How To Hire A Head Chef & What To Look For

How To Hire A Head Chef & What To Look For

No matter the best position, decoration, or variety of cuisines of your restaurant, it is difficult to run the show without an expert head chef. It is not only the preparation process or the taste that matters in running the show, but the presentation, customization, and fusion of foods that matters most to running a successful restaurant business. The head chef plays a pivotal role in increasing the restaurant’s traffic, and food lovers often head to a restaurant considering the name and fame of the head chef. If you are looking for a head chef for your restaurant business, it is time to know what qualities you should consider and how to hire a head chef. It is time to know a bit in detail on the subject so that you hire the best talent and successfully run your business.

The hiring process

If the food is the artery and the body’s veins, the head chef is considered the heart and brain of any restaurant. It is not only overseeing the menu selection and food preparations; the head chef is responsible for brand building and the overall image of the restaurant. Therefore you should hire someone with strong leadership skills who can become a role model to other staff members.

Define the qualities you want

While looking for head chef hiring, you need to define the qualities you want to have in him or her. One of the most desirable qualities you should always consider first is the experience of different cuisines, particularly those on your menu. Someone who is an expert in making Mughlai dishes will not be the best to make Mexican gourmets. Thus it would help if you created a specific job description before you call interested candidates for the job and take interviews.

Look at the temperament

It is not yelling and being rude to the staff in the kitchen that makes a good head chef, and it is much beyond that. While deciding on how to hire a head chef, one thing that should come to your mind is to look at temperament. The head chef should handle the kitchen’s daily pressures successfully and show leadership skills to other staff members working from the front in any stressful situation.

The cooking qualities

While hiring a chef, find out how good he or she is at preparing various dishes. The best chefs always give attention to the minutest details for preparing the cuisines and properly serving them. As you expect the best from the chef, you should ensure the chef can deliver the best. Apart from cooking qualities, the chef should be responsible for the selection of the menu, alterations in them, and experimenting with various fusion gourmets. It is similar to the artwork in the kitchen, and the best chefs leave no stone unturned to make the finest dishes that will be loved by all and be an instant hit. Avoid hiring chefs who are a stereotype in cooking or giving cooking ideas. They should be urged to experiment and bring out some of the best dishes that are unique and their specialty.

Should have teaching skills

The best chefs not only cook the best and unique cuisines, but they also teach other staff. They are like an educator to other kitchen members and should be passionate about helping them. They should train the kitchen staff on maintaining the highest quality; make them knowledgeable about the nutritional facts and many other aspects. The staff should be ready to answer all queries from the guests and be able to convince them to try the chef’s unique items. Look for the qualities of a chef who is always ready to roll up their sleeves and work with other members in the kitchen and not just preach or shout. You may hire the best chef after observing some practical sessions and finding out how expert they are at work.

The chef should have social media presence

In these days of interaction in social media, it has become necessary for all restaurants to make their presence felt. The chef should have a strong social media presence with many followers so that they are not only able to attract dinners but also able to promote your restaurant. Many diners visit some specific restaurants looking at the chef inside the kitchen. The chef should be able to keep an update on their followers about the new dishes or projects so that the guests are interested in them and visit your restaurant. It is the quality and the taste of the food that matters, and the rest is secondary. Therefore select and hire a chef having a solid social media presence.

The chef should be good at budgeting

You may hire a chef who has worked in a five-star restaurant. But, the chef should be able to give you the budget and not go overboard to keep their image. You should always hire a chef who can stay within the budget as per your restaurant turnover and segment; otherwise, you may become bankrupt or earn a bad name. The cuisines will be overpriced, and there will be no takers. The head chef you hire should be able to give you a proper menu as per your signature class. It is meaningless to hire a head chef who cannot work and budget within your position and the segment you want to cater to.

Apart from looking at the above qualities of the head chef while hiring one, you should also pay heed to some other factors.

  • The head chef should be able to direct and control the entire food preparation process.
  • The head chef should polish and approve each dish before they are presented at the diner’s table.
  • They should also be cooperative and able to work with other restaurant chefs and accept different ideas.
  • They should be able to control the inventory needs, ordering if required, and stocking.
  • The head chef should have an accurate idea of kitchen hygiene, sanitary needs, and all food safety regulations and implement them to build an ideal kitchen as per standards laid by the regulating authorities.
  • The head chef should be responsible for health, safety, and hygiene.

If you are looking for head chef to manage your kitchen and uplift your restaurant, it is best to take the services of the best hiring agency. Also, go through innumerable profiles, and select a few from them for an interview and hands-on session. It is time to set aside your hiring blues and empanel the best talent in your restaurant to run the show successfully.


Hiring a head chef is not rocket science, and you should follow the above guidelines and look for the above traits to rope in the best talent in your kitchen. By now, you might have the idea of hiring a head chef, and it is time to act accordingly. Act now and feel the difference in your revenues.

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