How Expat Recruitment Agencies Help You Attract Top International Talent

Expat Recruitment Agencies

Your company has the best business plans for accelerating growth by 50% or 100% in a year! You have got the right infrastructure and facilities to get work going. What about the people to accomplish the mission?

Are talent acquisition challenges the biggest barrier to achieving high business growth and performance goals?

How to get brilliant people to run your center of excellence initiatives, production process improvement programs, automation and Six Sigma initiatives, real-time intelligence activities, engineering projects, analytics division, or any other specialized function?

It can become much easier. How?

By widening your talent horizons to include international talent acquisition!

One of the most effective ways to do this is to cast your net targeting expatriate talent pools. To get super-successful results, find out how expat recruitment agencies can help you.

Here is a blog to help you understand all about expat recruitment and how recruitment agencies for expats work.

What is Expatriate Recruitment (Expat Recruitment)?

Expatriates are employees who are sent to work on operations units or branches located overseas.

For instance, a US company might send its home country teams to work at branches in the UK, India, the UAE, or any other country. These are expat employees of the company.

Expat recruitment is about finding and hiring such people for international jobs. For instance, if a US company is launching a business unit in London, it might search for expat US talent already available in the UK in addition to sending members of its US staff to London. This will facilitate a richer and reliable human capital base for its overseas operations.

Depending on the size of your company’s overseas business size, you need to frame a strategy for expat staffing and implement talent search programs in a timely manner.

Recruitment agencies for expats provide immense support in making a success of expat talent acquisition initiatives.

How Expat Recruitment Agencies Help You Attract Top International Talent?

1. Extensive Expatriate Talent Pools

The best expat recruitment agencies are those with a wide network of expat talent pools from different countries across several industries. If you are planning to expand business in any country, they can pull best-fit expat candidate profiles from their database within minutes. It will then take only a few days to get responses from these candidates.

Key Benefits:

  • Fast-paced, intuitive processes for international talent discovery for overseas business units
  • Ability to fill positions within 10-30 days for long-term positions and 5-15 days for temp roles

2. Experience In Addressing International Talent Retention Challenges

Expat employees bring with them a unique set of skill sets that are hard to find in local talent. They have knowledge of several markets in their home country and global locations. They also have a broader mindset and resilience for working in tough scenarios and taking on new challenges.

But expat talent comes with a bundle of their own problems – burnout, family relocation issues, assimilation issues, or personal life stress.

Attracting high-value expat talent is very tricky, and recruiters without the right experience to smoothen expat recruitment might not make much progress. Global expat recruitment agencies, however, have specialized expat headhunters and expat placement consultants. They have the vision and tactics to anticipate and solve hiring issues proactively.

Key Benefits:

  • Fine-tuning expat hiring programs to address potential issues skillfully and attract top international talent
  • Framing work-life and benefits packages that serve as powerful talent attraction tools

3. International Manpower Hiring Advisory Support

Top expat recruitment agencies are companies that have worked with expats for years. Their recruiters have talked to each candidate and understood their motivations and career goals. The expat recruiters also know what type of jobs and workplaces are ideal for a great performance from a candidate based on track records and references.

Taking the support of such competent recruitment agencies for expats will be perfect for staffing your international vacancies.

Key Benefits:

  • Get detailed consultative solutions to make your international expat talent workforce planning and hiring streamlined and result-oriented.
  • Find guidance to ensure the selection of the right-fit expat manpower for your business/workplace.

4. Targeted, Excellent Candidate Engagement For International Hiring

Many types of global businesses benefit from expat hiring, such as building design and engineering companies, aviation companies, IT companies, manufacturers, healthcare organizations, and hospitality companies.

Expat talent sought by each industry varies. What gets you the best international expat talent? One key factor is excellent candidate engagement.

For quality candidate engagement, your company needs to have some insights into what motivates or demotivates a particular candidate. Expat recruitment agencies have those insights and excel at targeted, personalized candidate engagement through their expat recruiters for the geography.

Key Benefits:

  • Finding and attracting expat talent with the right motivations to make better contributions to your business
  • Building a stronger expat talent base for current and future business endeavors

5. Effective, Strategic Job Advertising and Employer Brand Promotion

Expat recruitment agencies have their own talent communities and talent pools. Their recruiters have the systems to automatically track talent based on given criteria and advertise jobs in a customized manner.

Recruitment agencies for expats use optimized techniques to communicate about your brand and the vacant positions, giving your company a superior applicant talent pool to choose from.

Key Benefits:

  • Finding talent with unique knowledge and skill sets about the markets where you want to expand your market share
  • Increasing your talent attraction capacities many folds

6. Compensation Benchmarking, Effective Negotiation For International Recruitment

Recruitment agencies for expats are a great source of current knowledge and market intelligence about compensation structures for positions in overseas locations. The agencies provide compensation data based on job titles, skill sets, academic qualifications, experience, and specialized certifications.

Key Benefits:

  • The best guidance for making staffing cost planning for expat international talent hiring
  • Data-driven information for choosing hiring models, framing compensation, and negotiating skillfully to ensure better staffing cost management

7. Support With Compliance

Global expat recruitment agencies are the best means of getting compliance details right and ensuring that hiring practices are in line with the local and international hiring laws of target overseas geographies.

Your company will be able to efficiently deal with employment compliance and set the employment policies and measures in place for secure recruitment practices.

Key Benefits:

  • Expert recruitment practices for compliance with local and international employment laws
  • Support with documentation and background checks to prevent recruitment risks


How To Choose Expat Recruitment Agencies? Four Pro Tips!

You now have a good amount of clarity into expat recruitment and its benefits for your company. But all boils down to one thing – a reliable, competent expat recruitment agency partner.

Here is a checklist to consider when choosing recruitment agencies for expats.

1. Geographies Covered

International recruitment agencies with wider coverage offer 10x more benefits.

For example, if you are a North American business planning to launch operations in Asia, find an excellent agency that can get you American and Canadian talent from within India, the UAE, Singapore, the UK, and other European and Asia-Pacific countries.

2. Industry-Wise Talent Pools

The ideal partner needs to have a huge global industry-specific talent pool. This means you get the most relevant and high-quality candidate pools.

Also, efficient international recruitment agencies specializing in industry-specific expat hiring will have more useful, updated databases acquired over the years. The agency can quickly fetch data about candidates’ past performance in assessments and at previous employers. Your chances of hiring excellent professionals become a reality.

3. Experience

When we say experience, it is not just about the number of years. Some international agencies have been active for 50 years and others for 10 – which should not be the criteria for selection.

Consider experience in hiring for your industry and markets, experience in compliance, and experience in difficult-to-locate talent sourcing. It is the richness and diversity of experience that matters.

4. Candidate Insights

The best global expat staffing agencies are those with recruiters who can provide insights into the candidates they are sourcing. The agency has a system of recording changing candidate motivations and career goals. This allows their recruiters to look beyond the CV to identify knowledge, abilities, track records, future goals, and the likelihood of retention and great performance based on a given position.

Final Thoughts

Finding highly-qualified expats can enrich your workplace culture and business performance. Such talent can bring to the table much deeper expertise and abilities than professionals without such international exposure. Expatriate talent also understands host company practices and fits in with more ease.

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Q 1. What is an expat recruitment agency?

Ans. An expat recruitment agency provides your company access to expatriate talent in foreign locations. For example, you can find American, Canadian, French, German, Indian, Japanese, or Singaporean talent in the US, the UK, the UAE, India, South Africa, or other global locations through the services of an expat recruiter.

Q 2. How to hire Indian expat talent in the US and Canada?

Ans. You can partner with an international recruitment agency like Alliance International, with wide experience in locating and hiring Indian manpower in the USA and Canada.

Q 3. How to hire American expat talent in the UAE?

Ans. Hire the services of a global recruitment agency like Alliance International with experience in American talent sourcing in the UAE. They have specialized recruiters who interact with American talent across industries in the UAE.

Q 4. How can my company find German expat talent in the Middle East?

Ans. You can easily find German expatriates in the Middle East through the services of a global manpower consultancy in the UAE, KSA, or Qatar with experience in German candidate sourcing.

Q 5. What are the benefits of hiring Indian expat talent in the UK?

Ans. You get access to brilliant Indian professionals from your industry with the ability to perform well in UK workplaces and provide excellent competitive advantages.