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Industry Training Courses in Talent Acquisition and Recruiting!

Alliance International is a company offering talent acquisition solutions and services worldwide. We launched a talent acquisition training center to provide industry training to students and young professionals seeking a career in HR and talent acquisition.

Talent acquisition is a field that is fast expanding with hundreds of new trends, practices, methods, technologies, rules and regulations, and functions shaping it and transforming it.

A degree or certification course that does not help you practice and learn will not be as effective and useful as talent acquisition training courses that give you exposure and experience comparative to actual work experience.

The talent acquisition courses offered by Alliance International focus on providing learning and training experiences based on real-world talent acquisition scenarios, challenges, and practices. You find hands-on training while carrying out the tasks you are learning.

Key Features of The Course

  • Focus on actual work and practices
  • Introduction to all key concepts and knowledge areas from practical perspectives
  • Hands-on experience-based training sessions to practice talent acquisition tasks
  • Future-focused, tech-enabled, data-driven talent acquisition techniques and practices
  • Live project work (as an external talent acquisition executive)
  • Comprehensive course that covers all key talent acquisition functions for young professionals
  • Training in expertly using diverse recruitment tools

Do not lose great job opportunities because you are unable to score well in assessments and job tests! Practical training gives you strong situational judgment skills and makes it easier to respond to tough questions dealing with.

To quickly climb up the ladder of career success, you need an in-depth understanding of the talent acquisition field and the methods to achieve outcomes for clients despite various challenges. It is an exciting job if you are a people person and like interacting with people and identifying opportunities for them – employers and job seekers.

Our talent acquisition course will help you develop and strengthen these skills by giving you insights into real-world talent acquisition projects and processes.

Are you seeking a career in the talent acquisition and recruitment field? Do not miss this opportunity to learn from the best talent acquisition experts with extensive experience and knowledge! Contact us!

How Practical Training Differs From Talent Acquisition Online Courses

  • Get training from professionals who have shaped talent acquisition projects for hundreds of companies.
  • Learn difficult concepts through practical techniques and project work.
  • Get access to the best talent acquisition tools and specialized knowledge resources.
  • Learn to competently use talent acquisition technologies and techniques working on real-world scenarios.
  • Get guidance in framing job descriptions, resume screening, and other hiring activities.
  • Get practical knowledge of how talent mapping is done and client specifications are managed.
  • Work on passive, active, and remote talent sourcing strategies and methods
  • Get professional training in carrying out candidate outreach, talent attraction, and recruitment marketing functions.

For people planning a career in talent acquisition and recruitment, the ability to practically work on any task is more important than just having an abstract knowledge of how processes are done. It is only through industry training you build the skills to take on real talent acquisition work with confidence and add value to it.

Add value to your career aspirations, your skills, and to your candidature for a job in a talent acquisition division or recruitment company.

Find out about our practical- and classroom-training-based beginner talent acquisition training courses and talent acquisition specialist courses. Book a session to find out about talent acquisition career options and training needs.

Talent Acquisition Training Courses For All Levels

As a newbie in the world of talent acquisition, how much do you know of niche markets, recruitment technology skills, subject matter expertise, specialized assessments, and long-term talent needs?

Talent acquisition requires long-term planning and a well-researched, knowledgeable approach to defining the long-term talent needs of a company for permanent positions across seniority levels. Along with that, talent acquisition professionals also need to design approaches for short-term talent needs and how those can be met.

To manage such highly responsible activities, we offer comprehensive training so that our students can become valuable assets in any talent acquisition team. We cover a wide range of topics through on-demand, customized course options.

Starting from beginners without experience in professional talent acquisition work to young professionals wishing to become talent acquisition specialists, everyone can benefit from our talent acquisition courses.

Key Topics Covered In Our Talent Acquisition Courses

  • Talent Acquisition Fundamentals
  • Talent Sourcing Strategies
  • Talent Acquisition Approaches And Models
  • Tech-Enabled Talent Search And Outreach
  • Latest talent acquisition and hiring trends
  • Managing difficult talent management requirements
  • Expertly using talent sourcing and recruitment tools
  • Talent mapping and outreach systems and techniques
  • Best Practices in Talent Sourcing
  • Improving Job Descriptions And Advertising
  • Managing Talent Planning for Hard-to-Fill Positions
  • Assessments And Screening
  • Mobile And Virtual Hiring
  • Diversity, Inclusion, And Non-Discrimination Practices
  • Candidate Experience Best Practices
  • Interview Best Practices
  • Social Media Recruiting
  • Virtual And Mobile-Optimized Recruiting
  • Technology-Based Recruitment Management
  • Getting Onboarding Right

Our talent acquisition training center does not limit learning. You let us know about your existing skills and career goals and find out what kind of batches and learning programs will best suit you.

Share your questions about our training courses without any hesitation!

Talent Acquisition Specialist Courses

In a majority of cases, companies across India prefer hands-on experience and practical skills when looking to fill HR recruiter training and talent acquisition positions. It is one of the reasons why we designed courses that focus on actual work and talent acquisition operations.

Our practical, industry-training-based talent acquisition courses offer much more than talent acquisition online courses in terms of an industry perspective that employers will find more valuable.

Whether you are looking for beginner-level talent acquisition courses or talent acquisition specialist courses, find the right training options at our center. Even if you have done a talent acquisition online course, to get practical work experience and fast-track your career, you can join our training courses.

Contact us and find out all the details!