Why Should You Hire a CXO in India? (And When To Do It?)

Why Should You Hire a CXO In India

A CXO is a position that has not been clearly understood by most businesses worldwide. That is one of the reasons why companies delay hiring a CXO. If we talk about the ideal chief experience officer, he or she works closely with the marketing, sales, and products teams, and they know how to define what value means to the customer.

Find out what the position is really about and what you can achieve by hiring a CXO. We have put together the tips, suggestions, information, and insights shared by top CXO executive search consultants.

Though we all know about the CEOs, CTOs, and the various C-Suite members, very few know about the CXO.

A CXO stands for Chief Experience Officer. This C-suite position holder is dedicated solely to monitoring and optimizing all customer interactions and experiences across functions.

It is important to know that a CXO plays a major role in enhancing the customer experience across products and services. These activities lead to low churn rates and high rates of satisfaction, including the renewal. The main job of a CXO is to maintain a positive relationship between the business owner and the customer. They allow the business to work with positive motivation and also help to create results-oriented strategies that ensure every interaction delivers a positive outcome.

Why Hire A CXO From India – Five Top Reasons

1. Asian Operations Experience

Hiring a CXO from India is the best way to control your operations in India and other Asian countries. If you have operations in India and several Asian countries, finding a CXO from India with experience in Asian markets becomes much easier from many perspectives – talent availability, knowledge of relevant languages, and international CX experience, among others.

2. Asian Market And Customer Experience

There are thousands of Indian companies in India with operations and customer segments in various Asian countries. You will find hundreds of CXO candidates with the kind of industry and market experience you need. Hiring such a candidate with a strong background in Asian markets will enable your company to provide a consistent and frictionless customer experience leading to faster business growth.

When Asian customers can understand and experience your way of marketing, they will count on your brand to deliver a great experience and become your regular customer. Conduct CXO executive search for Indian CXO hiring to ensure better Asian customer experience and sales.

3. Knowledge and Experience in Aligning Strategies With Customer Behavior in India

If your startup wants to invest a considerable amount of money in customer experience management and technology for your Indian operations and sales, you need a leader with a thorough understanding and skills in aligning CX strategies with customer behavior in India.

An Indian CXO’s knowledge and experience will help your startup to develop a wider customer base in India, the Middle East, and South Asia, locations where a large number of employees, customers, and decision-makers are of Indian origin.

Many Asian senior executive recruitment firms look to hire CXO from India, as there is a larger probability of finding the leaders with the kind of knowledge and insights that are needed to impress customers in Asia.

4. Expertise in Adopting Tech-Enabled CX Practices Best-Suited For An Indian / Asian Audience

For your Asian operations, it is crucial to find a chief experience officer with expertise in adopting the technologies that enable customer experience best suited for the Indian and Asian audiences. An Indian CXO understands what kind of customer behavior is observed during the different stages of marketing and sales. An Indian CXO understands the typical needs of Indian customers and aligns technology investment that has the right features and options to facilitate the achievement of the desired outcomes.

5. Experience in Overcoming Indian Market Penetration Challenges

There is no doubt that you will find lots of different challenges in Asian marketing. An Indian CXO hiring will help a company to overcome the Indian market penetration challenges. Top senior executive recruitment firms indicate that an experienced Indian CXO will have a track record of identifying and breaking the various barriers that could come up from different geographies.

Indian CXO executive search firms will be able to offer a strategic consultative approach to CXO hiring based on the geographies and customer segments you have in India.

Why, When To Hire a CXO?

The chief experience officer of the brand or company understands the proper use of tools that should be used to uncover the right information. He or she is also able to analyze demographic, firmographic, and behavioral data that can influence the customer perception and behavior. Find out why and when to go for CXO hiring. Here are some common facts and observations shared by top CXO executive search firms.

1. When You Need To Invest Over Millions in Customer Experience Management

If you want to invest millions in the customer experience management of your brand, then not going for CXO hiring increases risks rather than benefits. CXOs know where to invest and why. Hiring a chief experience officer is considered one of the best ways to succeed in this new technological world and make customer interactions and experiences seamless and optimized.

2. When You Need To Implement The Best Strategies For Customer Attraction And Retention in India

There is no hidden fact that a customer-centric company consistently considers the view of the customer to create a long-term association.

When you think your company needs to implement an effective strategy for attracting customers and retention in India, you may need to invest in an Indian CXO executive search and hire a leader who has proven abilities in improving sales, marketing, and account management through exceptional CX strategies and practices.

With the help of an Indian CXO, you will be able to tremendously increase your customer acquisition and retention outcomes.

3. To Win More Business Through Customer Analytics

The CXO knows how to deal with customer analytics to get insight into a company’s performance. You will need a CXO when you want to win more business with the help of customer analytics. Customer analytics plays a major role as it helps provide proper insight regarding the comments and opinions of the customer, including their satisfaction level.

4. To Decrease Product Recalls And Complaints

A complaint is something that can lead your business or brand on a negative path. Mainly complaints increase when the customer fails to get what they expected. It can also occur due to several disciplines and other reasons like offensive communication, disrespectful behavior, and damaged products and services. If you want to decrease product recalls and complaints, you need to recruit a CXO.

5. To Improve Tech-Enabled CX Improvement And Conversions

When you find that tech-enabled CX improvements can lead to better conversions across marketing and sales touchpoints, it is time to hire a CXO. A CXO will know what kind of tech-enabled features will reduce the interaction time and improve overall customer experience and conversion.


Hiring a CXO to improve Indian and Asian customer experiences is an investment that gives you 2x to 3x the ROI. Winning the interest of diverse people with diverse cultural traits, ethnic tastes, and behavioral traits like those in India is a challenge that cannot be overcome unless you have a leader with proven abilities in optimizing customer experience-based business outcomes.

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