How to Hire a Mobile App Developer In India (A Definitive Guide)

How To Hire a Mobile App Developer In India

A Definitive Guide To Help Make Well-Informed Decisions

India has emerged over time as one of the leading IT hubs for producing professional and effective IT solutions at cost-effective rates. Being home to the world’s second-largest English-speaking population, with IT professionals well-versed and experienced in the art of technology, committed to producing the best solutions within a short time, the companies worldwide have found the Indian market as a perfect destination for app development. In fact, according to some media sources, India had more than 1.7 million app economy jobs. This also points out that the task of hiring a mobile app developer in India is equally difficult. But we have made it easy for you! Read this article to know the right steps in this direction.


Mobile applications render an important role in every aspect of our lives. It has become a pivot around which nearly all businesses are trying to build their profits by not only selling their goods and services but also carving a huge online presence simultaneously.

Bill Gates aptly says, “If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business.” This undisputed demand to stay ahead of the curve in today’s world has led to various types of mobile apps built for business; these include E-commerce apps, food delivery, and taxi services apps, educational apps, entertainment apps, banking apps, social media apps, productivity apps, etc.

Since mobile app development is a domain of lightning-fast changes, new trends keep on blooming, which enable companies to leave a mark on their customers. 5G, Beacon technology, foldable devices, AI & machine learning, AR & VR, M-Commerce, and many more, are some of the major latest trends taking the app development sector by storm.

So, let’s dig further into the question about the best way to hire mobile app developers in India.

How To Hire Mobile App Developers In India

Step 1: Define The Type Of Mobile App You Want To Develop

If you are looking to hire mobile app developers, begin first by defining the type of mobile app you want to be developed. There are a plethora of options in the market.

You might be considering building a project management mobile app to easily organize and track project-related activities and schedule tasks or assign roles. You might be interested in customer service mobile apps for providing assistance to your product or solutions’ end-users and resolving their issues.

However, if your business deals with other businesses, clients, or employees within the company, choose B2B applications; otherwise, go for B2C applications if your products move directly from a business to the end-user who has purchased the goods or service for personal use.

Building business intelligence apps to structure organizational activities by automating the retrieval, analysis, reporting, and presentation of business performance data is also common these days.

There are GPS-Based business order management apps for receiving, tracking and fulfilling customer orders. You might be considering developing gaming apps for entertainment or education, or training.

Whatever be the mobile app you are trying to develop, you would need to list down everything from target users, business goals, key performance indicators, etc. before you think of starting the hiring process. You might be looking to hire Android app developers or you might prefer to hire iPhone app developers, but a research is needed into what would best go with your customer segments.

Step 2: Prepare Detailed Mobile App Development Requirements Documentation

Prepare a product description detailing all features, key functions, expected outcomes, related databases, IoT needs, if any, etc.

Whether you hire Android app developers or decide to hire iPhone app developers, specify your product concept, design, features, platform, and functionality by studying the market insights and user behavior and incorporating expert advice in your project framework.

Ensure that your app must have the best UI and UX along with a robust architecture and top-notch security for achieving expected outcomes. The decision to make your revenue model paid or free and whether the type of app would be simple or complex should be made as per your business requirements.

Step 3: Define the Scope of Your Mobile App Development Project(s)

This is a vital stage in mobile application development. Selecting the right database for mobile applications is a big challenge. There are many options such as MySQL, PostgreSQL ArangoDB, MariaDB, and so on, but choose the best database only as per your requirements. Focus on the structure (online, offline, or synchronized) and size of your database.

Look for the APIs needed; whether the supplied API is to be consumed by third-party app developers or your project involves developing an in-house app with an API backend, follow methods that optimize an API for a mobile setting. Make sure you are thoroughly equipped with the scope of your project and hence, know the right number of developers required to work on it.

Besides, address the speed and scalability of your project in terms of manpower and technical support. With an expanding user base, you would also need to have a scalable architecture; hence, selecting a database that can handle your app’s I/O needs is important.

It is crucial to choose the best programming language for mobile app development and build a secure as well as private mobile experience for which adequate resources for testing, maintenance, and support are required.

Step 4: Consider The Development And Maintenance Time and Costs

Depending on your business needs and access to technical expertise, you would need to choose the right recruitment model. You could hire mobile app developers from different geographical locations within India, form an elite remote team or hire freelancers for low-cost app development.

The decision to hire a freelancer is an economical one since the cost of acquiring freelancers is lower, and you get to pay them for what you need. Hiring freelance mobile app developers from India allows you large access to diverse talent and multiple perspectives for your project.

If you need a full-stack app development solution for a limited period but can’t afford to pay full-time salaries and other expenses involved in in-house app development, a dedicated resource model might suit your needs. Find a team capable of producing only the best quality work for your business.

You can also consider remote contractual staffing to increase the efficiency of your project since they have flexible working hours, different labor costs, and multiple approaches best-fit for your business objectives and app vision. Generally, hiring offshore app developers from India is the best way to approach app development solutions.

Step 5: Set A Budget

According to many surveys, the average minimum simple app development project is between $5,000 to $10,000, but complex large- and multi-platform apps with advanced features could cost you anywhere between $150,000 and $300,000 or the equivalent in most developed nations.

Based on all the information you have acquired following the steps mentioned above, you will be able to arrive at some estimates.

Set a ballpark range rather than a solid figure for your budget. The development approach- mobile web, native, hybrid, etc., and the type of platforms (Android, iOS, web, etc.) contribute to the development cost. Other factors like features and functionalities, vendor type and their geolocation, the complexity of UX/UI design, the inclusion of additional branded visual elements, backend infrastructure, and the use of hardware also determine the budgetary expenses.

Mobile app development extends beyond just coding and designing to include testing, hosting, maintenance, and continuous improvements as well as upgrades. Thus, remember to figure out such associated costs which impact the end cost.

Step 6: Hire An Established, Reliable App Developer Recruitment Agency

Hiring a well-established and reliable app developer recruitment agency will enable you to find the best-suited app developers worldwide. Be it Freelance, Remote Staff, or Dedicated Teams; experienced recruitment consultants would know what’s best for your project.

The recruitment agency’s expert guidance enables you to manage contracts and resource augmentation needs by understanding your vision and strategizing every step to add only valuable assets to your business.

Competent recruiters also reduce hiring risks by doing a thorough background verification, checking portfolios, testimonials, and getting sample work done. Recruitment agencies are also great for optimizing cost management by providing suitable hiring models and assistance through their team of consultants who have great market insights and experience.

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