graphic web design scholarship program

Alliance International – Graphic Web Design Scholarship Program


Are you studying in the field of web design or graphic design? You would be glad to know about the Graphic Web Design Scholarship Program by Alliance International. Our scholarship can help fund your education and offer you a way to build an exciting career in the design field. Our scholarship is open to undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate students who are majoring in web design, graphic design, or animation in a reputed college or university.


This Graphic Web Design Scholarship Program is an ideal way to fund your education and its related expenses. Students with strong design skills are ideal applicants for this program. In addition to academic merit, you can demonstrate a financial requirement to be eligible for this scholarship. It is a golden chance for you to learn web or graphic designing and enroll in the respective course without experiencing financial constraints.


  • This amazing opportunity is open only to students from the UK, USA, Australia and Canada.
  • It is not just a financial aid but is an additional certification that can be mentioned in the resume.
  • Winners can work as interns or full-time by securing a position in their preferred company.
  • It gives students hands-on experience in using real-time tools such as automation software, CRM platforms, and others.
  • It is a great chance to interact directly with industry experts.