What Are The Types of RPO Models in Recruitment? Which is Right for You?

Types of RPO Models in Recruitment

When it comes to the job market, vacancies keep increasing, and candidates of all kinds are found to be searching for opportunities. In such a chaotic market, companies have the herculean task of recruiting the best of the best from this oversaturated space. Needless to say, this is not an easy task.

While the recruitment team of a company can find candidates to fill up a vacancy, finding well-performing, competent candidates with the right track records and skill sets is a different thing. Such a process will require the use of a lot of resources. Having an ever-expanding talent acquisition team and investing in the latest recruitment technologies and resources are simply not cost-effective.

In such cases, most companies opt for outsourcing recruitment processes to an RPO agency. What is RPO? What is the recruitment process outsourcing business model? How does the RPO model in recruitment bring outstanding results? Find answers to all these questions in this blog.

Find the answer to your question, “What is RPO Model in Recruitment?”

In the simplest terms, RPO stands for ‘recruitment process outsourcing. In this system, a company in need of more employees hires an external agency, called an RPO agency, a company offering recruitment process outsourcing services.

RPO agencies have teams with a lot of experience in screening and assessing candidates for specific industries, professions, and domains. A company generally leaves either the entire hiring process or a part of it in the hands of an RPO agency. An experienced RPO agency has expertise in quickly analyzing company needs, understanding the work culture of their clients, and finding the candidates that are not only eligible but also fit the culture of the company.

RPO agencies offer recruitment process outsourcing business models to support all kinds of manpower needs, both short-term and permanent. Outsourcing recruitment processes to these agencies make human resource acquisition highly efficient in terms of outcomes, costs, and time.

Also, RPO agencies have a lot of experience in hiring, which helps avoid any errors and makes them reliable in their jobs. The outsourcing recruitment process is simple, reliable, and cost-effective.

Let us further understand “what is RPO model in recruitment.”

Types Of RPO

RPO models in recruitment come in many forms. You can opt from any one of these to make sure the process of hiring best suits your own needs.

1. End-To End RPO or Full RPO

In end-to-end recruitment, you can leave the entire process of recruitment in the hands of the RPO company. This includes everything from screening and assessment to recruitment marketing and candidate outreach, as well as other services. As the name suggests, this model will give you the entire set of services that the agency can provide you.

If yours is a company that does not have its own team for recruiting, or if your team already has its hands full with something else, this model is best suited for you. Or, if you simply want the entire process to be in the hands of expert recruiters, this suits you as well!

2. Project RPO

Your company might have plans for an ambitious project that needs top-quality staff to bring it to fruition. Such staff might need to have very specific knowledge or skills for the project itself. Specializations in specific skills might be a tad bit difficult to find as well.

This is where a recruitment agency can step in.

A good RPO agency has all the required skills to handpick the right candidates for the project. All you would need to do is specify the skills you are looking for, and the RPO agency will tailor their headhunting to find the exact kind of candidates you are looking for.

3. Modular RPO

The market is highly unpredictable, and it is this unpredictable place that decides your rpo recruitment hiring process. There might be times when your internal recruitment team might be struggling to keep up with the high demands. Such difficulty in scaling up operations is a common problem.

The modular RPO model in recruitment is designed to support your internal recruitment teams in times like these. You can give parts of the process to the RPO agency and let your own team focus on more important parts. This helps you meet the upscale demands efficiently. Not only is this convenient, but also a practical solution as well to such issues.

4. Recruiter On Demand RPO

This has again to do with upscale demands. In case you are in a sudden need of fresh recruits, your own recruiting team can find it greatly taxing to find a high volume of recruits in a short span of time. This might lead to a fall in the quality of the new recruits. Such an issue can be easily avoided by on-demand RPO services. These services let you hire new employees to meet sudden demands without a hassle, ensuring timely and cost-effective recruitment. Time will be the biggest constraint for you in such cases, which will easily be eliminated by such services.

5. Hybrid RPO

A team is as strong as its weakest link. You might have your in-house recruitment team that is meant to handle all facets of recruiting, but your team might be lacking some expertise in one of the areas, like sourcing or assessment.

In such a case, you will greatly benefit from hiring an RPO agency to take up the work of that one particular part of the recruiting process to ensure the smooth functioning of the entire process without jeopardizing that one area. Such assistance can go a long way in making the process much smoother for both you and the candidates.

Which Type Of RPO Is Right For You? Choose A Model That Delivers the Following Benefits

1. Increases Quality Per Hire

Quality is always better than quantity. Hiring a high number of candidates in a short span of time might sound like an achievement, but none of it matters if the candidates are not suited for the job. An RPO agency can hire candidates of high quality while ensuring that they are presented to you as fast as possible without compromising on their quality.

2. Reduces Time To Hire

Efficiency is one of the key reasons why RPO models are popular among companies. They are qualified for hiring candidates across sectors, and their experience allows them to do it quickly and without any issues. Making sure that a vacancy gets filled as soon as possible also saves you money as a client.

3. Gets You Wider, Diverse, Better Talent Access

Most RPOs, including us, have access to a global network and a database of thousands of candidates. This allows for a diverse pool of talent from which you can select the best ones. Such diversity can also bring in individuals with more fresh, bolder ideas and increase productivity.

4. Boosts Talent Retention And Diversity

Companies often struggle with talent retention because their candidates leave due to having a poor culture fit. By taking the help of a good RPO agency, you can rest assured that the candidates brought up to you are perfectly suited for your company, increasing your company’s talent retention rate.

5. Delivers Insights To Improve Talent Acquisition Management And Cost-Efficiencies

The RPO process ensures seamless coordination and management. RPOs agencies are equipped to deal with all facets of management, from sourcing new applicants to making sure they contribute to the company in a holistic manner.

This process is even more beneficial for being cost-efficient, as your own company does not have to spend in order to acquire the resources needed for the entire talent acquisition process.


Outsourcing the recruitment process is one of the best solutions you can have regarding any hiring needs. It is fast, reliable, and simple while also being cost-effective. The numerous RPO models in recruitment allow you as a client to have all the flexibility you need without any compromise. Just select the recruitment process outsourcing business model you prefer and leave the rest to the agency.

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