5 Things To Look For When Hiring A Cook For Your Home

Things To Look For When Hiring A Cook For Your Home

Are you someone who has settled down in a new country or city and is now wondering “how to find a cook for home?” There might be many different kinds of services available around you. When you search “how to find a cook for home” on the Internet, you will find many professional chefs and cooks offering a wide range of services.

It is easy to get confused about the profiles, prices, packages, etc. Here is a blog that is a must-read if you are searching for a cook for your home. The first step is to know about the different professionals offering cooking services.

Know the difference: Chefs and Cooks


Chefs are well-trained professionals and work in restaurants and hotels or privately. They have culinary degrees and have gained professional and academic knowledge about culinary styles, methods, and food preparation.

They also create and make their recipes. They prepare food in their style with or without following any particular recipes. Their services are priced depending on their reputation, certifications, specialized knowledge, expertise levels in a particular cuisine, and other such factors.


They could be someone who prepares food daily. They are trained and known to work in kitchens. Cooks might be semi-skilled professionals who have acquired experience in preparing a range of dishes. They might have been employed in hotels and restaurants, working under chefs and as kitchen assistants, and might have started home cooking services as a separate business. They could also be people skilled and experienced in cooking a particular cuisine without any professional experience in commercial kitchens. Their charges are very less compared to chef services.

Five Key Things To Consider When Hiring A Home Cook

1. Knowledge Of Regular And Specific Dishes You Need Daily

It’s tough to cook every day while managing your work. When it comes to hiring a cook, you should know the abilities of a cook too. looking for a chef who can make dishes which you will delight in.

You should ensure their schedule as per your convenience. Choose a cook who can serve as per your taste. Tell them about the daily dishes you need and your regular diet.

Cooking is something you do with your heart. So find a cook who knows about the different types of cuisine dishes you need and the traditional way of preparing ethnic cuisine.

2. Usage of Oils, Spices, Herbs, Gravy, Sauces, Etc.

This is the second thing to put on your checklist of home cook requirements. Any meal comes with its usage of oils, herbs, gravies, or sauces. Find out if the cook candidates have adequate knowledge of which oils and spices to use for the kind of dishes you want on the table.

You can guide them and let them know about your taste. The better they will know, the best they will serve.

They can add the ingredients as per your taste, which can be healthy and tasty. Many of us have issues with spices and salts, as many eat less salty food due to health issues. So if you are hiring any cook, try to tell them about every problem regarding your health, what you prefer to eat and what you are allergic to.

3. Experience in Home Cooking And References

When hiring a cook, it is essential to find out what kind of home cooking experience the cook candidates have. Some cooks might have experience serving the needs of low-income homes and families and might be open to offering services at lesser rates. At the same time, some cooks are expert professionals who have mostly served in elitist backgrounds. Their charges will definitely be higher.

References are also a key item on any cook hiring checklist. Find out what their previous employers have to say about not only their cooking skills but also their ability to follow health and safety standards, their behavior and language, etc.

4. Ability To Understand Specific Health And Nutrition Needs, Food Allergies

The cook needs to know which type of foods you like and if you have any allergies related to any food or something. They should see the food combination also. What you prefer, what you don’t.

While deciding what should go in every diet, a cook can help prepare the menu, keeping in mind personal opinions. Knowing what you need, a cook can prepare dishes with fresh ingredients and vegetables and provide you with the best-balanced diet. Tell them about the ingredients you are allergic to so they can prepare the food as per your taste. Knowing all the issues and needs helps prepare food more efficiently.

5. Wages/Salary And Leave

You should draw an estimate – how much can you offer. It is better to have a range rather than a figure. If you are hiring a full-time cook, part-time cook, or Live-in home cook, you would need to pay a salary, and some benefits have to be included in the contract. There are things like leave, work hours, holidays, etc., that need to be framed after being properly apprised of the laws and regulations in your city and country.


Keeping all these in mind, hire the best and most reliable cook for your home who can serve you the best, delicious, healthy food. Inquire, manage, talk and then hire them because it’s imperative to hire the best who can handle your nutrition, diet, and schedule according to your needs. A cook can convert a dish into food. They can solve all your problems regarding cooking. Try to hire the best you can. Research, find, and try to hire someone who can cook for you with a whole heart.

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