Contract Staffing Companies

Contract Staffing Companies In India

Our contract staffing companies enable you to fill short-term requirements for skilled employees. Companies trust on a contract staffing agency to support upcoming projects, meet seasonal necessities and condense their workforce during slow phases. Hiring an individual on a contract basis allows your company to sustain proper staff levels and maintain the talent available today, while decreasing employee-related costs.

We are one of the best contract staffing companies in India highly committed in providing reliable temporary staffing resolutions that offer you the facility to build your staff strength without captivating them full time, support overloaded employees during serious times, and keep the projects moving. We offer a full service, cost-effective and proficient HR Management services to organizations that may not have the essential infrastructure to perform these labor-intensive tasks. When you hire us as your contract staffing or IT recruiting agency, we would work just like your business’s own HR Department; reduce the hassles and dullness that you’d otherwise have to deal with. Some of our contracts staffing services are:

  • Temporary staffs who will stay on our rolls
  • Personnel and Payroll administration
  • Standard prescribed procedures that we will manage
  • Legal compliance, transfer of statutory payments, and other related management
  • Employee registration under EPF & ESIC schemes

Across the globe, all organizations big and small are facing the problem of dealing with increased government guidelines and unstable market demand. When things are undefined, you may not want to hire employees on a full-time basis. You need the flexibility of an agile, on-demand workforce who is prepared to run your business tasks just the way you want them to.

Contract Staffing India

There are few benefits of hiring our contract staffing companies:

  • Recruit for your needs

    We have a recognized, time-tested recruitment process which allows us to recruit just the appropriate candidates for your company. We have professional systems which give us access to a wide assortment of candidates.

  • Decrease your costs

    Our contract staffing services will allow your enterprise to staff up or down depending on the requirements of your current business cycle. Contract staffing allows you to bring down your expenses on training, hiring and providing advantages to new employees.

  • Reduce administrative burden

    There are numerous laws that organizations have to fulfill with in India – minimum wages,ESIC, gratuity, PF, etc. We take over the problem of all administrative jobs by acting as the focal point for all contracting staffing requirements containing labor law compliance and other relate issues.

Our worker renting administration works by basically exchanging representatives from an organization on to the finance of Alp’s representative renting administrations, and after that discharging them back to the organization on an impermanent premise. This encourages Alp to end up noticeably the legitimate business, therefore assuming control over all your HR authoritative and administration bothers.

When you outsource your HR organization to us, it will give you more opportunity to concentrate on your center business, while sparing you cash, time, and assets. We have a tremendous, multidisciplinary determination of brief staff including lawyers, qualified bookkeepers, protection specialists, and different experts. Regardless of what sort of personnel you’re searching for, or for what length, we can locate the opportune individuals for you.

Contract labor has been in survival for a long time, but now it is becoming more important even in white-collar jobs. Hiring contract staffing companies in India is advantageous for both employer and employees. Companies have the flexibility of finding professionals for short projects, while skilled employees also get a clear career path by progressively handling more challenging and higher profile in various companies.