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The companies in Bangalore are currently looking for manpower, just to expand their business deals to a completely new sector. And that’s when you have to get along with us at Alliance International. We are providing you with the comprehensive forms of manpower consultancy Bangalore services, which are suitable for your needs.

We will be there to help you find the right candidates through our recruitment consultants in Bangalore. They are trained professionals, and would always like to present you with comprehensive forms of recruitment services. So, without any further ado, let’s jump right into the service through our recruitment consultancy in Bangalore packages.

Recruitment Consultants In Bangalore With The Best Deals:

Our recruitment consultants in Bangalore are known for their friendly behavior and we would like to present you with all sorts of help possible. We have teamed up with the reputed experts, and would like to offer you with comprehensive help on the entire recruitment procedure recruitment in pune and bangalore.

There are loads of interesting services available, and we choose to offer you with the best deals. So, without wasting your time further, we would like to offer you with comprehensive forms of services, for the right deals on the recruitment solutions, over here.

Recruitment Agency In Bangalore With Good Help:

Is this your first time, when you are trying to deal with the recruitment consultancy in Bangalore? If so, then the entire procedure might turn out to be a little bit confusing. But the fact is there are loads of added services, which are hard for you to miss. We are going to check on your interest level and the kind of services, we have in store for you. After that, we will offer you with comprehensive help, in this segment.

Recruitment Services In Bangalore – Values We Follow:

Now, you have to be very specific while you are dealing with recruitment services, as you can see in Bangalore. We follow the state’s rules and regulations, before proceeding further with the consultancy services. Different states have their own set of different values. And we would like to help you by making the right choice over here. So, join hand with our recruitment agency in Bangalore, and you will never be out of options, over here.

There are loads of interesting pieces of services, which we have in store for you. For us, choosing the right kind of candidate is not the end of story. We are going to help you in making proper selection, when it comes to candidates. If you have anyone in mid and just want to check its criminal background and other checks, you can count on us.

We will help you to get an accurate detail of the people, and will help you to be sure, before you happen to make any decision, and recruit somebody. The process is always going to act in your favor, to be sure.

Manpower Agency In Bangalore With Quality Help:

For the first timers trying to work with the manpower agency in Bangalore, the packages are always going to act in your favor. There are loads of interesting sets of services, which are hard for you to miss out, as well. But, we will help you to make the right decision, over here.

Recruitment Services In Bangalore – Best One From Us:

In case, this is your first time to start with the process, revolving around recruitment services in Bangalore, then you might want to learn a bit more about the types available first. From checking the visa of the candidates to other necessary documents, we take our work seriously.

And the best part is that the candidates are always requested to visit our company with accurate documents. After receiving those documents from their sides, we are going to check and re-check those again to avoid missing out on any fraud cases.

  • We have separate international manpower recruitment services too, as we would like to expand our work on a global basis.
  • If you want to be placed with some of the best MNCs in Bangalore, then we have the right notes for you. We will connect with you with the employers, looking for candidates, like you.
  • Our team does not take much time while handling recruitment services. We value time and know how precious it is. Therefore, we will finish our services within the noted time.
  • The best part is that we are not going to charge you much for our services.
  • We are working for the masses. So, even if you have limited budget, you can catch up with us for the right help.

Choose Us Now:

For any other information in manpower and recruitment services, catch up with us. Our team would like to present you with interesting forms of services, and without burning a hole in the pocket. We are always there by your side, for immediate services.


Q. What is manpower consultancy?

A. Manpower consultants study the human resource needs or the manpower requirements of client companies and design talent acquisition solutions to fulfill the specified requirements. Manpower consultants help organizations find and hire the right manpower for any project, program, initiative, division, or branch office. They help fill permanent, temp, remote, and cross-border vacancies.

Q. What does manpower consultancy do?

A. Manpower consultants offer end-to-end talent acquisition services to employers while helping job seekers find the right fit placement opportunities. Job seekers connect with manpower consultancy firms in Bangalore to find jobs in a particular industry or practice areas within the city or other locations worldwide. The services of manpower consultants comprise workforce planning, permanent staffing, temp staffing, work-from-home staffing, cross-border recruitment, and project-based recruitment.

Q. Who are the best manpower consultants in Bangalore?

A. Alliance International has the best manpower consultants in Bangalore. The global manpower consultancy company offers excellent, personalized, and comprehensive manpower services. The manpower consultants of Alliance International help reduce talent acquisition costs by up to 70% and significantly increase the quality per hire.

Q. How do I find the best manpower consultancy in Bangalore?

A. Contact Alliance International and find the best manpower consultants in Bangalore. This is a company that has offered manpower consultancy services for 12+ years and facilitated the placement of hundreds of thousands of qualified professionals from 50+ industry segments. The manpower consultants of Alliance International help you find the best-match manpower in terms of skills, knowledge, experience, track records, academic qualifications, and other requirements while reducing the time and cost per hire by 60% or more.

Q. What is Alliance international?

A. Alliance International is a global manpower consultancy and recruitment company that fulfills the enterprise-wide manpower needs of employers across industry sectors. We have a specialized arm for IT sector recruitment and IT outsourcing. Over 12+ years, we have completed about 20,000 recruitment projects for organizations of all sizes. Our clients include global Fortune 500 companies, large international corporations, startups and SME businesses, nonprofit organizations, and educational institutions.

Q. What are the top 3 skills of manpower consultants?

A. Marketing Skills: Manpower consultants need to correctly market a job, fetch qualified applicant pools, and bring great outcomes to job seekers and employers.

Technology Skills: Most recruitment activities need to be managed using technology tools in an expert manner to ensure less time to hire and cost per hire.

Organization Skills: Organization skills help manpower consultants to manage hiring activities in an optimized manner.

Q. How do you talk to a manpower consultant?

A. To enhance outcomes, consult with a manpower consultant fully prepared, i.e., with all the information, such as the number of positions to be filled, position-based specs, business requirements, and the types of employment contracts you are offering.

Q. What are the T & C to start the work on our manpower consultancy profile?

A. Terms and conditions are based on position type, industry, and scope of manpower needs. To know about the terms and conditions for your recruitment needs, please get in touch with us.

Q. How much do manpower consultancy firms charge?

A. Please let us know about your recruitment project to get a free quote.

Q. How to apply on your website?

A. If you are looking for job opportunities, please sign in as a job seeker and post your resume or CV.

If you are looking for consultancy and recruitment services, please contact us. A recruitment consultant for your industry will reach out to you.

Q. Do you take any charges from the candidate?

A. We do not take any charges from candidates for any placement service.

Q. What happens if the employee leaves?

A. If anyone hired through our agency leaves within 90 days of accepting a job offer, we offer free replacement services.

Q. How do you handle candidate referencing?

A. For detailed academic, professional and personal reference checks, a nominal fee is charged. When you choose our end-to-end recruitment services, reference checks are part of the contract.