What’s the Average Cost Per Hire for a Doctor?

Average Cost Per Hire For a Doctor

Hiring in the healthcare profession is highly difficult, but there is a lot more to consider when hiring from worldwide locations. There are multiple matters that should be done right to make doctor staffing successful. The hiring cost, salaries, benefits, insurance, and other perks should be estimated in advance for a smooth hiring process. We have presented the insights shared by top doctor recruitment agencies in this blog.

The rising need for physicians throughout the world, as well as the importance of doctors, makes it critical that doctor staffing be done with the highest care and study. This pressure is compounded by the need to make financial judgments.

Doctor Staffing

Before heading into the process of hiring, the following doctor staffing calculations should be performed.

1) Doctor Staffing Calculations To Find Number of Doctors Needed In A Year

Hiring the right number of doctors is necessary for the smooth operations of a clinic or a hospital. The number of doctors should not be less as it will become difficult for the hired doctors to tend to patients with ease. And there can be cases of emergencies at all times, which requires that a sufficient amount of doctors are hired.

Doctor staffing calculations are done on the basis of the infrastructure, how many rooms are available, patients’ capacity, and lastly, on the basis of working hours.

2) Locum Doctor Staffing Needs Calculation To Find Number of Locum Doctors To Be Hired Annually

A locum doctor is a medical professional who fills in for regular doctors who are on leave. General healthcare responsibilities can be performed by those in this position, but they must be more flexible in terms of working hours and location.

Hospitals give relief and opportunity for permanent staff to relax by utilizing locum tenens. They aid in the prevention of burnout among overworked employees who are tired of providing coverage around the clock.

Top doctor recruiters suggest that hospitals put in place a talent pipeline for locum doctor staffing. In the absence of a good locum doctor staffing system, healthcare systems remain understaffed frequently.

3) Specialist Medical Consultant Hiring Calculations To Oversee Major Surgeries and Complex Medical Scenarios

Consultants are the highest-ranking hospital doctors, and they are in charge of directing a group of doctors. A designated consultant will be assigned to each patient admitted to the facility. In most cases, they work in hospitals or in the community.

Major surgeries and complex medical conditions are the expertise of specialist medical consultants. Based on what the hospital has specialization in, the specialist medical consultant can be hired.

Top doctor recruiters suggest the preparation of employer branded materials built in a superlative manner to attract medical consultants to visit and use the services of your hospital. For hiring reputed medical consultants, hospitals usually take the services of medical recruitment agencies.

4) Consultant Doctor Requirements

Gathering and analyzing data, developing conclusions, and presenting results to customers in the form of suggestions are all part of a healthcare consultant’s job description. They may provide recommendations on pay, budgeting, and advertising.

Medical consultants can create treatment plans and strategies that are tailored to a client’s needs. A healthcare consultant’s job description may also involve assisting clients in identifying and resolving possible issues, such as in workflow or corporate operations, as well as providing advice on how to improve the performance of a hospital or medical center facility.

5) Number of Medical Interns and Trainees Hired Over a Year

Prospective physicians must do a one-year internship after completing their medical school, during which time they are allowed to practice medicine under the supervision of an experienced physician.

Most doctors go to a residency after finishing an internship, which is a time of study that allows them to specialize and learn more about a particular field of medicine. Medical interns and trainees help in assisting the doctors with patients’ care and should be hired accordingly.

Estimating Costs Based on Doctor Staffing Calculations

1) Compensation Per Role – Trainee, Assistant Doctors, Surgeons, Staff Doctors, Etc.

When determining the staffing cost, the first and most fundamental factor is the wage, which is the base salary that the physician gets for their services and hard work.

In general, the medical Interns and trainees have a salary of Rs. 2.5-3 lakhs per year. Junior and assistant doctors expect compensation of Rs. 4.5-6 lakhs annually.

The average salary of staff doctors in India ranges between 5-7 lakhs per year, while the surgeons earn between Rs 12-20 lakhs every year.

2) General Benefits – Differs From One Country or Region To Another

There are other benefits available to your doctor staff in addition to the standard income. In the cutthroat world of healthcare recruitment, these perks packages really make a difference.

If a hospital has enticing incentive packages, it will be able to recruit top staff faster than those that do not. The general benefits offered to the doctors vary from one country to another. In India, the salary and bonuses offered to doctors are higher in major cities when compared to smaller ones.

3) Life and Health Insurance Coverage

The insurance coverage types your hospital offers, such as life insurance, dental insurance, health insurance, long-term disability insurance, and so on, are what draws physicians the most and are also extremely essential needs to incorporate in determining the cost.

Most hospitals provide this insurance coverage at various prices, depending on their budget. Life and health insurance provides a blanket of safety to all the doctors, which makes it easier for them to take the job.

4) Holidays, Perks, And Other Types of Benefits

Doctors are offered planned and paid holidays of 30-45 days a year. Locum doctors can fill their positions when needed ( Hiring locum doctors can be costly depending on which doctor is being replaced.)

5) Other Expenses

The other expenses occur when the training steps are begun. There comes a moment when a hospital has to hold special sessions to ensure that physicians and current employees are on the same page about a variety of issues connected to normal work. These costs should be included in doctor staffing as well.

Each doctor needs his or her own workstation and office supplies. Every time a new doctor is employed, a long list of supplies must be acquired, which can cost up to a thousand dollars.

Compensation Differences Across Positions

General Practitioners And Doctor Assistants

General Practitioners are often in charge of emergency rooms and outpatient departments. They are the most natural doctors to start providing primary health care.

The role of assistant doctors, also known as PAs in India, is to assist the doctors in the treatment of patients in every way.

The salary of a General Practitioner could range from Rs 8 lakhs to Rs 12 lakhs a year, while that of assistant doctors is half the salary of their seniors – ranging from Rs. 5-6 lakhs.

Chief Physicians and Specialist Surgeons

A head physician is in control of medical problems and is frequently superior to other doctors.

A specialist surgeon is a doctor that specializes in diagnosing, treating, and managing patients with a specialized range of surgical problems that can affect practically any part of the body.

The salary of chief Physicians ranges between Rs 8-9 lakhs, while that of specialist surgeons ranges between Rs. 15-25 lakhs.

Specialists – Non-surgical procedures

Specialist doctors are the ones who are specialized in one field of medicine which does not include surgical procedures, like the doctors of radiology or cardiology. The annual salary of the specialists’ doctors is Rs. 20,00,000.

Heads of Departments

The head doctor who controls and oversees all the other departments of the hospital and clinic are known as heads of departments. The average salary of heads of departments in India is between Rs. 14,00,000- Rs. 45,00,000 per year.


There are a number of factors to be considered when determining the salary of a doctor for a particular position. This salary could differ across cities in India despite the similarity of a position and duties.

The salary paid in Bangalore or Mumbai, cities with a very high cost of living, would be 1.5x the salary paid to a doctor with similar roles in cities and small towns elsewhere.

When recruiting a doctor from another city, or even another country, you must figure out expenditures such as lodging or a stipend, as well as compensating travel costs for the last round of recruitment, when you must ask them to spend a day at your hospital and conduct in-depth interviews.

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