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Professionally Written Resume

Alliance International is a major division of international manpower consultants in India. We focus on providing full range of high quality human resources at all levels of business employment to Indian as well as international clients.

Global Manpower Consultancy

Our talented consultants are pro in building careers, helping employees’ achieve their career goals, and boost human resource infrastructures of businesses of all sizes. And the solutions we offer create win-win situation for all sides concerned. We spare no pains in providing to our valued clients the candidates who would reflect the image and objectives of your organization. It can phenomenally transform your business growth. We owe many thanks to our competent staff, work culture and innovative methods for the place we have carved out for ourselves in this market niche.

International Manpower Consultants in India

Our dedicated manpower consultants go by the philosophy of treating each and every client by his own merits. Our team of professionals is devoted to work towards bringing out the best that you have to offer to your target market. It is largely due to their efforts that we have come to acquire a name as one of the most trusted services out there who provide workforce management solutions.

We have seen a vision to offer you the best employer if you are a job seeker or the best employee if you are an employer. To that end we devote both our time and efforts. You will employ most highly motivated candidates ever if you choose our services. That’s our confidence and we know that it is never misplaced..

We follow research-based approach in dealing with the executive recruitment process. It involves taking interviews, tests, review records, and many other tasks to locate the very best candidates for you. We have customized proposals and solutions to fit each and every assignment given to us. This never fails.

We are one of the very best manpower consultants in India, committed to end your quest for the best job or candidates. We know how to mediate between companies and job seekers – both locally and globally.

Looking for a highly qualified IT staff? We are here to provide you with it. We pride ourselves on having successfully provided top-notch professionals to this industry. It is due to our flexible model of operation that we are able to cover all industries and satisfy all their requirements.

We have successfully worked with a wide range of corporate clients, institutions, NGOs and many other business entities in order to cater to their need of efficient and incomparable RPO services. Our round-the-clock assistance has amply met their goals and objectives.

Our experienced staff can squarely handle every aspect of recruiting cycle, whether the need is for temporary or permanent staffing. We maintain rich database of candidates who are willing to work on contract basis.

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Our Mission

  • To offer unsurpassable recruitment solution to businesses of all sizes – solution which is unique and integrated.
  • To boost the growth of our clients with effective multi-directional communication.

Our Vision

  • To exceed client expectations through great team work and utter professionalism.
  • To be considered honest and dependable by our clients.
  • Encourage talents and aspirations of our employees and motivate them to satisfy you.

Recruitment Model

We maintain perfect harmony with companies and candidates. This explains why we are so popular with our clients. One-size-fits-all sort of attitude can have no standing with us. By experience we have learnt that flexibility is the key to maximize success in dealing with client-specific needs.

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We believe in the synergies of integrated manpower consultancy, and planning and implementation of integrated strategic ideas combining online and offline channels.

Why Us?

  • Experience and sound knowledge on manpower consultancy
  • Effective communication as a two-way information process
  • Insight-driven solutions
  • Flexible and customize model
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