How to Hire a Doctor?

How To Hire a Doctor

Hospitals usually spend a lot of money on doctor staffing but still face short-staffing scenarios. Medical doctor recruitment agencies help hospitals to improve their recruitment outcomes while increasing talent availability metrics. Your hospital or clinic, however, needs a good plan to get optimum benefits. Here’s a blog that offers great insights into enhancing doctor staffing.

Recruiting competent doctors is key to promoting your hospital and winning the trust of the communities you serve. Most hospitals do not have access to great talent pools. Sometimes location, employer brand name, and other factors negatively impact talented doctor availability.

Many hospital hiring managers search for the best medical locum agency to meet the recurring short staffing issues. It becomes difficult to find out how effective your locum tenens doctor hiring is unless you have a good plan in place to measure progress, costs, effectiveness, etc.

Find out the key facts about well-planned doctor staffing practices in this blog.

Plan Your Doctor Staffing

Without systematic planning, the recruitment process will not fetch you favorable results. Consider the following points for doctor staffing techniques for your hospital.

1) Doctor Staffing Calculation For Hospital

The doctor requirement of a hospital is diverse. A hospital has to be equipped with a range of doctors. To maintain various medical departments like patient consultation, OPD, Emergency, pathology, doctors are needed.

For different medical specializations, fields like Cardiology, Nephrology, Dermatology, Gynecology, Pediatrics, Endocrinology, etc., need doctors to be hired. Moreover, the calculated figures should also include part-time and locum doctors. Planning should be done in a way that the average working day hours are considered. Find out the best medical locum agency for your hospital if you frequently need to fill temporary positions.

2) Doctor Staffing Calculation For Huge Clinics

Doctor Staffing Calculation approaches cannot be the same for huge clinics as they are for hospitals.

One should keep in mind that huge clinics are health care hubs where a doctor analyzes the patients, prescribes medicines, and gives instructions as to how to use the medication. If required, the tests to be undertaken are also recommended to the patients. For a huge clinic, more physicians are needed. The physicians should be experts in general as well as specialized treatment of the people.

3) Doctor Hiring For A Private Clinic

Usually, private clinics do not have more than 5-7 doctors. Therefore, the doctor hiring needs are limited.

However, a small clinic may bring a specialized doctor from a renowned hospital at times for special appointments. Therefore, full-time as well as part-time doctors are to be hired as per the infrastructural facilities offered by the clinic.

With time, when the clinic expands to a bigger one, there have to be options for hiring more doctors. Just because your clinic is small, it does not mean there are no recruitment plans to be made. Such a mistake might cost you heavily.

Invest in Doctor Recruitment Marketing

Recruitment marketing is one of the most cost-effective talent attraction methods. For finding talented doctors, your hospital needs a solid scheme for recruitment marketing. Without portraying your hospital as the best place to work, it will be difficult to attract talented doctors.

Here are some tips to enhance your doctor recruitment marketing.

1) Create Superlative Career Pages For Doctors Per Specialty:

For a doctor to understand how much his or her specialty is cared for and paid attention to by your hospital, create individual career pages on the website.

Make it attention-grabbing with details such as scope for professional growth for doctors, compensation, work features, and other perks. A superlative career page mentions details of what kinds of doctors your hospital is looking for.

2) Enhance Your Employer Brand on Social Media:

Social media is the new place to be in for even your recruitment process. Portray your hospital in a dynamic way. Frame an image of your hospital that makes a doctor want to work there.

The employer brand can be enhanced by uploading visuals of your hospital and client testimonials. Story-telling is the best way of conveying information on social media. People show interest in reading about the profile of the hospital that way.

3) Expand Your Doctor Talent Pools And Advertise Your Hospital Brand in Key Online Communities:

Expand your doctor talent pools with the help of online communities. It ensures positive advertising.

Online communities have doctors from all over the country and also globally. Hence, such online communities are the most appropriate place for expanding your doctor talent pools. Look beyond recruitment in such platforms. Learn how to create an effective brand image among the talents of the community.

4) Organize Conferences To Identify Top Doctor Talent Across Medical Specialty Areas:

To be a well-known name in the medical society, it is advisable to organize medical conferences.

Doing so reflects the fact that how updated and aware your hospital is. It attracts interested doctor candidates to work at your hospital for professional and meaningful growth. Bring researchers and eminent doctors as resource persons to make the conferences more informative.

5) Hire Doctor Recruitment Partners:

The most convenient option when it comes to medical staffing agencies is to hire doctor recruitment partners. They help you to do all the work of shortlisting, candidate screening, verification, and background checks.

Usually, they have a database of doctors and keep expanding the database regularly. This is why when there is an urgency, the recruitment partner does not have to rush and look for doctors.

Tips For Hiring Doctors

1. Be Open to Hiring Doctors From Different Geographies:

Do not limit your doctor search within the city where your hospital is situated. With the help of medical doctor recruitment agencies, you could find doctors from different states and from international locations.

With the right marketing strategy, you could influence doctors from different geographies to work at your hospital. As a result of it, your hospital doctor staffing will be diverse. Diversity increases your hospital knowledge base and workplace culture. By hiring doctors from different places, your hospital could offer treatments of various kinds, hence making your hospital advanced.

2. Streamline and Improve Your Doctor Recruitment Processes:

Streamlining refers to the process where recruitment takes place easily, for instance, by eliminating the layers of unnecessary processes for applying for the position.

A convenient recruitment process is also a good feature of a hospital. Improve your recruitment process by making various processes digital or online. This way, it becomes swifter and more efficient.

The best option for streamlining your recruitment process is to collaborate with competent medical doctor recruitment agencies. Do not make the recruitment process very lengthy. It will, ultimately, lead to candidates leaving mid-way. Therefore, establishing your brand name is not only required, but also the marketing of the easy recruitment process is vital.

3. Use Technology-Enabled Screening Tools:

No recruitment is ever complete without a screening of the candidates. These days, the screening processes are carried out with the assistance of technology.

Skill assessment of the doctors is done with the help of game-like, online forms, quizzes, practical-knowledge-related screening tests, etc. Artificial Intelligence-driven tools are these days becoming very widespread for such purposes to understand the instincts of the candidates. Moreover, the lack of technology-driven screening methods will only discourage the candidates from applying to work at your hospital as it may send the wrong message to them that your medical establishment is backdated.

4. Conduct Assessments – Diagnostic and Psychometric:

Assessments are very vital for doctor staffing. Diagnostic assessment uses multiple measures and reports to identify the doctors’ strengths and needs in specific skill areas so that they can improve on their learning needs.

Psychometric assessments, on the other hand, are tests that are used to measure the doctors’ personality traits, intelligence level, abilities, behavior. If the conduct or behavior of the doctors is not humane and empathetic, then no patient will prefer your hospital for availing the services.


Do not deprive yourself and your hospital of professionally updated doctors. Engage in discussion and devise the right strategy to hire doctors. Be open to hiring doctors from various geographies and of various backgrounds. The presence of top-notch doctors will encourage junior and senior talented doctors to work at your hospital or clinic.

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