Manpower Hiring Agency

Manpower Hiring Agency

Alliance International is a specialist in manpower hiring services. We deliver staffing and headhunting services to hundreds of clients every year. Our recruitment expertise, developed and fine-tuned over ten years, translates to optimum benefits from cost, time, outcome, and recruitment management perspectives.

A global manpower hiring agency, we have worked with employers worldwide, and understood the hiring process and practices of companies as diverse as multinationals and small manufacturers. If your organization is searching for a manpower hiring companythat can take care of all their manpower resource needs, find the right experts at your disposal. We can provide you with suitable manpower in the shortest possible time.

Our manpower hiring services come in affordable packages. We can take care of your entire recruitment cycle processes or a part of it, allowing you as much flexibility as you need when it comes to recruitment management. Contact us to know more!

One of the Top Manpower Hiring Company

Our manpower hiring agency has the experienced team to deliver advisory services to international businesses and organizations for sourcing manpower resources for any project. You need never worry about getting the right teams or professionals for new divisions, initiatives, business operations or for expanding your existing operations. We offer manpower hiring services for temporary, contractual and remote positions too. Give us a call, and we will help you meet all your talent acquisition needs.

You might be looking to enter a new market in a new geographic location, let not finding human resources to run your operations worry you. Our manpower hiring company has teams across the world. Whether you want to launch an office or manufacturing unit in the USA, Canada or in Europe or Asia, you will find competent manpower hiring specialists to help you get the professionals you need. We offer manpower resources for any function or industry horizontal – administration, sales, IT, engineering, finance, content management, data management, HR, etc. Get in touch with our manpower hiring agency once, and find out how you can enhance staffing outcomes or get the best candidates for managerial and leadership positions.

Experienced Manpower in Hiring Agency

A manpower hiring agency delivering services for a decade, we have competency in framing custom approaches to meet client recruitment needs however diverse their scenarios, demands, workplace practices, or culture.

Our recruiting assistance is not limited to shortlisting candidates, but they extend to include the following services:

  • Guidance and consultation

    Our recruiters and headhunters offer consultation services to job seekers and employer teams. Job seekers get to know authentic information about skills, academic records, documentation, certifications and training, legal matters, etc. with regards to employment opportunities for businesses across sectors and geographies. Employers understand the working culture, remuneration and legal requirements, diversity factors when they want to hire manpower outsourcing services from any region in the world.

  • Comprehensive background checks

    By means of various referencing tests, we are able to perform a thorough investigation into the background of the relevant applicants. Our review takes into account discovering information not only about specific experience but also about social and ethical competencies. These activities ensure the reliability of each applicant for the assigned position.

  • Negotiation and Consultation

    Employers can opt not to get involved in lengthy negotiations or discussions about monetary factors, workplace practices and culture, etc. Our manpower hiring company agents will offer assistance with all these matters, serving in the best interests of employers while ensuring that potential employees have all the right information to make a career decision. A proper channel of communication and reporting allows employers and potential hires to understand mutual expectations and find the best solutions.

  • Experienced team for each industry

    Through long years of recruiting experience within different sectors, we have built an expert team for each industry, including IT, ITeS, manufacturing, retail, healthcare, hospitality, engineering, construction, warehousing, etc. Each team has its own database and pool of contacts limiting the needed time for hiring the suitable manpower for any business.

  • Affordable packages

    Our manpower hiring company is highly transparent about pricing and fees. We offer a range of affordable packages as well as cater to the interests of elite manpower resource needs. With competitive pricing options and flexible business models, you will be able to meet all your manpower needs while cutting down on hiring costs.

Why Alliance International for Manpower Hiring Services?

Our manpower hiring agency takes much pride in its experienced team, their ability to smoothly deliver the results expected by our clients. Ingenious strategies, well-established approaches, superior client and candidate engagement skills enhance the outcomes for each client. Through the outstanding and innovative recruiting services, our manpower hiring company has helped more than 10,000 clients achieve their manpower goals in the best possible way.

Some points worth mentioning:

  • Strong global presence in many regions has helped our clients to hire talented professionals, managers and leaders anywhere in the North Americas, Asia, the Middle East, and Europe.
  • Over 10+ years, we have established millions of connections, enhancing the richness of our talent pools.
  • Experience in fulfilling requirements for 50-100 positions at a time, and our ability to scale up recruitment campaigns has assisted the expansion plans of hundreds of clients.
  • Sophisticated candidate search tools supported by automated data collection and analysis tools reduces the overall candidate selection time.
  • Abilities to handle a range of virtual recruitment needs has helped numerous clients manage recruitment costs and outcomes.
  • Expertise in screening and identifying the best-fit candidates for various positions has allowed us to select candidates that meet a variety of criteria – hard and soft skills, experience, linguistic abilities, training, industry exposure, technical knowledge, problem solving abilities, etc.

There are many more benefits! Contact us!