Chef for Hire in Bangalore: How Much Would It Cost?

Chef For Hire In Bangalore How Much Would It Cost

Hiring a chef in a Metropolitan city is quite easy as you have direct access and provide different means of hiring a chef. One can hire a chef as per their requirements. If it is your first time hiring a chef, then it’s better to know some basic things before hiring. The first step to hiring a chef is to know your requirements – you want to hire a chef for a particular period or an event, and a chef for the number of heads, as on this basis, the cost of hiring a chef is defined.

Discover Your Options

Cooks Specialized In Specific Ethnic Cuisine (Punjabi, Gujarati, Bengali, Etc.)

Cuisine is a particular set of cooking practices and traditions related to certain regions or cultures.

India is a diverse country; hence, there are specific ethnic cuisines for a particular state. Punjabi cuisine includes a specific variety of parathas, saag, and lassis, while Gujarati thali comprises roti, thepla, shaak, kathol, farsan, and dhokla. Likewise, you can hire cooks specialized in specific ethnic Odia, Kashmiri, Bangali, Tamilian, and other cuisines as per your need.

Cooks Specialized in Local Cuisine

If you are looking for a cook specializing in local cuisines in Bangalore or nearby areas, there is no need to worry. You can hire one in a snap. The cooks specializing in local cuisine are quite aware of the locally available ingredients and famous local dishes and cook delicious food.

Cooks Specialized in Non-Vegetarian Cuisine

Not every cook specialized in vegetarian cuisine would know how to make all kinds of non-vegetarian cuisine. If you and your family enjoy specific meat and seafood dishes, you might want to look for chefs who have the knowledge and experience of such dishes. If you have members in your family who only prefer vegetarian cuisine, then you could have a vegetarian cook coming for specific days or hours and a non-vegetarian cook coming for specific days.

Cooks For Home Patients And People With Specific Health Challenges

People have various reasons to hire a cook in India. Do you know there are cooks available for home patients? Yes, you can hire a chef in Bangalore for home patients or people with specific health challenges.

Cooks Specialized in Savories and Snacks

Have you ever imagined that you could find a cook specializing in cooking savories and snacks? Yes, one can hire a cook only for cooking some savories and snacks. Mainly the cooks specializing in savories and snacks are hired for small events arranged for kids, like birthday parties or for specific days in a week or month.

Personal Chefs Offering Services For Specific Occasions

You have already hired a personal chef for your home, but you might want the services of a personal chef when you have house parties or a lot of guests to entertain. The personal chef will come at the appointed time and help you prepare the dishes as per the menu you have fixed with the chef.

Private Chefs For Home Events

Private chefs are professional chefs with a background in culinary arts or sciences and who are trained or certified in specific types of cuisine and specialty dishes. These chefs offer services at higher charges than other chefs and cooks. When there are certain home events, people prefer to hire a private chef, which is not a very difficult task in Bangalore.

Chef and Catering Services For Personal, Social Events

Offering a service of food catering at a large or small party is known as catering. The chef recruitment agencies also provide the facility of hiring catering. One can hire a chef and catering services for personal or any social events per requirements. The catering will handle the menu, serving, and cleaning up.

What Is Included in Estimating Total Costs of Hiring Home Cooks and Personal Chefs in Bangalore

Range – Salary / Wages – Senior Cooks

The range or an estimated salary of all chefs can be known. The average salary of a full-time senior cook with wide experience of 10-15 years can range between Rupees 400,000-600,000 per annum.

Range – Salary / Wages – Mid-Level Cooks

The estimated salary range of a full-time mid-level cook could range between Rs 500 to Rs. 1,000 for a day. You could also hire them for hourly services, for which they might charge per dish or per hour.

Range – Salary / Wages – Entry Level Cooks

Entry-level cooks are people with limited experience, although they might have good knowledge of the cuisine and dishes they are specializing in. They are the most affordable cooks. Whether you want to hire them in a full-time role or just for routine hourly services, you could come to an agreement about the terms and fees that are budget-friendly.

Paid Leaves

The paid leaves are something that every employee has a right to have. Your domestic staff also have the right to paid leaves. When you hire a full-time cook or a part-time cook for a permanent role or long-term contractual role, you need to consider the required number of paid leaves.

Additional Charges

Cooks and chefs provide services based on a fixed menu and the number of people they need to serve. They might charge additional fees for the extra work you might want them to do over and above the regular work allotted to them.

What is Included in Estimating Total Costs of Hiring Private Chefs in Bangalore

Private chefs are usually hired for specific events or occasions. These professionals will consult with you on what is needed and curate a menu based on the number of dishes they need to prepare. Their charges depend on various factors.

Number of Dishes

How many dishes are going to be on the menu? For example, if you are planning a full course meal with 15-20 dishes, the costs would be more than a platter of 5-6 dishes.

Number of Persons

This is another factor to consider. The charges per dish are usually a fixed rate when there are 2-5 persons for whom the food needs to be prepared. But the per dish charges are reduced when the number of persons to be served increases. For example, a dish might cost around Rs 500 per person. If the number of persons crosses ten or over 30, the per dish charges reduce by 20% to up to 40%.

Cuisine Type And Complexity of Recipes

This is another factor where the chef’s service charges may vary. Of course, there is a possibility that not everyone has a specific type of cuisine and recipe; the recipes do defer from a person’s likes. The chef has to adapt your cuisine type, and if you find complex recipes, the per dish charges could be 20% to 40% more.

Reputation and Experience of The Chef

If you are looking to hire a private chef with a good reputation and experience, then you need to be ready to pay more than what you pay general personal chefs and cooks. The personal brand and specialized expertise come at a price.

Specialized Certification

The charges for chef services also depend on the background of the chefs. A cordon bleu chef, a chef with a certification from a top global institution, or a chef who has worked at five-star hotels would charge higher than their counterparts.

The Best Way To Hire a Chef in Bangalore – Consult With A Chef Recruitment Agency

Find Excellent Available Chef Candidates Within Short Time

There are many ways to hire chefs, but the easiest and safest way is to hire a chef by consulting a Chef Recruitment Agency. As per your requirements, the chefs are hired by the agency within a short time.

Find Background-Checked Chefs

The chef recruitment agencies follow all the rules and regulations and source you only background-checked, fully vetted chefs. You can rest assured of higher security and risk prevention.

Support With Reference Checks

The purpose of reference checks is to ensure that the provided and collected information of candidates is true and fulfills all the requirements. Chef recruitment agencies conduct detailed reference checks of the cooks and chefs you want to hire for your home.

Help With Framing Contracts

If you are searching for “Indian chefs for hire” or planning to hire a chef for Live-in or permanent roles as domestic staff at your home, then you would need to enter into contracts or agreements that detail salary, wages, paid leaves, and other matters. Chef recruitment agencies help you frame contracts so that you are compliant with local and national labor laws.


Whether you are searching for “Indian chefs for hire” in Bangalore or looking for international chefs in Bangalore, the best way to ensure a good hiring decision is to consult with a competent chef recruitment agency. You will be able to find and hire a chef who meets all your requirements and brings more happiness to your everyday experiences.

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