How to Find and Hire a Perfect Game Developer Team? The Ultimate Guide!

How to Find and Hire a Game Developer Team

Enhance Game Development Project Outcomes Through The Right Recruitment!

Here is an ultimate guide to give you quality insights into game development team hiring. Hire game developers who are the best-suited team for your innovative or complex game development projects. The information and tips shared by top game recruiters will certainly help you make game developer hiring easier and efficient.

The demand for mobile games is increasing day by day. About 2.68 billion players use mobiles for the games, generating revenue of more than 66% in comparison to other devices. To increase users and subscriptions from game apps, the companies are frequently upgrading game apps and introducing new ones.

The increasing demand for game developers is not easy to fulfill, as searching for game developers with the combination of skill sets and experience that you desire is a tedious task, eating into time, efforts, and costs.

You can hire game developers through recruitment experts, who can find the best talent for you. Being the market experts, they have high talent outreach to meet the demands.

Before you start any game developer hiring process as part of an expansion move, get the facts right. Whether it is your in-house HR team or a recruiter, getting the right information beforehand will help them hire app developers in a short time.

Whom Do You Need In Your Game Development Team

1. Game Product Designers

Game product designers create plots for the games, organize ideas in a flowchart, and then develop user-friendly games by building codes and testing products for efficiency.

2. UI and UX Designers For The Gaming Web or Mobile App

UI experience plays a crucial role in any gaming web or mobile app. UI UX designer are the ones who make the experience of your app more easy and more fun for the user.

3. Game Programmers

Codebases cannot be developed by a person who does not hold a bachelor’s degree, at least in software engineering, programming, or computer science. Many specialized disciplines are expected in game programming, which can be satisfied by these programmers.

4. 3D and 2D Artist and Illustrators

A game that is appealing and has good art enhances the game’s value and grabs those gamers into playing the game because of its attractive base.

Game art is an extremely important selling point for a game, and for most games is the main selling point. A game without aesthetics tends to lose its charm even though the game might be interesting. 2D, 3D artists, and illustrators are the ones who think out of the box to maintain the uniqueness of the game.

5. Level Designers

These designers work closely with programmers and artists as they are the makers of levels inside a game while also depicting the layout so that it acts within the rules of the game and successfully pulls off the gameplay as created by the Game Designer.

6. Sound and Music Effects Specialist

Sound designers create sound effects after collecting and editing and adding necessary ambiance and music in the game to increase the appeal and help gamers enjoy the game even more.

7. Writers and Voice-Over Artists

While writers develop a game’s backstory and make it more interesting, the voice-over rtists give the characters a soul with their voice, and hence the game comes to life and makes it more engaging for a gamer. In addition, the writer also adds tutorials and character descriptions in the gameplay to make it easier for the user.

8. Product Managers for Development and Release Management

A game is set to be a trend only if you have the perfect Product Manager who sets strategic directions for the game and develops a product plan by managing the game development cycle.

9. VR/AR/AI Specialists

Virtual Reality, Augmented reality, and artificial intelligence specialists create an immersive real-life simulation in a safe domain. The advanced technology has made games more enjoyable and created an impact on gamers that keep them engaged in the gameplay.

10. Quality Assurance and Testing Professionals

Testing a game is a must by tuning, testing, and debugging it. And these experts use whatever it takes to fish out errors and flaws that might disturb the gaming experience. These specialists work closely with the development and product team either independently or as a part of the gaming team.

The Best Way To Hire Game Developer Team

1. Connect with A Recruitment Agency

Gaming apps and websites have a world of their own; hence, searching for a team on LinkedIn or any such job search website by creating vacancies does not usually generate a pool of great applicants.

A recruitment agency, with a huge pool of candidates, can present the best talent within days. An experienced recruiter with huge and diverse talent networks helps you find the right talent from within your country or from target geographies without delays.

2. Frame Game Development Needs, Budgets, Scope of Work, Technology Stack, etc.

To hire a team of game developers, you must be clear about your needs. What type of game you want to build, the graphics, the user interface, and all the tiny details you want therein must be clear, which helps you in recruiting the specific talent. A key part is the knowledge of the right technology stack.

A technology stack includes frameworks, front-end, and back-end tools, applications connected through APIs, programming languages, and databases. For developing a wide range of games, the use of a particular technology stack is involved.

Once you are clear about the above-mentioned aspects, you need to define the scope of work and target audience selection. It is then possible to prepare the right budget estimates.

A recruiter can find candidates quickly when all these details are specified explicitly. You will then be able to hire game developers or hire app developers through the agency within days.

3. Find Out the Most Cost and Time-Efficient Recruitment Model Based on Your Project

There are different hiring models to choose from, and consider the best one to hire game developers. The best one is the hiring model that increases talent availability and reduces costs while ensuring quality work outcomes.

You can go for on-demand staffing or hire a contractual cross-border team or hire dedicated resources; each talent-hiring method has its own pros and cons. Consulting with a reputed recruiter will help you hire game developers using the right models while ensuring great product outcomes.

4. Get a background-checked List of Game Development Team Candidates with the Right Track Records

The recruitment agency screens the candidates according to your project description and the demands you have shared. Once you are done with the first round of selection, get background check reports of the chosen team members.

A recruitment agency will already possess past records and can easily trace the history of vendor firms and get detailed reference checks done. This will prevent risks leading to poor quality work, vendor frauds, etc.

5. Arrange Assessments and Technical Interviews

Assessments give your practical and more relevant information about the candidates you want to hire. There are assessments for testing programming skills, design skills, coding skills, etc.

6. Select Vendors or Candidates Who Are Perfect Match for Your Requirements

Once done with the screening, background check, and technical skill test, the recruiter will find the perfect-match candidates for your project and set up the final interview.

7. Get Sample Work Done and Finalize the Deal.

By asking the decided candidate to do a task, you can get an idea about productivity, initial training needs, and expected performance. After confirming that you’ve got the best team, you can seal the deal and get the game developers started on your project.

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