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Talent acquisition is one of the most vital activities any company undergoes. Regardless of the type or level of the open positions, every role will have a direct impact on the bottom line of your organization. As a leading next generation manpower recruitment company in Delhi, Alliance International is dedicated to providing companies with top quality and affordable staffing solutions. We rely on innovative recruitment strategies and our vast network of professionals operating across various industries, to ease your talent acquisition and recruitment experience. Our recruitment consultants are always available to discuss your staffing needs.

As an in-house recruiter or any other HR professional, your plate may already be full. As important as it sounds, talent acquisition and management is a task that consumes both time and resources, diminishing the productivity of your organization. At Alliance International, we live and breathe personnel recruitment which means, you can fully focus on your core competencies while our experts get you the best talent that your company needs. As one of the top tier manpower recruitment agencies in Delhi, serving leading corporations overseas, you can rely on our teams to find the right candidate that can get the job done effectively.

Top-notch Manpower Recruitment in Delhi

At Alliance International, we consider it is our job to keep your organization on track with innovative and effective manpower recruitment solutions. With our strong relationships with diverse industry professionals and the expertise of our personnel recruitment specialists, we can guarantee to offer you exceptional manpower recruitment services in Delhi, throughout India or even overseas. The dedication of our teams to staying updated on modern trends and techniques in staffing solutions, have made us one of the leading manpower recruitment companies in Delhi as well as internationally. Contact our staffing professionals today!

At Alliance International, we want to make your staffing experience as easy as possible by finding the perfect employee for you. Submit a staffing request and tell us a little about the perfect candidate in your mind. Our recruitment consultants will reach out to you with a free of charge, no obligation consultation, to discuss your staffing needs and specifics. You can count on our teams of experts to find and place the top talent of any area of expertise, that best matches your requirements and specifics. Alliance International is all about delivering custom staffing solutions, that can attract the right professional your company needs today.

International Manpower Company in Delhi

As an international manpower agency who has been in service for 10 years, we have refined every step of our recruitment process, from sourcing, interviewing, screening and recommendation of candidates. Our teams work alongside your hiring managers and will never rest until we find the ideal candidate that is a perfect fit for the position as well as for your organization.

  • Development of a Unique Recruitment Strategy

    Every role and business is different from one another, which is why our teams work closely with you to gain a thorough understanding of the nature of your open positions, business and operations. This will be helpful to us in developing a unique recruitment strategy and determining the ideal candidates who can fill the open positions.

  • Candidate Sourcing

    At Alliance International, we source candidates from multiple channels. Relationships with our vast network of professionals operating across various industries and the use of modern and innovative candidate sourcing methods such as social media platforms, enable our recruitment consultants to attract the top talent of any area of expertise.

  • Interviewing of Candidates

    Our recruitment specialists have the expertise to conduct interviews tailored to your requirements and specifics. We will assess the candidates against your criteria throughout the interview and evaluate whether they have what it takes to effectively handle the position under consideration. The exceptional interviewing skills of our experts can get you the best talent.

  • Screening and Recommendation

    Once the interviews are over, we conduct a thorough screening process to find the best candidates who have the skills, qualifications, experience as well as personal traits that match your search criteria. We will offer you a shortlisted version of recommended candidates where you can decide who will ultimately fill the open positions.

Why Choose Alliance Manpower Recruitment?

Although our recruiting and staffing process provides a more modern and digital presence coupled with social media candidate sourcing and tailored direct mail campaigns, it is our recruitment consultants’ dedication and expertise that separates us from the other manpower recruitment agencies and produces outcomes to our clients in order to achieve their staffing objectives.

  • We Employ Only The Best

    Our recruitment consultants are committed to improving your business success by connecting you with qualified, skilled and experienced professionals. At Alliance Manpower Recruitment, our services are all about getting you the best talent throughout the industry that can get your job done. Contact our professionals and submit a staffing request today.

  • Web 2.0 Technologies

    In this digital age, our teams are highly focused on sourcing potential candidates from social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook as we believe these technologies have a bigger potential than traditional methods. We also make use of direct targeted mail strategies to source the ideal candidates that match your requirements and specifics.

  • Searches Tailored to Your Specific Needs

    Our handpicked staffing consultants can find the best talent. We recommend only the finest and brightest professionals and specialists operating within the various ends of your industry. Our teams are dedicated to connecting you to the best talent that can fill up openings in your teams. Our services are all about delivering the ideal candidate.