How To Hire an Android App Developer? And The Costs?

How To Hire an Android App Developer And The Costs

Make Android App Development Efficient and Cost-Effective!

The reach of the Android operating system takes almost 70% of the mobile OS market. With such a massive number of smart devices powered by Android, the companies looking to carve a niche in the Android development market must hire only the best Android developers for their business. Take a look at this that offers you the best insights about finding the right Android app developer talent. Hire Android app developers anytime you need their services when you partner with the right company.

In this fast-paced technological world, Android application development stands at almost an equal footing with every milestone achieved. Being an open-source, royalty-free platform, Android has transformed every distant vision into a complete reality.

Providing a lot of freedom and liberty to its developers to be experimental and innovative in their creation, the Android app development market is growing tremendously, attracting more and more start-ups and enterprises each day. In fact, a recent survey predicts that the Android market OS will reach 87.4% by 2023.

However, the task of establishing a strong foothold in the market is a mammoth one since there are gazillions of Android apps already present which take up sufficient amounts of investment and efforts to survive in the game.

Different kinds of apps play different roles in the daily lives of users- productivity apps, travel and tourism apps, gaming apps, lifestyle apps and so on – all of which require varying amounts of investment. This means that in order to put up the best product in the market, companies are leaving no stones unturned to hire Android app developers who have a substantial knack for the game.

Let’s now have a look at the average costs involved in the development of the following Android apps:

  • Social Media Apps : $30,000 – $50,000;
  • E- commerce Apps: $30,000 – $70,000;
  • Travel Apps: $25,000 – $55,000;
  • Banking & Finance Apps: $60,000 – $150,000;
  • Healthcare & Fitness Apps: $45,000 – $100,000;
  • On-Demand Apps: $20,000 – $60,000;
  • Gaming Apps: $20,000 – $250,000

How To Hire Android App Developers?

1) List All The Projects That You Want Done

The first step, to begin with, is to list down all your projects for which you need to hire Android app developers.Your requirements documentation should include facts such as whether you need to build scalable and fully-functional mobile app solutions or whether your app is for small firms or mid-large scale businesses. List down the app development services you need, such as Android UI/UX Design, Custom Android App Development, Android App Consultation, App Testing, Android App Migration or App maintenance and support.

2) Differentiate The List Of Long-Term And Short-Term Work

Ask your project managers to analyze the project needs and determine how much time is needed to meet the desired goals. Prepare a list of long-term and short-term work about your project governance on the basis of your budget, resources required, business impact, and the scope of the project.

3) Frame Job Descriptions Based on Different Roles and Expertise Levels

The next crucial step in the process is to frame job descriptions for different roles and emphasize their expertise levels in a clear-cut manner. Descriptions must clearly point at the qualities required in developers which enable them to understand your business processes and SDLC such that they help to recognize important features, plan the development process, and deliver the right mobile app solution in the future.

4) Find Freelancers For One-Off Specialized App Development Work

Next to roping in in-house developers who need a huge budget, resources and time, one of the most feasible options in the vicinity are to find freelancers for your project development.

Android developers can work as freelancers, or in other words, as self-employed programmers, to fully meet your business requirements, especially when it comes to one-off specialized app development work.

5) Partner With An Android App Developer Service Provider When You Need A One-Stop Solution Center

Choosing to hire mobile app developers via partnering with a service provider means you get to have multiple options for determining the type of collaboration.

It is a one-stop solution for hiring a dedicated, in-house, remote and outsourced team of developers. You can find highly-skilled, dedicated Android developers from any part of the world for all your ongoing work at cheaper rates. Avoid unnecessary expenditure, infrastructural cost and wastage of resources by contacting experienced consultants.

You can also choose to hire remote teams to manage and maintain recurring app development projects. This will provide access to a better talent pool of developers who work round the clock to manage your development projects without breaking the bank.

You can also find specialists in UX and UI designs from all over the world for different purposes through Android app development service providers. Their team of specialists guarantees to add aesthetically flawless appeal to your Android app while simultaneously adding interactivity to enhance user experience.

Another major advantage of the Android app development service provider is that it lets you find testing and hosting experts too, who are experts at ensuring that your app is 100% bug-free by rigorous testing before the final launch.

Moreover, you can also hire experts proficient in in-app security, performance and maintenance, offering round-the-clock support to ensure app stability as well as customer satisfaction by constantly working on the maintenance and upgradation tasks.

6) Implement Remote Staffing If You Have Continual App Development or Maintenance and Scalability Needs

Remote staffing is a convenient option if you are looking to find the ideal talent for maintenance and scalability needs in order to build your brand, products and services.

Sourcing talent from anywhere and then adding them into your existing team by simultaneously integrating them into your company culture and processes means not just cost flexibility but also having overall ownership over your team. With your company now able to scale faster and ensure successful deliverables, remote staffing is totally a much higher value investment than outsourcing.

What To Keep in Mind Before Hiring

1) Must-Have Skills For Different Projects

The most important requisite is that Android app developers should be able to demonstrate technical knowledge of programming languages and frameworks proficiency in the required programming tools.

He or she must have good experience in hard skills like Java, React or Flutter, Kotlin and View (with ViewGroup and Android SDK, as well as Java Core, RxJava, Dagger, and Android Framework) and so with APIs like XML / SOAP and JSON / REST. A good understanding of the back-end development process, principles of UI / UX design, SQL and SQLite, as well as bug-fixing are some of the very basic qualities needed in an Android app developer.

2) Good Track Record In App Development That Suits Your Industry

Be it junior, middle or senior Android developers, a good track record that reflects the good experience and great performance is a must-have value addition for your company. After shortlisting your top choices, make sure to double-check their track records and test their skills in order to easily assess their suitability.

3) Soft Skills Essential For Interactions With Client and Teamwork

Soft skills in Android app developers determine their workings with the team and the client, so it is crucial for companies to look for developers who possess them adequately. Some of the key soft skills include collaborative and social attitude, good cultural compatibility, high team spirit and brilliant stress, as well as time management qualities.

4) Ability To Learn Quickly

Since the area of app development is one with regular advancements and the latest updates, it is vital for app developers to keep up with the evolving technology in order to maintain product standards and high-speed delivery. A good Android app developer must be motivated enough to constantly learn new things and apply them in their tasks at the same time.

5) Right Screening Formats – Technical Interviews, Assessments, Etc.

To hire Android app developers who would prove to be a valuable asset for the company, many precautions are to be taken in the hiring process.

Companies should hire senior Android developers to evaluate the candidate and carry out technical interviews since recruiters alone cannot fully appreciate the hard skills of developers. Involve questions that test both the hard skills and soft skills of the candidate. Assign sample work to assess candidates on all the metrics based on your project before entering into a direct contract with them.

6) Professional References

In order to save yourself disappointments, do not forget to not only check the background, portfolios and reviews of the potential candidate but to follow up the professional references and recommendations which the candidate produces. Tracing previous track records directly from the company where they worked for and getting a good idea of their commitment, dedication, and punctuality is always a better step in ensuring a successful hire.

7) Quality of Paid Sample Work

When you offer a paid sample work to the prospective candidate, determine its quality and look for relevant skills which have the potential to be channelized for your project. It must reflect the overall approach of the developer in terms of scope, nature and flexibility of the project.

How Much Does Android App Development Cost?

While developing an Android app, it is important to find a balance between efficient solutions and cost-effective solutions which also fits your budget. Firstly, Android app development costs vary as per the average pay scale of developers based on their location, individual skill level (junior, middle or senior), professional experience and companies.

According to the Glassdoor and Qubit labs surveys for 2020 and 2021, you will find a comparison of the average salaries of different

Region Average rate per hour
USA/Canada $50 – $250
Australia $50 – $150
India $15 – $25
UK $110 – $300
Ukraine $20 – $50
Western Europe $30 – $170
Eastern Europe $20 – $150

Source: Glassdoor and Qubit labs

As apparent, if you are thinking of hiring Android app developers from the USA, it will need a larger budget than hiring developers from Eastern Europe. Besides choosing a specialist who fits your budget, you also need to decide a ballpark figure for the features, extra features, platform (Native, Cross-Platform, Progressive Web Apps), data usage, hardware access, design, size (small, medium, enterprise), complexity and number of features involved in your project.

Whether you want to create an online or offline Android app or want to establish different API Integrations (Payment integrations, 3rd party API integration) for adding various features to your app, or even in choosing a right monetization model which may or may not include subscriptions, all of this can heavily impact your budget.

The right combination of tools and resources, maintenance and testing, as well as required upgrades and security, also weighs heavily in terms of expense. So decide your budget keeping in mind all the above requirements.

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