How To Find And Hire A Good CFO For A Startup?

How To Find And Hire A Good CFO For A Startup

A Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is a top-ranking officer whose role shapes the way a company prospers financially and steers clear of all trouble. A startup that is planning a major expansion plan or growth plan or considering an IPO definitely needs a CFO.

The CFO is at the top of all financial aspects and can help in directing startups well and securing their financial future. Since a lot of responsibility comes with the position, you need to hire a qualified and skilled professional for the position.

Let’s take a closer look at how to find and recruit a good CFO for your startup. In this blog, you will find information and insights shared by senior executive recruitment consultants and CFO headhunters.

Steps Before Starting Chief Financial Officer Search

1. Optimize Your Employer Branding and Company Brand (Poor / Low Image Gets Your Company Rejected By Most Good Leaders)

A startup without a good brand image or brand visibility will find it difficult to attract highly-qualified and experienced leaders. A startup that has taken the right steps to improve its brand visibility and reputation can attract more experts.

All expert CFO headhunters or senior executive recruitment consultants will recommend that you optimize your employer branding as well. When potential CFO candidates check your employer brand and find poor results, they would hardly care to respond to your job offer.

2. Set Your Budget – How Much Can You Spend on CFO Hiring and Staffing?

Hiring a CFO can be an expensive investment, especially for a startup. Professionals can only be hired with a payment that justifies the expertise they bring to the table. Startups need to make a clever decision on the budget to pick the best CFO for the organization.

Most CFO headhunters and senior executive recruitment consultants find that budget planning helps in making wise decisions. Overestimating your financial conditions and picking a CFO would result in grave losses. You need to prioritize financial stability and pick the best-suited CFO for the startup. Set the money you can spend on hiring a CFO and staffing for finance management before searching for candidates.

3. Finalize – What is Your Immediate Need? Interim CFO, Virtual CFO, Consultant CFO!

Before you choose suitable candidates, you need to analyze the startup’s needs. Does it require an Interim CFO, a professional that assists the company as a temporary member? Or a Virtual CFO who helps the company through remote and consultancy services?

You can also hire a Consultant CFO for finance management if you do not need a full-time in-house CFO.

You need to finalize what the startup needs and accept candidates accordingly. Hiring a CFO that the startup doesn’t require can mean financial losses for the organization. Make sure you know what to look for!

4. Hire An Experienced CFO Executive Search Firm

The process of recruiting a CFO can be tedious. You need extensive resources to help you hire the best person for the job. Making a wrong decision equals spending a huge amount of money for services that are not very relevant to your company.

This is why you need the help of an experienced CFO Executive Search Firm to help you. The CFO headhunters and senior executive recruitment consultants of the company leverage vast talent networks to source the best-match candidates for the job. There are trustworthy firms that are specialized in recruiting for C-level professions.

How To Manage The CFO Executive Search Phase

1. Prepare a Best-Match Candidate Persona / Profile

After you’ve decided to hire a CFO for your startup, the next step is to prepare a call for applications. You need to find the best fit for the company. Educational qualifications are necessary, but you need to make sure that the person is suited to the company’s culture.

You need to discuss what are the qualities that the CFO requires. Each company has a different set of expectations based on its unique pain points, challenges, products and markets, and clients. To get the best result, you need to pick the candidate that matches each requirement. Select the best profile that suits your needs!

2. Map The Best Talent Based On Your Specific Position-Based Roles and Responsibilities

There is a vast talent pool that is available to you. When you put out invitations for applicants, many qualified professionals who meet the demands will apply for the post. The startup needs to ensure that the person they hire is best for its specific needs.

Not every qualified professional will be able to lead the startup well. You need to prioritize the experts that will be able to take on the challenges that your startup faces. Recruit a CFO that has the skills to fulfill the specific needs of the startup.

3. Evaluate Not Only Industry Experience But Technology, Legal, and Risk Management Track Records When Screening

The next factor that calls for attention is the industry experience of the candidates who apply. Academic qualifications solely cannot help lead a startup. The person must have prior experience leading organizations.

You need to check their references and ensure that the documentation is true. Take a closer look at the way they have handled high-pressure situations in the past. Were they successful? What experience do they have in mitigating risks and threats to the organization? These factors should be looked into before you make the final decision. Moreover, their experience in the industry makes them better suited to take on leadership roles.

4. Prepare Initial Interaction Interview Formats, Ensuring Great Candidate Experience, Employer Brand

After you’ve shortlisted desirable candidates, you need to decide the way you’ll assess them. Proper assessment reveals a lot about candidates and will help you ensure that they are a perfect fit for the company.

Decide on the format of the interview. An interview should help you make the right decision for the startup. A formal interview falls short in making sure that the person fits into your company’s culture. A deeper conversation can help in understanding their mentalities well. In addition, when you make sure that the candidate has a nice interview experience, the name of your company grows in the professional circuit.

5. Select an Interview Panel Comprising External Industry Experts

You need to make sure that the interview is professional as well as effective. Internal committees might fall short of understanding the candidates well. You need to make sure that the panel is diverse. The decision for the candidate means a lot to the company. You can’t take any chances in the final step.

External Industry experts can prove to be valuable additions to the interview panel. They bring in objective views and ensure that the decision is fair and professional. Moreover, they make the job easier with their advanced knowledge of the industry.

Hiring a CFO

1. Conduct Paid Consultation Sessions Before Finalizing Candidates

After you’ve narrowed down the candidates, conduct paid consultation sessions to ensure their professional expertise. This helps the company to understand if the candidate is worthy of the post. These sessions reveal a lot about their skills, knowledge, ability to understand your business scenarios and financial planning, and other soft skills. This step helps in assessing them well and narrowing down the candidate list.

2. Ensure Candidates Have A High Level of Interest in Joining Your Company And Exceeding Performance Expectations

A company needs dedicated professionals to thrive. Their enthusiasm for leading the company forward determines the success the company will have. Most of the time, employees are not genuinely happy to join the company. Startups need committed and sincere professionals who will guide the company to success. Their creativity and energy matter a lot.

Before you hire a CFO, make sure that he or she has a genuine interest in working for the company. Ensure that the interests of your chosen potential hires match with the company’s ideals. Ask them to tell you why they have decided to apply for the post. Enquire about their vision and expectations in joining the company. A dedicated workforce will take the startup to greater heights.

3. Frame A Contract That Helps You Retain Your New CFO

A good contract ensures that the person you hire stays with the team for a decided period of time. While formulating the contract, make sure that it is in the best interests of the company as well as the candidate.

Once the candidate is finalized, you need to negotiate with them to create a new contract. Contractual agreements are inevitable in professional environments. Make sure to make an offer they can’t refuse.

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