth of technology at this speed, every other day, there are websites, applications, etc., being built up, and even those require exceptional results to stand out of the crowd.

To find web developers who can build superior quality websites and web applications in a fast-paced environment, you would first need to ensure that you have got everything on hand to make hiring most relevant for your projects. Before you start to hire HTML5 developers, check if you have already completed these steps.

List And Properly Record Your Requirements

First, you’ll have to look through your basic requirements amounting to reaching the final destination and what you want the HTML5 developer to do. Document your requirements per project.

a) Types of Websites

The type of website is the very first requirement; it would help you decide all the things regarding the website, the level of coding required, the hours needed, etc.

b) Number of Pages and Apps

Deciding upon the number of pages and apps can help you understand the workload to further help in deciding the type of developer required, the number of developers required, etc.

c) Complexity of Requirements

Understanding the complexity can help you in deciding the experience and knowledge level of the developer that would be required for the position.

d) Number of Resources Required

How many people, software versions, systems, tools, subscriptions, etc., would you need for completing the web development projects. Would you prefer to outsource the project or hire a remote cross-border team of developers on a contract basis? These questions need to be answered before you start the hiring process.

e) Expertise Levels And Experience

The expertise level and the experience depend upon the type of work you would want the developer to do. You might need 3-5 highly experienced web developers with knowledge of HTML as well as particular CMS systems and databases along with 5-6 junior developers or vice versa.

f) Knowledge and Skills

Other than knowledge and experience in HTML5, what are the other skills, programming languages, database knowledge that you seek? Would you want to hire PHP developers with knowledge of HTML5 so that you can manage multiple projects with ease? These are the types of questions that could arise when you plan the projects.

g) Databases and Platforms

The tech stack for different projects varies. Find out how many different databases would come into play when you develop different web applications for different companies.

Find Out Which Hiring Model Would Best Suit Your Business Needs

a) Remote Staffing

In case most of the work is easily understandable and less communication is required, you can go with the remote staffing. This remote staffing even helps when you’re looking for developers from different cultural backgrounds and geographies to enrich the quality of your website development projects.

b) Freelancer Hiring

Freelancing hiring is a great solution for small projects or handling complexities that are faced by your core teams. You would need to know at which phase of the project you would need to hire freelancers and how long you would need their services.

c) Dedicated Resources

Hiring a dedicated team of HTML5 developers is useful if your project work is such that it could scale up and down over different web development phases. Your vendor could extend the team at short notice when you want to add more developers to the core team.

d) Project Outsourcing

If you do not have the time to manage one-off web development projects that could increase the workload of existing developer teams, outsourcing would be a good idea.

Shortlist Your Target Locations For Hiring HTML5 Developers

If certain projects face budget constraints and the clients want you to develop the website at less cost and time, it would be sensible to hire talent from offshore locations where developer service charges are less. You could shortlist the locations following detailed research on talent availability and costs—one of the most preferred destinations for finding web developers in India.

Make Budget Estimate Range

The last step is making the budget estimate range. It is always better to think in times of range than a fixed amount. This budget would play a crucial role throughout the hiring process and also in deciding upon the final salary of the html5 developer.

How To Hire HTML5 Developers From India?

There is no doubt India is like the hub of manpower filled with skills and talents! With the growth of the technology sector in numerous cities across India, finding web developer talent becomes extremely easy.

If you are planning to hire HTML5 developers from India, find the best method to do so.

1. Consult With a Recruitment Agency

Partnering with an established IT recruitment agency with extensive talent outreach in India would smoothen out the hiring process. Make sure that you consult with a recruitment agency like Alliance International that is trusted by thousands and helps employers prevent recruiting risks.

2. Share Your HTML5 Project Types and Talent Needs

You would need to share your project requirements and talent needs across the project phases. This will help the recruiter know the number of developers needed at various times and the level of expertise, experience, and skills required per position.

3. Get Expert Advice on Best Vendors In Target Locations Offering HTML5 Developer Services

An established IT recruiter like Alliance International would offer expert advice to help you plan your workforce. If you are looking for vendors who could meet your needs for dedicated resources as well as freelancers, find out if the recruitment agency could connect you with background-checked, reliable vendors with great track records in fulfilling different talent needs.

4. Check Portfolios and Track Records

The next step would be the in-depth reading of the portfolios, which would help you eliminate the not-so-suitable options for hiring. Begin by studying the profile’s academic background, experience, their extra curriculars. Read the portfolio very deeply and try to understand how that person might be good for your company or business.

A brownie tip here, you could prepare a checklist of “do’s” and “do not” and the first check which candidates come in the “do not hire” category. This helps you quickly narrow down to the ones who are the most eligible.

When checking track records, also ask for references. Do not forget to check all important points with the company whose reference has been provided. Check 2-3 references to ensure that there is consistency in testimonials regarding key points.

5. Shortlist Companies And Conduct Background Checks

In terms of the services providing companies, you can consult them and check the reviews, talk to the core team there, and get background checks done.

6. Assess Skills and Performance Based on Sample Work

The next step for the shortlisted candidates should be an assessment, give a sample work to check their understanding of the work and your aim too. This one simple task would tell you a lot about the candidate’s work and even their way of handling the work. In this step, you can also understand the person’s punctuality regarding coping with the deadlines.

7. Interview Newly Shortlisted Vendors To Check Work Culture Fit

The next step should be interviewing the shortlisted candidates. Talk to them, understand their perspective, what they are looking for, if they would be a good fit for your business or company, etc.

8. Finalize Your HTML5 Service Provider

If you find 2-3 vendors with all the right capacities to meet your requirements, you could allot work to all three for the first month. Based on the performance of each vendor, you could enter into a longer-term contract with the one that you are most satisfied with.

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