How Logistics Recruitment Agencies Boost Employer Branding?

Logistics Recruitment Agencies

Not all companies can be as well-known as DHL, FedEx, or Amazon. Top names in logistics and supply chains can easily attract talent.

75% of logistics companies, however, are not well-known in territories other than where their headquarters are located. When it comes to choosing an employer, job seekers browse the sites of the better-known 25%.

Employer branding has become crucial to getting the right people in your logistics company.

This blog is a great guide, providing only the right, essential insights into employer branding. It also provides result-oriented tips shared by top logistics staffing agencies. Also, find out how logistics consulting companies can help you get great ROI from employer branding investments.

Why Employer Branding Is Important in Logistics Recruitment?

Top Logistics recruitment agencies report that

  • around 85% of logistics job seekers review potential employers and choose one with a better reputation.
  • 50% of senior, managerial, and specialized talent in the logistics industry research the employer brand when they come across job posts and apply to jobs in companies with good employer brands.
  • about 90% of management position holders in the logistics industry only consider working for companies with great employer brand images.
  • almost 30% of employees are less likely to quit within the first year if their company is a great employer brand.

Most logistics companies need people all the time, but finding the right talent has never been easy. You might plan to hire Distribution Managers, Warehouse Managers, Inventory Analysts, and Planners for 5-10 branches. The skill sets for each position will differ from old roles as systems and workflow gets digitally mature.

Investing a huge amount into training and upskilling of the current staff can lead to great results if employees stay and help you build a reputation as a good employer brand. A lot depends on that.

If you have not yet audited or evaluated your employer brand visibility and standing in job markets, it is time to do without delays.

Employer Branding Facts Shared By Logistics Recruitment Agencies

Get the facts right about employer branding, making it a SMART activity that enhances your reputation in job markets and improves your human capital base.

Visibility of Your Company As An Employer Brand

Some questions you need to address: How many branches does your logistics company have? How many people do you need to hire every year? From where do you get this talent? Is your employer brand known in many locations?

People will be motivated to apply for jobs in your logistics company if they have some good ideas about your employer brand.

  • Invest in employer brand advertisements on several talent platforms
  • Make posters or flyers about your employer brand and share them on key job boards

Employee Perceptions and Stories

Your employees are your best employer brand ambassadors. How they celebrate together, work as a team, learn and train, and consider their experience at your company becomes stories that circulate in their families, neighborhoods, and talent communities.

Do the achievements of difficult distribution projects get celebrated? Does everyone from the Client Account Manager to Cargo Operations Executive and Packaging Agents get recognition? Is diversity among staff members properly managed?

  • If your company promotes diversity, inclusion, and gender equality, and has good employee engagement activities, then let it know on your website and career pages.
  • Make posters or flyers about your employer brand and share them on key job boards and talent platforms where your potential future talent can be found.

Social Media Mentions

Most millennials are on social media every day. People in their 40s and 50s are also on social media. Your future Material Coordinator Hires and Regional Supply Chain Managers will also research your company on social media.

  • Find out if your company’s employer band has social media mentions.
  • Track how many mentions occur in a month and improve the count.

Employer Brand Feedback on Job Sites/Talent Networks

Most job sites ask job seekers to review and rate their previous employers on different points. Past employees leave feedback about your company on the job sites they register. Whether your logistics company knows it or not, comments on work hours, tough policies, salary satisfaction, and other factors get published on many talent networks.

  • Take steps to solve employee concerns and let employees speak about the positive changes in professional networks
  • Create employer branding material for professional networks and promote your brand.

Employer Brand Mentions in Media

Your employer brand visibility also depends on how much it appears in the media. You might find logistics companies with great employer brands that serve as talent magnets. You will also find frequent media mentions of these companies as they release press releases and articles that subtly promote their brand as an employer.

  • Make a strategic plan to promote your employer brand on online media platforms
  • Invest in blogging and articles that promote your employer brand

How Do Logistics Recruitment Agencies Help With Employer Branding?

When managed on your own, employer branding efforts take a long time to give ROI. You might also have to spend quite a lot of money to advertise your employer brand on different mediums and talent networks.

Partnering with logistics recruitment agencies ensures 5X-10X better results in employer branding.

1. Dramatically Increase Your Employer Brand Presence

logistics recruitment agencies have huge talent networks and access to various talent communities comprising logistics manpower. Posting jobs on their websites and platforms with appropriate employer brand-enhancing images or points dramatically increases the visibility of your employer brand.

2. Showcase Your Employer Brand Stories To Job Seekers

Logistics recruitment agencies can showcase your employer brand stories and videos to target job seekers through emails and messaging systems. They create job posts and links that are shareable. Your employer brand stories get an enormous outreach.

3. Leverage their Wide Social Media Presence for your Brand

When you have logistics staffing agencies as partners, you can easily leverage their social media, which reaches millions of people. The logistics recruitment partner shares employer branding videos and stories strategically to generate optimum positive social media views and mentions.

4. Use Employer Brand Enhanced Job Posts and Messages

When you have reputed logistics staffing companies as partners, their recruiters generate employer brand-enhancing job posts. These are also shared with target candidates along with employer brand-enhancing messages. Your brand gets noticed in the most positive manner.

5. Establish Your Employer Brand Differentiators

Logistics consulting companies not only offer manpower services but also offer the best guidance and support to increase the visibility of your employer brand in the best manner to millions of people. They help you identify the key differentiators that will set your employer brand to stand out in the competition and become a great talent attraction factor.

6. Help in Building Employer Brand Assets

Employer branding assets can be images promoting positive vibes about your workplace or diversity in your organizations, country-specific messaging that promotes your employer brand, or typography and logo variations that reflect a sentiment or trend in your sector.

Many top logistics recruitment agencies offer expert consultation about creating strategic employer brand assets for great talent attraction results from target geographies.

Do the services of logistics staffing agencies for employer brand promotion give good results?

Yes, in fact, you can benefit immensely. Here are some benefits worth noting.

Employer Branding Benefits Achieved By Top Logistics Recruitment Agency

1. Builds A Stronger Image That Attracts Talent

The phenomenal ways in which logistics consulting companies can help you increase the visibility and popularity of your employer brand give results not for just one month or a quarter. It gives long-term benefits. Every time your company’s vacancy is posted, it leaves a long trail of interest in job markets and increases your talent attraction capacities.

2. Wider Applicant Pools

The support of the best logistics staffing agencies makes your organization’s employer branding reach millions in a year. Progressively, good talent will start searching your company for new jobs, and your job posts will generate a huge response.

3. Easy To Attract High-Quality Candidates

High-quality candidates are among the most choosy when it comes to employment. They prefer companies that value their employees and have a good employer brand reputation in the market. Logistics recruiters make your employer brand well-known and visible. Getting great candidates to choose your company becomes easier and faster.

4. Helps Build Rich Talent Pipeline

A popular and positive employer brand serves as a talent magnet. Logistics recruiters report that when employer brand marketing became part of job posts and descriptions, many clients started getting higher responses for temp as well as long-term roles in package distribution, truck cargo management, shipping cargo management, and warehouse management.

For instance, an applicant pool of 4000+ got generated for 15 positions of a logistics client, out of which 60% were good functional fits. The recruiters started building a talent pipeline.

5. Significantly Lowers Cost Per Hire

When your employer brand becomes popular and attracts a strong talent pipeline, the cost of sourcing and screening gets minimized, lowering the cost per hire by 30%-40%

6. Helps Fill Vacancies Quickly (Low Time-To-Hire)

The more you attract highly-qualified candidates, the less time it takes for your logistics company to hire for senior and key roles. Logistics recruitment consultants report that a little investment in employer branding helped many clients fill vacancies 3X faster. It was easy to shortlist candidates from ever-expanding talent pipelines.

For instance, headhunters could complete candidate finalizations for roles such as Senior Manager-Operations and Head of Ocean Freight within 5-10 days for clients who invested in employer branding.

7. Reduces Employee Turnover

When compared with poor or lesser-known employer brands, well-known ones benefit from 25%-35% less employee turnover rates. Low turnover also translates to a reduction in backfilling for the same position and lower staffing costs.

8. Improves Customer Loyalty/Market Reputation

Many customers and clients know your logistics companies through the teams they interact with. When excellent employees who attract customers leave your company, you slowly lose customer trust and accounts. The reverse happens for good employer brands. Great employee engagement leads to superior performance from employees leading to greater satisfaction and referrals from customers and a better market reputation.

9. Boosts Business Performance

A good employer brand gives your logistics company a higher-quality workforce. The refined and upgraded workplace culture keeps attracting better talent and customers. Your business performance metrics keep getting higher.

Final Thoughts

The logistics and supply chain sector shows exponential growth year after year. Numerous logistics businesses crop up to become part of a high-growth market. In all the competition, your ability to attract talent can diminish unless you invest in maintaining and promoting a great employer brand. Reach out to the best logistics recruitment agency – Alliance International.

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Q 1. Where can I find supply chain talent?

Ans. The fastest way to find talent for your supply chain company is by consulting with a top recruitment agency offering logistics and supply chain manpower services. Find an agency that has wide nationwide talent pools and can provide candidates for any role in the supply chain sector.

Q 2. How to attract candidates for roles in warehousing?


  • Take steps to identify and solve employee concerns
  • Refine your workplace culture
  • Promote diversity
  • Invest in employee engagement
  • Create great employer brand assets and materials
  • Showcase monetary and nonmonetary benefits and perks your staff enjoys

Partner with a logistics recruitment agency that can efficiently promote your employer brand and attract the best-fit talent for your company.

Q 3. How to improve the logistics recruitment process?


  • Find an expert logistics recruitment agency
  • Explore options to improve candidate outreach and targeted job post advertisements
  • Invest in employer brand material creation
  • Use the right virtual assessments to identify great talent
  • Implement virtual recruitment to fast-track the hiring process
  • Improve benefits package to retain high-quality candidates

Q 4. Which is the best logistics recruitment agency?

Ans. Alliance International is the best manpower consultancy for logistics and supply chain sector companies offering fast-track placement and talent-sourcing services. Our charges are the most competitive in the industry. Our talent pools cover 20+ cities in India.

We are also among the best international logistics employment agencies serving 30+ countries, including the USA, Canada, Australia, India, the UAE, KSA, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain, and the UK.

Q 5. How do logistics recruitment agencies improve the quality of hire?

Ans. A logistics recruitment agency has industry expert recruiters and headhunters who track and trace millions of people working in the industry. They get resumes of thousands of junior, mid-level, senior, managerial, D-level, and top leadership professionals seeking a career move. They identify talent based on certifications, training, track records, compensation, and achievements.

With all that knowledge and talent resources, they can easily data mine their talent pools to identify the best-fit candidates based on any number of search parameters.