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Alliance International recruiting agency works to strengthen the connection between great leaders and companies. If you are looking for a Chief Executive Officer for your startup or existing business, our expert can help you to find the next top leader. We have a team of specialized CEO search consultants in Delhi with years of experience, insights and expertise in top leadership recruitment for diverse sectors.

Our executives have expertise in different industries, have strong networks nationally and internationally to ensure the requirements in the search mandate, screening and selection process. With advanced tools and robust assessments, we evaluate candidates to find the best potential talent for the top executive position. We follow a strict documentation process for both the parties to avoid any confusion and uncertainty during the recruitment process. Our talent acquisition specialist has helped many fintech, engineering, IT and ITeS, ecommerce, retail, and manufacturing companies find potential CEOs in India.

Apart from CEO search in India, we also find exceptional talent for all C-level openings. From Chief Technology Officer positions to Chief Investment Officer roles and other top level positions, we help you hire the best candidate. Talk to our executive and share your requirements, we will advise you how best to find, attract and assess the right candidates.

Transform Your Business With Top Delhi Ceo Search Firm

Alliance Recruiters have global executive recruitment agencies with a worldwide reach and network resources for international consulting and recruiting. We also have exclusive local executives for Delhi CEO search to find great leaders sector-specific, with a successful track record of leadership and relevant work experience. Alliance Recruiter’s Delhi CEO search capabilities meet a broad range of client needs, covering numerous industries and specialised requirements, as well as geographic areas.

CEO Selection is the most crucial but with our experience, rigorous assessments and fair process help boards choose wisely and minimise leadership risk. To find a leader with the strategic vision to take the company to the next level, we frequently work with boards. After discussion we came up with a plan and focused support.

We provide service beyond the traditional executive search and evaluation process. Using the latest softwares and online platforms we deliver real-time feedback, quality and user-friendly services. Alliance Recruiters have the relevant experience, industry access and exceptional results. Talk to our expert and search leaders, professional advisors and personal mentors for your organization.

How to Hire a Great CEO with CEO Search India?

Hiring a CEO externally is the biggest and hardest decision an entrepreneur can make, as hiring a GREAT CEO involves many crucial steps and insight-driven decisions and interactions. Right from accurate job description to reaching potential candidates, trained interviewers and fair assessment process.

We follow a systematic procedure based on a customized approach for your company, when we are looking to hire a Great CEO for your organization:

  1. Specify CEO Requirements for Your Companies

    Not defining the exact position based roles, vision, responsibilities is one of the biggest and common mistakes every company does. Without defining their CEO requirements they start the hiring process. If you need help to find out the exact profile matches for C Level candidates to grow your organization, then talk to our senior executives.

  2. Start Connecting and Engaging

    Reaching out to the active potential candidates as well as engaging with passive candidates is the next step. Our executives reach candidates across the globe with strong networks, global associations, online platforms and advertisements.

  3. Screening and Assessment

    Once you reach out to the candidates, the next step is screening. Shortlist the candidates matching with the requirements of organization. To study the psychology and creativity level, we make the candidates go through an online assessment which is exclusively designed for a specific job role.

  4. Selection and Negotiation

    After various levels of assessments and interviews we finally reach the selection part. Before finalizing the list of the most potential CEO candidates, we also negotiate on various terms, like salary, policies and other things.

Go Beyond Recruiting with Alliance International:

We deliver worthy talent with our consultants expertise in CEO Search in India. With the right kind of knowledge,executive skills,professional networks and advanced tools our executives have helped many small-medium organizations to find great leaders. We just don’t believe in finding any random candidate following roles and responsibility of a job. Right from executive search to screening, assessment to negotiations and finally onboarding plan, we provide end-to-end services.

Using global professional networks and associates, we reach the maximum active candidates in a short period of time. With the latest softwares and assessment modules we are able to shortlist the best fit candidates as per client’s requirements.

If you are not sure how to get started with executive search and find potential candidates to uplift your organization growth, then talk to our executives with expertise in CEO search in India. After analyzing closely about your organization requirements, they will share a personalized strategy plan and then start CEO search in India.