Trends in Healthcare Staffing Agencies: What You Need to Know in 2023

healthcare staffing agencies.

Is your hospital still struggling with nursing talent shortages? Is your healthcare organization still witnessing high physician attrition and absenteeism? Is your outpatient volume going down because great doctors are not always available?

These scenarios are common to many hospitals and clinics in North America, Europe, and Asia. No surprise, a growing number of healthcare centers are hiring healthcare staffing agencies.

Will the scenarios continue?

Part of the reason your healthcare organization is still facing staffing issues is linked to how you are coping with new trends in healthcare staffing. There is no need to stay stagnant and keep outdated staffing practices when the healthcare industry landscape has transformed dramatically.

Here’s an overview of the key trends influencing healthcare staffing this year and in the future. We have also offered key insights shared by medical staffing agencies.

Nine Trends To Shape Healthcare Staffing in 2023 And Onwards

1. Rising Preference For Locum Tenens Medical Staffing

Is your healthcare center, hospital, clinic, or medical office well prepared for locum medical staffing? Being open to locum tenens or temp staffing does not indicate you are well prepared.

According to global healthcare staffing agencies, many healthcare organizations do not have the right workforce models and policies that optimize locum healthcare staffing practices. That is the first step. Instead of using locum tenens doctor staffing or temp nurse staffing desperately for emergency hiring, make it part of intelligent, organized workforce planning.

Hospitals and various medical service centers using local tenens physician and nurse staffing in a well-planned manner are seeing 20%-30% cost benefits in addition to better patient retention rates.

2. Increase in Global Medical Staffing

Your hospital or clinic is seeing a higher influx of patients but is not able to retain even 50% of the people who placed their trust in your organization – is that a reality?

Try to analyze the medical talent you have. Are you often short-staffed and using the medical staff of nearby agencies? Have you checked the patient satisfaction rates from such hires?

It is better to cast a wider, focused net to source great-quality medical talent, and that is possible when you go beyond local boundaries to source talent internationally.

International hiring has become a factor behind the success of many hospitals and clinics in the USA, Canada, the UK, the UAE, Singapore, and many other countries. It is going to continue providing a better reputation and higher competitive advantages to hospitals using diverse, high-quality global talent.

3. Technology-Driven Healthcare Staffing Approach

When doctors, nurses, and allied health professionals are surveyed, there remains no doubt that they prefer tech-enabled hiring models over outdated approaches.

The huge increase in competition in healthcare talent gives the best-qualified professionals a wider choice. Employers with engaging, helpful, fast, tech-led hiring methods gain a better workforce.

With medical recruitment agencies as partners, you do not have to invest in such tech-based infrastructure. They use their platforms and recruitment IT tools to manage everything from talent outreach to onboarding.

You not only attract quality professionals through the engaging, high-tech hiring methods of the healthcare recruitment agencies you partner with, but you can also quickly build a strong talent pipeline to quickly fill future vacancies.

4. New Hiring Models Gaining Popularity

Does your healthcare organization or clinic find it difficult to get efficient professionals for technical and non-clinical roles? How do you hire for roles such as clinical documentation specialist, bilingual health advisor, medical coding specialist, or client coordinator?

A variety of virtual and remote hiring models have come up for healthcare non-clinical and medical admin roles. You can outsource to an agency, hire freelancers from medical staffing agencies to meet peaks in work volume, create remote contractual positions, or have permanent remote positions.

It is time for healthcare organizations to revise workforce and staffing plans to make them more relevant to current hiring trends and best practices. You can consult with top healthcare staffing agencies to achieve better results.

5. Traditional Methods Losing Relevance

It is getting critical for healthcare centers to conduct internal checks and find out how many positions are filled using traditional methods of placing job adverts and onsite interviews. Digging deeper will reveal long delays in closing vacancies and higher rates of poor staffing decisions.

If you are going to fill doctor, nurse, and allied healthcare roles using such methods, there will be more biased or misfit hiring decisions leading to various issues and patient complaints.

A majority of younger medical professionals prefer mobile-optimized hiring methods, which is why more and more healthcare organizations are using modern hiring approaches and methods.

6. Growth In Medical Technology-Based Roles

It should not be a surprise to any hospital, medical office, nursing home, clinic, rehabilitation center, or care center that medical technology-based roles are on the increase. From diagnosis and pathology to patient care and treatment, all activities involve medical tech specialists.

You need to build strong talent communities and stay connected with certified professionals, for which it is ideal to have partnerships with healthcare staffing agencies. It makes it easier to hire biomedical technicians, recruit medical coders, or hire cardiovascular technicians, hemodialysis technicians, or patient database managers.

7. Virtual Healthcare Services Gaining Extensive Acceptance

Your hospital might still be considering hiring virtual healthcare professionals, but delays can cost you more than just a blotch on your reputation. Your loyal patients can quickly shift to using the services of a healthcare provider who has better telehealth and virtual medicine services.

To get more people to sign up for your health services, virtual diagnosis, virtual medical counseling, and telehealth facilities have become the most powerful tools. Finding the best medical professionals becomes possible by taking the services of healthcare recruitment agencies.

8. Hike in Talent Demand For New Range of Healthcare Services

So many roles have become inevitable for a healthcare organization’s success, but they did not even exist 10-12 years back. Your hospital might not have had remote roles in virtual medicine, patient care coordination, or virtual second opinion and imaging analysis. But it is the right time to have these roles and have a wider patient base.

Medical recruitment agencies report a growing popularity for such roles in leading hospitals across the USA, Canada, the UAE, and Europe.

9. Higher Compensation Demands Continue

There are reports of millions of doctors and nursing professionals leaving their jobs in the wake of the pandemic. There are so many new opportunities for medical professionals in counseling, medical-legal firms, and medical technology centers, where flexible work hours and benefits are more lucrative.

The rising shortage and competition have hiked compensation demands. But there are ways to overcome rising staffing costs. Medical staffing agencies report that new hiring models support better compensation management and more profitable options for employers.

How Healthcare Staffing Agencies Help You Leverage Trends And Increase Benefits?

The best healthcare staffing agencies are those that can offer you more than just general recruitment support. Choose healthcare recruitment agencies that are capable of leveraging the best medical recruitment practices and adopting new trends with efficiency.

You might have to partner with multiple companies to cover your organization-wide needs: medical staffing, hospital admin staffing, hospital IT staffing, pharmacist staffing, medical technicians staffing, and virtual healthcare staffing.

Make a checklist of your needs. It is ideal to have at least one partner that can meet a wide range of your healthcare staffing needs. Find medical staffing agencies that offer services customized to your unique, current scenarios that overcome pain points and improve specified outcomes.

Partnering with healthcare recruitment agencies can boost your business growth, reputation, and patient base. Find partners providing these services and solutions.

  • Excellent Locum Medical Staffing Solutions
  • Extensive Global Medical Talent Sourcing Solutions
  • Best Recruitment Technology Systems and Tech-Led Approaches
  • Growing Virtual Healthcare Talent Resources
  • Abilities To Quickly Fill Emerging Roles in Healthcare Industry
  • Compensation Research and Benchmarking
  • Onboarding Support

Efficient healthcare recruitment agencies will not only help you adopt the latest trends and improve your talent acquisition metrics but also ensure outcomes that take your staffing efficiencies and operations management to the next level.
These are the outcomes you can count on when partnering with competent healthcare staffing agencies:

  • Customized Approaches
  • Better Talent Retention Support
  • Fast Placements
  • Support in Implementing New Hiring Models
  • Healthcare Staffing Cost Savings
  • Higher Talent Availability And Workforce Productivity
  • Boost Healthcare Organizations’ Operations Management

Going Forward

There is much more to explore when it comes to emerging healthcare recruitment trends. Global medical staffing agencies are your best support systems for finding any hard-to-locate talent needs. Also, top medical recruitment agencies will help you improve workforce models and create systems to fill posts without leaving the positions vacant for 5-10 days.

You can take inspiration from healthcare organizations in the UAE and GCC countries that partner with global medical recruitment agencies in India sourcing highly-qualified talent for hundreds of roles from cities across India and locations worldwide. Through the services of the global healthcare staffing agencies in India, hospitals have been able to finalize new hires within 10-30 days of sharing requirements.

To learn more about how much your healthcare organization can benefit, get in touch with one of the best global healthcare staffing agencies – Alliance International.

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Q 1. How Are Healthcare Staffing Agencies Different From General Staffing Agencies?

Ans. Healthcare staffing agencies have access to specialized medical and non-clinical healthcare talent pools across the country. They understand the challenges of attracting top healthcare talent and overcome them through their knowledge of healthcare jobs, healthcare staffing trends, and expert engagement techniques.

Also, professionals from the industry connect with healthcare recruiters to find career opportunities. Therefore you have much better chances of quickly finding the right-fit talent when you partner with healthcare recruiters.

Q 2. What Services Do Healthcare Recruiters Provide?

Ans. Healthcare staffing agencies offer talent sourcing and recruitment services for hiring doctors, nurses, allied healthcare staff, medical technicians, pharmacists, and other professionals required in a healthcare organization. Their wide talent access enables employers to overcome short-staffing issues and quickly fill vacancies.

Q 3. What is the Benefit of Partnering With Healthcare Recruitment Agencies in India?

Ans. India has one of the biggest healthcare talent pools and is among the key centers for medical tourism. The talent availability of qualified medical professionals is immense. Healthcare recruitment agencies in India also have wide connections with Indian healthcare talent working in global locations.

Your healthcare organization can find certified, knowledgeable, and efficient medical and non-clinical professionals within 10-30 days without incurring high costs.

Q 4. How to Hire Locum Tenens Doctors and Nurses Through Healthcare Staffing Agencies?

Ans. Share your monthly or annual local tenens doctor staffing and nurse staffing requirements with the agency. Find out which positions they can fill and in what time frames. Get started with a recruitment project.

Q 5. What is the Cost of Healthcare Staffing Services?

Ans. The cost of healthcare staffing is very less if you choose to outsource recruitment and not invest in large in-house resources. You only have to pay a fee per successful hire. You can cut down on all other costs – advertising, talent attraction, conferences, networking, recruitment technology, HR admin, etc.