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Covid 19 has had a high impact on the working culture. Most employees – in-house or remote are working from home. Constant efforts are also made to keep the technologies at par for people working from home. One major concern that resides here is employee engagement. Well, this is an issue that can be solved with strategic steps. Go ahead and read the article to find how you can improve employee engagement and improve loyalty, integrity, and commitment levels among employees.


Remote working means working from a location that is not within the offices or sites of an organization. When a company hires a remote employee or team, it is done with the knowledge that the team has all the resources to work efficiently and the experience to manage work on their own and optimize outcomes.

There are hundreds of applications or business proposals that a company gets when it looks to hire remote teams. Overseas employment agencies help companies make the right decisions. Such agencies help you find remote teams that have the right infrastructure, skilled manpower and track records that best suit your operational needs.

This is one of the reasons why companies have started to expand their teams through remote working arrangements. Remote teams with the resources and experts to manage work help organizations improve their business processes and services management.

If you are planning to engage remote teams and employees for your projects or business process management, it is important to make the right choices. Working with overseas recruitment agencies in India helps you choose the right virtual teams. After getting the right team, the next step is to enhance employee engagement.

Factors To Improve Employee Engagement in Remote Culture

As employee engagement became a prime concern, methods to develop a solution to this problem became necessary. Here are some suggestions that have helped companies win the trust of employees, engage with them meaningfully, and improve their operations management in the wake of the Covid 19 global pandemic.

1. Tracking and Analysis Of Work

It is easy to digress from the actual work. The best way to keep employees motivated towards the work is to keep track of the work and analyze them. Remote or in-house employees are all working from home in the wake of the pandemic.

Working from home can be a little distracting with pets or children loitering around the house, or the loud noise of neighbors’ music systems can play a role in distracting the person from work. So, the best way is to keep a task updation system in a manner that daily progress can be checked with ease and without micro supervision.

Overseas employment agencies have the experience of making remote team recruitment successful for many companies. If you are planning to recruit remote teams, working with overseas recruitment agencies in India helps you not only in making the right sourcing decisions but also expert advice with employee engagement.

2. Improved Communication

Communication plays a significant role in bringing about the best in an employee. When one understands they have a say in decision-making, they tend to work more proactively. Expert overseas recruitment agencies in India offer superior quality consulting and advisory services to frame strategies for higher employee engagement.

Video calls, phones, separate team chats, and feedback portals can be used to increase employee engagement and communication. There are numerous applications and systems available to enhance communication with and among remote teams. Through consultation with competent overseas recruitment agencies in India, you could make the right decisions about technology investment to improve collaboration and communication with and among remote employees.

3. Technology Incorporation To Keep Office Hours On Right Path

When it comes to remote working, the availability of employees plays an important role in project management and timely completion. As the Covid 19 cases continue to spike, there are hundreds of restrictions that professionals face to continue work. Mental health issues, family emergencies, self-quarantine, health and safety of children, these issues do not permit an employee to be available at all times.

There are many overseas recruitment agencies in India that have offered excellent advice to manage such situations in the best possible way. They suggest measures, techniques, applications, and tools that require zero or very minimal investment to acquire and maintain. Through these systems, a remote employee can easily notify about availability and hours worked on a daily basis.

It is no longer possible to force an employee to maintain 9-5 working hours every day and maintain workloads. Absenteeism increases as employees who need flexible working hours cannot manage the 9-5 schedules. Consult with good overseas recruitment agencies in India and find out how remote teams in India can be efficiently managed and their performance improved.

4. Follow The Trust Culture

Building trust is less about relaxing supervision and more about maintaining a liberal approach to work management. Allow remote employees working from home the flexibility to choose work availability hours on their own – trust them to complete tasks as per project requirements.

In self-quarantine or when loved ones are in self-quarantine, it would be difficult to follow traditional work routines. Ask employees how much work they can commit to complete during the day, if they can compensate for missing hours over the week or during early mornings or evenings. Through informal discussions and a liberal approach, employees are motivated to give their best performance over the week.

Also, get feedback from employees on what could help them give better performance and productivity. Try to implement some of the measures and see the transformation that increased trust and loyalty bring.

5. Revise Employee Benefits Packages Following Surveys

It is difficult for an individual to manage work innovatively and creatively when he or she needs family members in hospitals or in need of constant care. The stress and anxiety levels increase to a new high, and such individuals often go on leave for a week or month to remain mentally stable while dealing with tough personal and family situations.

Many overseas recruitment agencies in India have helped their clients to revise employee benefits to control their rising attrition rate, absenteeism, etc. Some companies offer better health insurance and mental health support packages, while others are enhancing their teleworking, flexible hours, and caregiver support policies.

Find out through employee surveys and one-to-one employee engagement what are the factors that would keep them motivated to continue working and give improved performances.


Merits of Remote Work for the Organization

1. Capable to Attract Talent

As mentioned by many overseas employment agencies, the modern workforce is not always open to the traditional workplace culture and policies. Individual rights, flexibility, motivation, so many factors shape the modern workforce.

Companies across the globe and across sectors that allow remote working options, flexible work hours, and policies that acknowledge individual freedom attract a much more dynamic workforce. Such companies are also able to control their attrition rates.

2. Access to Diverse Talent Pools Across Different Geographical Locations

Companies that offer remote working options and have adopted policies that support working from home are able to hire from diverse and enriched talent pools at different geographic locations.

With the help of capable overseas employment agencies in India, thousands of companies have found their ideal teams and a quality virtual workforce amidst the Covid 19 pandemic too. The resultant outcomes include better digital service quality, the ability to increase the scope of their projects, and the resources to enhance digitalized work management. Overseas employment agencies also offer consulting solutions for onboarding of cross-border remote teams.

3. Keep the Productivity up to the Mark

It is difficult to maintain employee engagement and morale as the Covid 19 pandemic continues to threaten not only life and physical health but also mental health. A significant percentage of staff obliged to work on-site and within offices are facing various physical and mental health issues. Offering remote or working from home options are allowing companies to retain their employees.

4. Cuts down Operations Costs

Remote working also helps in cutting down operations costs. These include employee maintenance costs, the cost of keeping the office updated, checking technologies, and several other costs that can be easily cut down.

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Q 1. What has COVID-19 taught us about employee engagement?

Ans. Although companies faced challenges in reorganizing their management styles during COVID-19, they also learned new lessons about employee engagement. Companies have understood that emotional connections between team members and employee groups play a critical role in increasing morale and productivity. This, in turn, has a positive impact on factors such as loyalty, retention, and commitment to achieving project goals.

Q 2. What factors improve employee engagement?

Ans. Some key factors influencing employee engagement include a collaborative leadership style, constructive feedback, and a work culture that promotes recognition of efforts made for efficiency improvements.

Q 3. What is employee engagement during remote working?

Ans. The methods for employee engagement in remote working can vary from one business type to another. Some factors include assigning tasks on time with clear instructions and goals, ensuring that people have clearly understood work requirements and instructions, remaining in touch 2-3 times a day through short 5-minute group meetings, and building an environment of responsibility and mutual trust.

Q 4. What is the impact of remote working on an organization?

Ans. Remote working can offer companies numerous benefits if business leaders understand how to strategically implement remote working in a manner that fosters superior talent acquisition, higher productivity, increased collaboration, and business expansion.