How To Hire The Best Android App Developers in India?

How To Hire The Best Android App Developers in India

Enhance Your Android App Development Results

The growing demand for innovative apps is on the rise, and so is the need for app developers. If you want to hire the best developers for your project but are unsure, you have come to the right place. We will take you through everything from the documents required to the hiring process for android app developers. Our tips and suggestions will help you choose the best-suited professional team of app developers for your projects.

Android app development is the process by which apps are created for devices running on the Android operating system. They can be written using Java, Kotlin, and C++ languages. Moreover, a comprehensive set of developmental tools are available in the Android Software Development Kit (SDK).

Since the release of SDK in 2008, third-party tools, development environments, and language support have advanced and expanded. Google Play is the official Android app distributor. In addition, it also enables staged gradual app release and distribution of pre-release app versions to testers.

Android development is one of the leading platforms for business due to its numerous advantages. One of the key benefits is that developers can use the easily available Android SDK to create interactive apps.

The Android app platform also enables developers to create dynamic mobile applications because of its versatility. Furthermore, Android, being an open-source platform, provides maximum customization to developers. But that’s not it! As a user, you benefit from an interactive app, enhanced security features, and the ability to use the app on tablets, wearables, and much more.

If you are planning to build Android apps for the Indian or global market, find developers who have the exact combination of skills, experience, domain knowledge, and performance records that is best for your projects and your business.

The first step before looking or searching for Android app developers is to document all our project requirements. These are some steps to follow.

Frame Android App Development Requirements Documentation

1. Android App Design Guidelines

When you want to develop an Android app, you have to adhere to certain guidelines that will help you to create an app that is consistent with the platform. Documenting the design goals, objectives, features, etc., helps you identify the essential skills, experience, and competency levels the app developers you hire should possess.

2. Frameworks and Platforms

On what platforms will your apps be running? How interactive should your apps be? What OS versions should it support? Noting down these requirements enables you to identify the expertise level the project managers and lead programmers should have.

3. UI and UX

One of the factors that play a crucial role in determining an app’s success is how user-friendly the app is and how easy it is for users to benefit from its features. Hence, the primary objective of the UI/UX design is to deliver exceptional user experiences by making the app interactive, intuitive and user-friendly.

How many UX/UI designers would you need for your app development projects? Find this out before you hire app developers and other members of your Android app development team.

4. Cloud Technologies

This is the delivery of different services through the Internet consisting of various tools and applications. It includes servers, databases, data storage, networking, and software. Its main function is to enable people to store data and access it from anywhere. This is popular among businesses because it saves money, increases productivity, speed, and efficiency, and is secure.

If you need to hire app developers, ensure whether you need to have a team of mobile Cloud app developers or programmers who could deal with all connectivity, APIs, and Cloud data storage requirements.

5. Security

This is a significant part of an app because any possible vulnerability can result in a hack. There are a few aspects where security measures are required:

If the app needs users to log in, these sessions must be tracked on the device as well as the backend. The system should terminate user sessions when a user has remained idle for an extended period. If the app stores user credentials on the device to enable users to conveniently re-login, ensure that the service is trustworthy.

Before you hire Android app developers, you should be very clear about the security requirements of the apps you want developed. What framework you are using and the plugins that need to be created, the testing that needs to be done, and other factors decide the skill sets and experience the candidates should possess.

6. Target Audience and User Base

When you hire Android app developers with experience in designing for your target markets, the entire app development experience could be enriched. We found that the kind of features and UX that work in certain geographies and certain customer segments do not appeal to vastly different target audiences.

7. Functions and Interaction Elements

In coding, functions are modules of code that achieve a certain task. They take in data, process it, and provide a result. Interaction elements, in simple words, are the user’s interaction with the visible elements in a User Interface. A few examples of interaction patterns that can be used for Android include graphic interactions, sliding elements in list format, images, text input fields, and buttons.

Knowing all these beforehand helps you hire Android app developers who have prior experience in building such apps.

8. Compatibility

When developing an app, it is essential to enable users to run it on a range of devices like phones, tablets, and television. However, if your app needs to work on all these devices successfully, it should support feature variability and offer a flexible user interface that adjusts to various screen configurations.

9. Deliverables and Timelines

Within the project process, there will be several deliverables and timelines that need to be maintained and adhered to. Deliverables are the completed work results of objective-focused work. Timelines reveal a list of certain events/tasks in chronological order. They help team members get an outline of the tasks ahead of them, and the period they need to complete them by.

Partner With an Agency for Android App Developer Hiring

Once you have prepared product description and project requirement documents, you will have a clear idea of the diverse talent you need for building the app or apps. The next step is to hire an IT recruiter or work with an agency with extensive experience in app developer hiring services. Here are some steps to follow when you work with one.

1. Ensure You Frame the Right Project or Work Descriptions

According to the project, decide on the team size and the various positions within the team. Have a solid idea of the tasks, roles, and responsibilities that each team member should carry out and how together they can develop a high-quality app.

This is a crucial step because work descriptions ensure that each member functions well within the team without any problems or confusion arising. In addition, it lays the foundation for your hiring process, so you know the type of developers you require.

2. Get Perfectly Right Developer Job Descriptions

In this stage, you need to ensure that the developer’s job is aligned with the project’s vision and objectives. Once you are crystal clear about the job descriptions, you will be better equipped to find developers who possess the necessary knowledge and skills to work on the project.

3. Get Expert Advice on Framing Right Hiring Models Per Requirements – Freelance, Contractual, Remote Staff, Outsourcing

Consult with the agency to receive expert knowledge and guidance, often from a senior developer who can direct you in hiring app developers from various platforms. Ensure to discuss in detail the project requirements so the best team can be put together to accomplish work that meets the business’ standard.

You can hire freelancers specialized in android app development or outsource to experienced companies, both of which are cost-effective options. So, look into your project, check the requirements and budget, and accordingly hire app developers that work best for you.

4. Get Best-Fit Android App Developers from Skills, Performance, Expertise, and Industry Exposure Perspective

Before you hire Android app developers, ensure they have a good deal of experience and knowledge about the programming languages UX and UI, and cross-platform solutions that are relevant to your app development project.

In addition, having hands-on experience with Android Studio, Android SDK, and APIs is required. They must also showcase other skills such as critical thinking, research skills, and problem-solving. When working in a team, it is vital to have strong communication skills, teamwork, adaptability, and time management.

To sum up, gain an insight into the professional and personal skills the developers possess and their experience working in this field. This way, you can find potential candidates who can create high-quality Android apps while also working effectively within the team.

5. Get Evidence-Based Reports on Track Records, Portfolio, Certifications

Find companies that have an outstanding portfolio with successful projects. Look into their projects, the roles and responsibilities of the developers, and their ability to work with a team. In simple words, don’t just take their word on their performance level. Let the evidence speak for itself—select potential developers who will perfectly suit your project’s goals and objectives.

6. Get Accurate Professional References

Check the developer’s references and recommendations to better understand the projects they have previously worked on and their performance level. Apart from their technical work, ensure they possess the required soft skills to work well within a team. Moreover, check if the work they have completed meets the standard of your business.

7. Frame And Manage the Right Skills and Competency Assessments

Once you have the potential developers in place, it is time to assess them on their technical and soft skills. To ensure you don’t miss out on any skills, it’s advisable to frame the questions that need to be asked.

For instance, to know about their technical skills, you can question them on app development tools, methodologies, operating systems, programming language, etc. This is a crucial step because this decides if the developers are suitable for your project and if they produce work that fulfills the business’ criteria and work standards.

8. Get Background-Checked Android App Development Teams or Service Provider Partners

Conduct a background check on potential Android app development teams/service providers to verify that they have adequate knowledge and skills to work on the tasks effectively.

Following this, explore their website to fully comprehend their specialization, technologies they use, the number of developers in their team, and localization. Lastly, check the portfolio to look into their projects and read reviews and testimonies to understand the experience of the previous clients.

9. Get Support with Expanding Teams and Succession Planning

Now that you have competent developers on your team, you can think about expanding the team to carry out other tasks to ease the workload. Moreover, you can develop action plans for individuals to fill the top positions in your team. With the help of an expert agency, scaling up or expanding becomes quite easy to manage. You could hire on the go based on your specific talent needs.

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